The Turkish city of Istanbul is famous for its stunning natural beauty and majestic historical heritage. It was S.

The most famous mosque in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Turkish city of Istanbul is famous for its stunning natural beauty and majestic historical heritage. It was S.

The Turkish city of Istanbul is famous for its stunning natural beauty and majestic historical heritage. Istanbul was a witness to the civilizations of ancient nations, which left them immortal traces, which made it a global destination for tourists who follow ancient monuments and lovers of glue nature. For sale in European Istanbul, and others preferred to search for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul.

And because Istanbul is the capital of tourism and economy in the country, we must talk about its most prominent tourist attractions and shed light today on the most important historical and modern mosques. Arabs and foreigners from all over the world.

The most important mosques in Istanbul:

Fatih Mosque:

The mosque is located on the European side of Istanbul, in the central Fatih district. It was built during the Ottoman Empire in 1463, by order of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, who conquered Constantinople in 1453, and the mosque was named after him.

It was also built according to the Turkish Islamic architecture style. The mosque consists of a main dome that rises on four giant columns with the names of the Rightly Guided Caliphs inscribed on them, with a diameter of 26 meters.

The mosque's courtyard is surrounded by many columns and arches, and the southern courtyard of the mosque includes the tomb of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. The mosque was not only a place of worship, but a social and cultural center, as it contained schools, a library, a hospital, a hostel for travelers, a public bath, a kitchen that provided food for the poor, and a university that taught religious sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine.

Teaching in the mosque was stopped several years before the establishment of the modern Turkish state.

Today, Al-Fateh Mosque attracts local visitors and Arab tourists, and is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul


Sultan Ahmad Mosque:

The mosque is located in Sultanahmet Square, next to the famous Hagia Sophia Museum, overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara.

It was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I under the supervision of architect Muhammad Agha, one of the students of the famous architect, Sinan.

The mosque is characterized by the imprint of the wonderful Ottoman architecture. It enjoys its wide courtyard and is surrounded by a wall of 43 m in height on three sides and has five gates.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the most important and largest mosque in Turkey and the Islamic world. It is one of the most beautiful ancient tourist attractions in Istanbul. The mosque's visitors, locals and tourists, after their visit to the mosque, used to wander and take a walk in the famous Gul Hane Park, which is located near the Blue Mosque.


Sulaymaniyah Mosque:

 It is considered one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul, according to its historical importance and the beauty of its architectural style

It was built by the greatest architect in history, "Al-Mimari Sinan", by order of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Work on its construction continued from 1550 until 1557. Architect Sinan described the Sulaymaniyah complex as one of his most prominent architectural works that he is proud of, especially since the art used in designing and building the mosque not only reflects Ottoman urban art, but also combines international building arts.

The mosque is located in the Sulaymaniyah area near the Egyptian market in the Eminonu area and was built on a high hill overlooking the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn.

The total area of ​​the complex is 70 dunums, and it consists of a mosque in its center and the tomb of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife, Sultana Haram, in addition to four educational schools, a house for teaching hadith, a school for teaching medical sciences, a hospital, a house for teaching the Qur’an, a hall for receiving guests, a school for teaching architecture, a library , baths, khan, shops, the mausoleum of the architect Sinan.

The mosque accommodates 10,000 people inside, and 6,000 in its courtyard, and the number of worshipers on blessed occasions and nights such as Lailat al-Qadr increases to 30,000 worshipers.

The mosque is characterized by the accuracy and beauty of its designs. Its dome was designed using 275 cube-shaped rooms, with the aim of distributing the sound equally throughout the mosque.


Çamlıca Mosque:

On the eastern bank of the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, the Asian region of Uskudar, is the largest mosque in Turkey, the Çamlıca Mosque.

Its construction began in 2013 and it was officially opened with the call to prayer for Fajr prayer on March 7, 2019.

This great Islamic edifice was built on an area of ​​11 thousand square meters, to accommodate 63 thousand worshipers.

The mosque was built to be the largest Islamic complex in the history of the Turkish Republic.

It includes a museum of Turkish-Islamic works, art workshops, libraries, conference halls, and a multi-storey car park with a capacity of 3,500 cars.

The mosque is also surrounded by an area of ​​90 acres of green lands extending at the top of the Brides’ Hill, overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, where the mosque’s visitors feel peace and tranquility.

