Medical tourism in Turkey has spread widely in recent years, and many cases have become

Medical tourism in Turkey

Date:Monday, October 4, 2021

Medical tourism in Turkey has spread widely in recent years, and many cases have become

Medical tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey has spread widely in recent years, and many governments, hospitals and companies are interested in this new concept.
Medical tourism in Turkey has reached advanced levels in the world in the health and treatment affairs, the impact of the great interest of the Turkish government in this sector, in which about 2 million Turkish employees work, and has developed to the point of self-sufficiency, in the production of all health supplies, including devices, vaccines, medicines and accurate medical supplies, It has emerged in plastic surgery, from hair transplantation to correcting the most complex congenital anomalies.
Turkey offers high-quality medical facilities, resorts, and health services, and at the same time offers accommodation in five-star hotels in the package. Turkey has become a chosen destination for medical travelers coming from European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria and others, in addition to the Middle East and Arab countries. Turkey is also currently striving to join the European Union. In preparation for this, health facilities, whether governmental or private, adopt a strict system to implement the quality of medical and technical standards. The Turkish Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Turkish medical associations, sets and monitors local standards and guidelines to be followed by hospitals, health care facilities and medical practitioners.

Medical tourism is divided into three main sections:

Medical tourism: This type of tourism focuses on medical care provided by centers and hospitals, which are equipped with the latest technologies, technology and equipment specialized in the treatment of chronic and critical diseases and all surgical operations.
Healing tourism in water and natural springs: This medical tourism depends on the sources of natural springs to obtain treatment for chronic pain and skin diseases, by visiting the patient to one of the tourist places rich in mineral or sulfur water, and sandy beaches that help treat skin ulcers, which are widespread. in Turkey.
Elderly and Disabled Tourism: Provides long-term social services for the care of elderly facilities or rehabilitation of facilities in natural areas.

Advantages of medical tourism in Turkey

- Providing high quality medical services, and providing them to the patient at competitive prices and less cost, in some services reaching less than a quarter of the value available in the patient's own country.
- Turkey is not a country with a high cost of living like European countries, where prices are high for foreign tourists, which is a competitive advantage for Turkey.
- Turkey has won the bet on several levels, medical quality, globally competitive price, geographical and strategic location, and moderate climate.
- Consider Turkey a link and reach one and a half billion people from three different continents at a distance of four hours simultaneously.
- The diversity of tourist places on its territory, and the richness of its cultural and religious history, which makes it a destination for international tourism seekers of all kinds.
- All hospitals in Turkey serve according to national accreditation standards and are audited twice a year. The doctors’ expertise and experience are among the most important elements that make Turkey one of the best countries in healthcare systems in the world.
- Because of the population density, the number and variety of cases faced by physicians in their areas of expertise is very high compared to many developed countries, and this increases the opportunity for on-the-job training and gives physicians additional experience.

There are several factors that provide competitive advantages for medical tourism in Turkey, including:

-Turkey is already one of the most important countries in the world in attracting tourists.
-The presence of natural places used for the purpose of healing from many diseases, such as springs, health resorts or specialized health centers.
-There are 1,500 healing springs in Turkey, including mineral, sulfur and hot water.
-Thus, it constitutes an attractive point for patients from 120 European and American countries in the world, as well as the Arab Gulf, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco and Egypt, as well as from Central Asia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine.
-The Ministry of Health in the Turkish government has created a special department for medical and medical tourism.
-Upgrading hospitals and providing them with the latest medical equipment and technologies.
-Supporting and rehabilitating doctors and medical staff in the recent period to make excellent experiences from them, which is an essential pillar for attracting patients from all over the world.

Medical tourism places in Turkey

- South of Marmara Region, Cancale, Balıkesir and Yilova.
- East of Marmara region, the city of Blazek and Koca.
- South of the Aegean region, Izmir, Eden, Manisa, and Denizli.
- Old Phrygia, Kütahya, Usak, Eskisehir and Ankara.
- Central Anatolia Region, Yozgat, Korçeşehir, Neveşehir, and Negda.
- North Anatolia, Amasya, Sivas, Tokat, and Arzincan.
- Western Black Sea, Bolu, Duzce, and Sakarya.


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