The Seven Lakes Park is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Bolu, Turkey, which is considered as a medical reserve.

Learn about the Seven Lakes ...

Date:Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Seven Lakes Park is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Bolu, Turkey, which is considered as a medical reserve.

Learn about the Seven Lakes Park

The Seven Lakes Garden is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Bolu, Turkey, which is considered a large natural reserve, in which there are many types of trees and plants that, despite their varying colors, fall into one category of beauty.

The Seven Lakes are located in Bolu, specifically in the city center. This park is considered one of the places that a large number of tourists visit annually, whether they are domestic tourists or from outside Turkey.

The city of "Bolu", located in northern Turkey on the Black Sea, is a destination for foreign tourists and local visitors, especially athletes and patients, as it is one of the rare places that enjoys many advantages at one time. The rivers and beaches on the Black Sea coast add to it beauty, the hot springs at the foot of the mountains and the great snow-covered ski centers.

The Seven Lakes... endless beauty

The garden was established in 1965 AD to be one of the largest Turkish gardens, and the place is like a natural plantation for many types of trees and plants, and the origin of the name came due to the presence of 7 lakes in the garden scattered among its parts, which add additional beauty besides the varying colors of plants, and it is the best time to visit The garden is in the fall, because of the paintings you draw that you can only see in the garden.

The water level varies between one and the other from 50-60 meters, and the water flows from all lakes in the form of waterfalls, forming a wonderful scene that captures the minds, as it includes a huge number of tall and colorful trees whose colors vary from green to red and orange, from pine trees And oak trees, beech trees and oaks, which surround seven pure natural lakes, linked by streams and valleys.

Things to do at Seven Lakes Park

The Seven Lakes Park provides its visitors with many activities and hobbies, such as climbing trees to see the charming views from the top, and climbing on the top of one of the two hills because the garden is distributed over two hills, one of which reaches a height of 100 meters, as well as swimming inside its lakes or practicing the hobby of fishing quietly, as it includes many types of fish such as salmon and trona. .

The lakes have stunning views, as well as camping and wooden huts inside the garden and enjoying a picnic in the middle of nature accompanied by a barbecue party with family and friends.

Also, visiting the Lakes Park is available all year round, as each season has its advantages, especially the winter season, where ski and snowboarding enthusiasts find what they want in this charming bug.

The seven lakes also give you many distinct pleasures amid their enchanting beauty, as they introduce you to the predominant botanical character in Turkey in an artistic form, as it has many wild plants, flowers and fragrant and colorful roses, which number up to 298 species, and while you are wandering, you will encounter many wild animals. Such as rabbits, deer and squirrels.

Seven Lakes Garden Plants

This park has a very strong infrastructure for scientific research and research. In the first tulips, crocuses, orchids, including hosting a total of 236 species of plants in the national park, as well as the most beautiful natural forests in Turkey. Besides the beech and pine trees which are the main types of trees, throbbing poplar, hazel, leafy chickpea, goat chestnut, wild cherry and ash trees can be seen.

Climate in the Seven Lakes

The climate there is mild and can get very cold in winter due to the high lakes and mountainous surroundings. Much of the park is located at elevations of around 2,800 feet, so even in summer it is recommended to wear a light jacket as a good idea.


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