The real estate sector in Turkey receives great interest from foreigners compared to 2021. In this context.

The impact of the Ukrainian ...

Date:Monday, April 25, 2022

The real estate sector in Turkey receives great interest from foreigners compared to 2021. In this context.

The impact of the Ukrainian war on real estate in Antalya
The real estate sector in Turkey is receiving great interest from foreigners compared to 2021.

In this context, haber7 revealed that in March 2022, Russian home purchases increased by 30 percent, while the increase in Ukrainians reached 80 percent.

He emphasized that Ukrainians who came to Antalya due to the Russo-Ukrainian war rent an apartment for 20-40 thousand liras per month and pay cash annually.

He explained that every year, millions of vacationers are hosted in the tourist city of Antalya.

He pointed out that those who come to the city admire the trio of sea, sand and sun, noting that housing sales to foreigners, which are increasing every year, have gained great momentum, especially during the epidemic period.

He pointed out that Antalya comes after Istanbul in the list of preferences of Iranian, Iraqi and Russian citizens who invest in real estate in Turkey.

The site indicated that while the Russians showed a special interest in Antalya due to the long tourism season, the war between Ukraine and Russia brought momentum to the real estate sector in Antalya and therefore rent and purchase prices rose in the city and most Ukrainians, who fled the war and sought refuge in Turkey and mostly in Antalya because it was safer, are watching, City traffic with their cars with Ukrainian license plates. Some Ukrainian refugees have high economic power,

Increase Turkey Data Offers

According to the "House Sales to Foreigners" data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), Antalya remains the second most popular city for foreigners after Istanbul. In the first three months of 2021, 9,887 housing units were sold to foreigners across Turkey. Looking at 2022 from the same period, it was reflected in the data on the sale of 14 thousand 344 homes to foreigners, an increase of 45 percent. Citizens of Iran, Iraq and Russia rank third in home sales.

When the monthly data was evaluated, it was noted that there was an increase in home sales in March in both years. Last year, 462 homes were sold to foreigners in January, 533 in February and 889 in March in Antalya. In 2022, these numbers increased. 914 dwellings in January, 1099 in February and 1434 in March owned by foreigners. In March 2022, there was a 61 percent increase in home sales compared to the same period the previous year.

Ukrainians have more housing than Russians

In the first quarter of 2021, Russians bought 938 homes across Turkey. This number increased to 1,535 in the same period in 2022. The increase in data was reflected by 63 percent. Ukrainians ranked seventh in real estate investment in Turkey, buying 222 residences across Turkey in the first three months of last year. This number rose to 381 in the same period in 2022. The increase was 71 percent. The effects of the war, which began at the end of February, were clearly seen in March. In March 2021, Ukrainians bought 93 houses. This number was 168 in March 2022. While the Russians bought 419 homes in March 2021, this number became 547 in March 2022. The increase in purchases by citizens of the two countries was noted. While the increase in home purchases in Russians in March remained around 30 percent, the increase in Ukrainians reached 80 percent.

A member of the Board of Directors of the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mustafa Ayanoglu, said that the residential activity in the city started during the epidemic period. Ayyanoglu explained that low interest rates on housing loans brought dynamism to the sector, “There was a 63 percent increase in home sales to Russians in the first three months of last year.

On the other hand, the number of Ukrainians increased by 71 percent. Russians and Ukrainians sought a place of safety and interest grew because of it. Rentals are also a plus. 2 thousand Turkish liras 500 - 3 thousand Turkish liras became 10 thousand Turkish liras. The war has implications for rising prices. Our local residents have been adversely affected.”

Ayyanoglu explained that furnished apartments are being rented to Russian or Ukrainian families at high prices by opportunistic landlords, and said, "He rents out the house in which he lives alone and moves to live with his mother and father. We know that these houses are given to foreigners up to 40 thousand Turkish liras per month. These The monthly prices are unbelievable numbers."

Rents increased by 300%

Omur Koçalar, a representative of one of the largest companies in the real estate sector in Antalya, said that these days they are busy with 180 real estate consultants working with them. Noting that they serve 60 percent of foreigners who want to buy or rent a home across Turkey, Koçalar said, “Our business has increased 100 percent with the impact of the war. 6-7 out of every 10 customers are Russian or Ukrainian. Prefer 2+1 and 1 + 1. Rents increased by 300 percent from six thousand pounds to 25-30 thousand pounds.”

Ukrainian Inna Ozderin, who has worked as a real estate consultant in Antalya for 17 years, said that their days were busy, noting that they especially helped refugee families from Ukraine.


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