Decisions related to the construction of new buildings in Turkey were issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Latest decisions about the construction ...

Date:Thursday, September 2, 2021

Decisions related to the construction of new buildings in Turkey were issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Latest decisions about the construction of new buildings in Turkey

Decisions related to the construction of new buildings in Turkey were issued by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and published in the official newspapers of Turkey. separate section. In addition, to ensure that rainwater collected on the roof is collected in a tank below the garden floor, a “rainwater harvesting system” is required to be installed in new buildings.

The regulation for amending the planned zoning regulation, prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, has been published in the Official Gazette.

According to the regulation, it will be necessary to create a library room in the form of a common space in buildings with more than 40 independent departments.

The regulation stated that "the library room will be built in shopping centers and on the ordinary floors of buildings with more than 40 independent sections, connected by a common staircase to the building, not accessible from the outside, and not exceeding 50 square meters in total, not subject to use commercial area, and as a common area".

Rooftop rainwater harvesting system

With the regulation, taking into account the increasing problem of drought, it is now necessary to establish a “rainwater harvesting system” in order to collect rainwater collected on the roofs of all buildings to be built on plots of more than two thousand square meters in an underground warehouse in the garden For use in garden irrigation or building purification needs.

Under the regulation, municipalities and other institutions authorized to issue licenses were given the power to impose obligations in this regard on small parcels.

Buildings with construction registration certificate

According to the regulation, if a "building registration certificate" was obtained due to discrepancies that were made later in a separate section of the inhabited building, then alterations can be made in other sections as well.

In parcels that have the right to construct more than one building, a new building may be built within the remaining zoning right, provided that the area of ​​the offending parts of the building does not comply with the legislation and has a “building” registration certificate “will not be deducted from the right to zoning the parcel.

With the regulation, high garden walls, which are built by filling the back of the soil with high parcels of road and can be demolished from time to time as a result of heavy rain, which creates pressure on pedestrian movement on the sidewalks, were also arranged.

Accordingly, the height of the garden wall to be erected in the front gardens at the same level as the road level will be at most 50 cm. In the front gardens higher than the road, the height of the wall will exceed the natural ground level. From the front garden a maximum of 50 cm.

What is the building system in Turkey?

Building with reinforced concrete is the most common construction system in Turkey, and in many countries of the world. It has many advantages in terms of economics, and in terms of durability, compared to other construction systems, and it also carries some negatives.

There are many systems that can be used in building houses such as steel frame system, stone brick building system, and wooden houses.

Construction method in Turkey

Each plot of land in Turkey has documents that include all information about it in the municipality to which it belongs. In the way of construction in Turkey, you must consider this document, which shows you the appropriate way to deal with this land, and build on it according to the divisions and regulations allowed by the municipality.

It is also necessary to obtain the building permit allocated for this land, in terms of its use and the way it will be built, because the construction conditions highlight a difference, according to the uses related to it, whether it is residential or commercial.

What are building permits in Turkey? And where is it obtained?

To make a building on the land, it is necessary in the first place to prepare the architectural plan for the building, and to review the construction units in the concerned municipality, in order to obtain construction licenses.

The documents required to obtain building licenses in Turkey are as follows:

-  Request to apply for a license.

- Tapu.

-  Building status (required by the municipality in whose administrative boundaries the building is located).

-  Status document (showing the boundaries of the sectors, and obtained from the cadastral survey directorates).

-  Architectural plan (certified by the Chamber of Architects).

-  Architects Chamber Record Document.

-  Reinforced concrete plan (certified by the Architects' Chamber).

-  Structural Engineers Chamber Record Document.

-  Electricity wiring diagram (certified by the room).

-  Record document of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers.

-  Sanitary installation plan (certified by the Chamber).

-  Record document of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.

-  Soil study report.

-  Responsible for implementing the scheme and its papers.

-  Documents related to the building institute, where the construction is undertaken by an authorized building contractor.

-  Documents relating to the building control company and the building control contract.

-  Building information form.

-  A bank receipt showing that 20% of the building control company's rent has been deposited into its account.

-  Contract construction supervisor.


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