Investment conditions in Turkey The political and economic stability that Turkey gained during the.

Investment conditions in Turkey

Date:Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Investment conditions in Turkey The political and economic stability that Turkey gained during the.

Investment conditions in Turkey

The political and economic stability that Turkey has attained during the last two decades has made it a major center of attraction for foreign direct investment, and contributed to providing a stable investment environment, in addition to the huge leap achieved by its economy.

And the Turkish economy did not stop recording positive numbers, as Turkey retained its position as a preferred destination for foreign direct investments, for two decades, supported by investment stimulus packages that attract foreign investors in the country.

The government is also seeking to make Turkey a center of attraction for local and international investors with low risks, high confidence and satisfactory profits, thanks to legal reforms, and improving the investment climate.

Investment conditions in Turkey

- Turkey usually treats the foreign investor with a treatment that approaches the local investor by up to 100%, which is one of the most important advantages of investing in Turkey.

- The minimum capital of any company should be 10 thousand Turkish liras if it is a joint stock company.

- But each type of investment has its own conditions, for example, if the investor is seeking to invest in the real estate field, and if he wants to invest on his land that he owns in Turkey, he must inform the Ministry of the type of the project and take its approval, if the project is agricultural He must inform the Ministry of Agriculture, and if he is an industrialist, he must inform the Ministry of Industry, and this applies to all areas of it

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment in Turkey is the best type of investment in this period because of its positives that are in the interest of the investor and return him to financial profitability, but for this type of investment there are things that must be taken into account for the investment to be successful, and investing in the real estate sector is a diversified investment that increases returns of it, the greater the risk

Conditions for real estate investment in Turkey

- Buying real estate with full title deed.

- Choose the city according to the purpose of the purchase, whether it is residence or investment.

- Verify the specific percentage of foreign ownership of real estate in the city.

- Be sure to check the year of construction of the property.

- Availability of legal procedures for the investor that authorize him to own the property.

- Verify the condition of the property, whether it is old or new.

- Choosing the right real estate agent.

- The total real estate area should not exceed 30 hectares in all parts of Turkey in general.

- The property must not be located in military or security areas, since there is a law prohibiting the sale of such real estate to foreigners.

- The property must not be mortgaged or subject to procedures preventing its sale.

- Ensure that the property owner has the right to dispose of his property or not.

- Obtaining sufficient information from the directorates of real estate records before signing any contracts with legal characteristics, as well as paying the price.

Not to start the buying and selling process before knowing the real estate owners or the companies responsible for it.

Why is investing in real estate considered one of the best types of investment in Turkey?

 - Because real estate investment is greatly affected by the state's economy and political stability, and Turkey is the first and best candidate for real estate investment in the region.

 Real estate is the largest growing and profitable sector in the world.

 - Investing in real estate achieves guaranteed results, and is far from adventurous.

Agricultural investment in Turkey

Although the agriculture sector is no longer shining as before due to the entry of strong industries and the boom in real estate and tourism activity, but it remains the main source of raw and raw materials for all industries, and the government pays special attention to it, and provides great support to agricultural investors in the Turkish regions.

There are many vegetable and fruit farms, animal farms (goat, cow and bird breeding) and the resulting production of dairy, meat, cheese, eggs and their derivatives... and the important agricultural industries based on them.

And the terms of agricultural investment are

- Requiring agricultural investment companies to purchase agricultural land of no less than 1,000 square meters, within cities determined by the Turkish state.

- Establishing a company with a capital of not less than 100,000 Turkish liras, provided that the project is registered in the name of this company.

- Submit a feasibility study for a period of five years for the agricultural project that will be established, and this study must be approved by accredited consulting offices.

- Providing a source of irrigation by either laying water lines, or digging groundwater wells within the borders of Turkey's farmland

- The project should be in accordance with the Agricultural Investment Law in Turkey for foreigners

- If the foreign investor participates with the local Turkish investor, this gives him the right to government support of up to 50% of the value of the project.

Steps to establish a trading company in Turkey

- A copy of the passport translated into Turkish and certified by the Notary Notary.

- Obtaining the company's tax number by going to the nearest tax center in your area.

- Deposit 25% of the capital value in the bank.

- Three personal photos.

The solid Turkish economy , strong infrastructure and government support for these sectors have made investments in all fields profitable and successful projects , and Turkey has achieved global achievements and ranks at all levels .

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