Turkey is a magnet for Arab and foreign investors, as it has many investment opportunities. And.

Turkish real estate market, is it a successful investment?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is a magnet for Arab and foreign investors, as it has many investment opportunities. And.

Turkey is a magnet for Arab and foreign investors, as it has many investment opportunities. With the multiplicity of investment destinations in the country, a class of investors chose to work in the trade sector of all kinds, and others headed towards the industrial sector . And about the best hotel apartments in Istanbul, in addition to office apartments, shops, and others.

Advantages of the Turkish real estate market:

The real estate market in Turkey is considered one of the most active and strongest real estate markets around the world

Turkey ranks fourth among the ten best real estate investment sites in the world because of the ingredients and infrastructure it possesses, and thanks to the large government facilities it provides to foreigners wishing to own property. Turkey's geographical location in relation to the world also plays a major role in making it a destination for foreign investments. It is a gateway between east and west.

The interest of the foreign investor is focused on searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul due to its important strategic location and being the economic capital of Turkey. In addition to its large population, which provides a wide range of consumers and labor force at the same time. The infrastructure projects carried out by the Turkish government in Istanbul also greatly affect the real estate market, such as Istanbul's third airport, the largest airport in the world, which was opened recently, and the Istanbul Water Canal, the "New Bosphorus".

Types of real estate investment in Turkey:

The investment options for the real estate market in Turkey vary, as you can go towards residential apartments and buy apartments in Istanbul within high-end residential complexes, or choose commercial real estate, which is represented by shops, office apartments, and hotel apartments.

Hotel apartments: The hotel apartments system is quick to rent, since Istanbul is an important tourist city and tourists flock to it throughout the year, so choosing apartments for the hotel system will be successful. Most construction companies for hotel complexes also grant a rental guarantee for several years with an excellent profit return. We, at FCC Real Estate Group, offer our customers the best hotel apartments in Istanbul within strategically vital locations.

Office apartments: Office apartments provide a high profit return. These real estate properties are characterized by the ease of renting and a long-term contract, because the tenant establishes an office and a headquarters for his work, and his stay in it will last for years so as not to lose his clients who are accustomed to the location of his headquarters.

Shops: Investing in shops is one of the most prominent types of real estate investment in Istanbul, which provides its owners with very high monthly and annual profits.


Residential apartments: Istanbul residential complexes provide wide options for the Arab investor interested in buying apartments in Istanbul, and their prices are reasonable and appropriate compared to commercial real estate prices.

Should I invest my money in commercial or residential real estate?

We receive many inquiries about investing in residential apartments or commercial real estate, and to answer your questions, we made the following comparison between commercial real estate and residential apartments:

The investment threshold for residential apartments is lower than the investment portfolio for commercial stores        

The profitability of residential apartments is less than that of commercial stores        

- The process of reselling residential apartments is the fastest compared to reselling commercial real estate        

The annual tax on commercial real estate is higher than the tax on residential real estate        

- Rental contracts for residential apartments are on an annual basis, while for commercial shops, the contract is for several years.        

FCC Real Estate Group offers you more than 200 residential investment projects in the city of Istanbul within vital and strategic locations at competitive prices. Take your first step towards the world of investment through your real estate advisor in Istanbul. First, get to know the best areas for real estate investment in Istanbul and see with us the offers and prices and own the best. real estate in Turkey.

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