The Çamlıca Mosque was built according to the Ottoman architecture with the character of urban modernity. The Ottoman features are evident in the six arches and minarets, and the wonderful artistic inscriptions, in addition to the marble pulpit and the giant wooden doors.

The capacity of the mosque to accommodate 2,500 people to pray inside, 12,000 worshipers in the spacious inner courtyard, and 22,500 worshipers in the outer courtyard.

Ortakoy Mosque:

The Orta Koy Mosque was built by order of Sultan Abdul Majeed by the architect Nikos Balian, who studied architecture in France. The mosque was opened for worship for the first time in 1854 AD. It is located directly on the bank of the Bosphorus Strait and enjoys a unique view of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the strait in the famous Ortakoy area, which belongs administratively to the Besiktas region. It is worth noting that the Ortakoy area attracts Arab businessmen looking for villas for sale in Istanbul, as it is one of the most prestigious areas and includes many villas and palaces overlooking the Bosphorus.

The Orta Koy Mosque consists of two main sections, a section for worship, and another in which the Sultan prays and rests. It was called in that era the "Sultan's Palace" and was the largest of the palaces that were built in the nineteenth century, and the palace is almost equal in size to the main section of the mosque.

The mosque is distinguished by its large dome that covers the main worship section. The dome is adorned from the inside with beautiful motifs in addition to the outlines. The mosque includes several panels in Arabic calligraphy, on which is written the name of the Majesty, the name of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and the names of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, in addition to the plaque of the two testimonies above the pulpit. It is worth noting that Sultan Abd al-Majid wrote these paintings in his own handwriting.



The new mosque in Eminonu:

The mosque is located in the Eminonu area, near the famous Egyptian market and the Galata Bridge, overlooking the Golden Horn Bay. The mosque was built by order of Sultan Safia, the mother of Sultan Mehmed III in the sixteenth century, and the construction work stopped for a while, then the Queen Mother Turhan Khadija supervised the construction process again. The ancient mosque includes two thin minarets and a large number of domes on which Ottoman motifs are engraved and decorated with gold. The mosque contains the mausoleums of some Ottoman sultans, such as Sultan Ahmed III.

The new mosque "yeni camii" is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul, due to the beauty of its architectural style and historical importance, in addition to its charming view of the Golden Horn. And its proximity to other tourist places in Istanbul.

Cave Mosque:

The mosque is located in the Büyükçekmece district on the European side of Istanbul, and it is one of the modern mosques that were built recently. In its architectural style, it represents a unique artistic painting, as it resembles a cave in its construction principle. Where a mixture of gray stones and reinforced concrete was used to construct the mosque in a courtyard consisting of low and adjacent staircases. The building of the mosque is located in a low area, and only the stone roof and the tall minaret are visible from its borders. The Cave Mosque is a distinctive Islamic edifice with a different architectural character and out of the ordinary.

If you are going to visit Istanbul this summer, with the aim of tourism or investment, and you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, do not miss visiting the Cave Mosque because you will not find anything like it in the world.


Sultan Eyüp Mosque:

The historical mosque is located in Eyup district on the European side of Istanbul, near the Golden Horn. It was built in 1458 AD, after the conquest of Constantinople, near the tomb of the great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. The mosque witnessed the celebrations of the Ottoman sultans, and the mosque enjoyed a high status among the sultans as it bears the name of the great companion, who for the Turks today is considered the rank of God’s guardian.

The mosque was built according to the original Ottoman architecture and decorated with Islamic inscriptions of a spiritual nature. In its outer courtyard there are several fountains decorating the courtyard.


Jame Laleh Lee:

The mosque is located in the Laleli district of Istanbul. Its construction began in 1753 until 1763 AD, and it was opened for worship in 1764 AD. The Laleh Lee complex consists of the mosque and a covered market below it. It includes a house for the imam, and the mausoleums of several sultans, including Sultan Mustafa III. There is also a college and library within the complex.

The mosque was built in the Baroque style by architects Muhammad Taher and architects Amin Ali Agha.

Today, thousands of tourists flock to the mosque every year, as it is considered a majestic Islamic historical monument.

If you intend to visit Turkey this year, for tourism and recreation, or with the aim of investing in the Turkish real estate market, we advise you to visit the historical mosques of Istanbul and enjoy a distinguished tourist tour that takes you away to a great period of time in the history of the ancient Islamic civilization.


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