Turkey is a tourist country in the first place, and a large part of the Turkish income is based on tourism, and with.

Istanbul International Airport

Date:Monday, August 30, 2021

Turkey is a tourist country in the first place, and a large part of the Turkish income is based on tourism, and with.

Istanbul International Airport

Turkey is a tourist country in the first place, and a large part of the Turkish income is based on tourism, and with the facilitation of air traffic, the tourist demand increases and the daily and seasonal revenues increase. The construction of the new Istanbul Airport is one of the giant projects that changed Turkey’s economic map and its global position and pushed it to the economically leading countries .

Know with us about Istanbul International Airport and its most important features

Istanbul New Airport is one of the newest and largest airports in the world, located northwest of the city in Arnavutköy district, Turkish President Erdogan opened the airport (Istanbul Airport) officially on October 29, 2018, which is Turkey's National Day. On the weekend of April 6, 2019, it replaced Istanbul Atatürk Airport as the main passenger airport serving Istanbul.

Constantly, Istanbul Airport and Turkish Airlines are winning more international and local awards, due to their readiness, distinguished location and advanced specifications, compared to other airports and other airlines in the world.

Features of the new Istanbul airport

- The airport is the largest in the world, in addition to that it contains more than 300 flight points, 250 of which are international flight points.

- The airport is characterized by being the safest airport in the world, as it has been surrounded by security radar systems, in addition to very advanced surveillance systems, and cameras, as well as internal security devices characterized by installing and identifying explosives before they are detonated.

- Providing luxury and high-level amenities for travelers, represented in providing rooms and suites with shower rooms, cinema halls and libraries,

- The presence of the VIP Lounge for passengers, and it was allocated by Turkish Airlines for travelers who enjoy commercial importance or any special positions. This lounge is characterized by a very high aesthetic and perfection, and it is eye-catching in terms of design, elegance and capacity, as this lounge can accommodate more than 9500 passengers, and it competes with this The hall, with its luxury and services, is the most important hotel, as it offers rooms and suites, a cinema, a library, a museum, a children's playground, a golf course, a traditional-style café and a beautiful garden next to it.

- Passport and papers verification booths have been allocated for business class travelers. These booths provide comfortable seats for passengers while checking their papers.

- Istanbul's new airport offers internet service for all travelers and visitors for an hour for free. After the hour has passed, the traveler needs to pay a small cost for the internet, and of course you can use the internet via your smartphone, laptop, or tablet ready.

-Bank branches and ATMs are available in 4 places at Istanbul International Airport, which are the arrivals building and the departures building, at the waiting gate for domestic and international flights.

New Istanbul Airport Location

Istanbul Airport is located in the Catalca-Gokturk-Arnavutkoy district, on the European side, 40 km from Taksim. The airport serves more than 350 domestic and international destinations in 110 countries.

How to get from Istanbul Airport to inside Istanbul

When you arrive at Istanbul Airport, you will find many buses waiting for you outside the airport, to take you anywhere, whether inside Istanbul or within Turkey in general, at simple and nominal prices.

All you have to know is the bus number and time and waiting at the designated stop, all of this you can know from the mobile application “Havaist”.

If you want to get a taxi they are available around the clock to take you to the city center in about 50 minutes.

The new metro line M11 . is also available

The impact of the new Istanbul airport on the real estate investment world in the city:

The real estate sector is one of the most prominent sectors affected by the launch of the new airport, so the search for real estate for investment in Istanbul increased, especially in the areas adjacent to the airport, led by Arnavutkoy, which witnessed an increase in the prices of its properties by 0.22% due to its close proximity to the new airport, and the percentage of rents in This area has a value of 3.85%, and experts estimated the investment life of the property at 25 years.

The impact of the airport also included the Basaksehir area, where an increase in prices was observed by 7.94%, as well as an increase in rental prices by 7.32%, and the investment life of the property was estimated at 26 years.

The effect extended to the more distant regions; The Buyukcekmece region witnessed an increase in its real estate prices by 8.95% and an increase in rents by 4.85%, with the investment life of the property reaching about 27 years.

Among the areas affected by the airport’s impact is the Esenyurt area, where the rate of increase in prices reached 8.33%, and the increase in rents reached 20.85%, and the age of the property reached about 20 years.

It is expected that the impact will increase to include all the areas through which the transportation lines leading to the airport pass, with the high turnout of foreigners to buy a property for investment in Istanbul, taking advantage of the unbridled investment opportunity offered by Istanbul's third airport for those who aspire to a profitable and safe investment.

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