There are many types of investment in Turkey, perhaps the most important of which is real estate investment in Turkey. Learn about …0

The most important types of investment in Turkey 2022

Date:Tuesday, August 30, 2022

There are many types of investment in Turkey, perhaps the most important of which is real estate investment in Turkey. Learn about …0

The most important types of investment in Turkey ? The best ways for successful investment in Turkey? Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing
All these questions we will try to ask and answer in this article. Investment in Turkey today has become one of the most important profitable projects for businessmen, due to the diversity of investment fields and the previous successful experiences of most investors in Turkey. 

Investment in Turkey:

Today, Turkey has become one of the first countries in the world to attract foreign investors of various nationalities. The renaissance that Turkey witnessed, which affected all fields and levels, the strong Turkish economy and its distinguished geographical location, as well as the various investment capabilities in it, were all reasons for the increase in the flow of more foreign investors to it. 


Reasons to invest in Turkey:


The strong Turkish economy:

Turkey has a strong economy and is able to face all internal or external challenges, which helps investors and encourages them to invest in real estate and ensures that their interests and profits are achieved as soon as possible.


Strong Infrastructure:

Most Turkish cities have a strong service infrastructure, and this structure is connected to the modern transportation network that is being developed permanently and the highways that are established between the regions of Turkish cities in order to facilitate access to all areas in them, especially the areas where there are modern investment projects, as well as the presence of service centers in several Scattered from the country, such as universities and government schools that serve all investors of all nationalities, as well as the presence of hospitals and health centers spread in the Turkish states and cities and are ready to receive all cases, which gives importance to Turkish cities and attracts large numbers of investors.

Government support projects:

The Turkish government has been interested in establishing several projects in Turkish cities, and this was evident after the great economic development experienced by Turkish cities, and thus this will be due to supporting several investment fields and attracting more investors in various fields.

Turkey's strategic geographical location:

Turkey is a link between Europe and the Middle East, as it overlooks the most important seas in the world, and thus its location allows it to benefit greatly from trade routes, which makes it a prosperous country that people from everywhere come to for investment and living in it, or for the purpose of tourism, due to its richness in regions and tourist attractions.

Security and stability :

Life in Turkey is characterized by a lot of stability and security, as the Turkish people themselves are friendly in dealing with others, especially Arabs, due to the closeness of religions and customs.


The most important types of investment in Turkey:

What distinguishes Turkey today is the accelerating turnout of capital heads who go to it for investment plans, as it is one of the first countries in the world that provides opportunities for success and profits by providing many options in the types of investment in Turkey and the many possibilities available to investors in it. 
We will try to focus on the most important types of investment in Turkey:
investment agricultural in Turkey:

It is known that agricultural investment in Turkey is one of the best types of investment if it is worked on on scientific and studied bases by experts and specialists. Agricultural investment has many factors that help the success of these projects, including:

  • Population increase that generates an increase in demand for agricultural products.
  • Modern tools and techniques used in agriculture.
  • Large arable areas in Turkey.
  • Diversity of crops of all kinds.
  • Land fertility in the city of Turkish lands.
  • The presence of large areas in the Turkish countryside.
  • The presence of multiple rivers and streams that are used to irrigate agricultural crops.
  • Government support provided by the Turkish government, such as providing fertilizers and cash support for these projects.
  • Providing loans to foreign investors.
  • Exemption of investors from multiple taxes.

From the previous points, we can infer the great importance of agricultural investment in Turkey. We will talk about the conditions related to agricultural investment in Turkey   
. Companies specialized in agricultural investment must purchase agricultural land determined by the Turkish government, and its area is not less than an area determined according to government instructions. 
Establish a project on the land with a capital of no less than The investment value is about a government-determined value, and this project is registered in the name of a company.
A feasibility study for the agricultural project that will be established for a period of five years must be submitted.
The possibility of providing a source of irrigation by digging underground wells.
The approval of establishing the project must be obtained from the Ministry.
In the event that a foreign investor participates with a Turkish investor in a specific agricultural project, this gives him government support and may reach 50% of the value of the project.


Commercial investment in Turkey:

What distinguishes this type of investment is the many prospects open for trade in Turkey. It is known that Turkish goods of all kinds receive great global attention on the one hand, as well as the Turkish commercial markets that need to import international goods and products, and thus Turkey has become an important commercial center for most merchants and owners of commercial companies to be the focus of attention Many commercial investors, among the forms of commercial investment in Turkey, we mention: 


Investment in import and export:

Here, the investor goes to Turkey to establish a private company for import and export, so he buys various Turkish products, taking advantage of the acceptable prices for Turkish goods, and the presence of several important airports and waterways to be able to carry out shipments to other countries that may include the export of electrical appliances, cars, furniture, foodstuffs, Beverages, Turkish sweets, Turkish packaged foods.
With regard to import, the company may serve shipping operations for Turks in other countries who wish to send supplies and mailboxes to Turkey, or import the requirements of the local market in Istanbul from other international goods.  


Investment in the field of general trade:

General trade in Turkey received attention at the level of shops, commercial centers and malls, which witnessed a great renaissance in Turkish cities at the level of goods and prices, and this luxury was evident in the malls spread in all regions and cities of Turkey, which means that it is possible to invest in a commercial center in the major cities in Turkey and work to spread a good reputation for the investor in the commercial markets in Turkey, and thus he will be able to achieve investment goals.


Industrial investment in Turkey:

Turkey is considered one of the countries suitable for industrial investment for many reasons, perhaps the most important of which is the strong service infrastructure and the many facilities such as factories scattered in Turkish cities, as well as warehouses and manpower, and the presence of many industrial cities that receive many government interests. 
Among the most important forms of industrial investment in Turkey:

  • clothing industry .
  • Textile and furnishing industry.
  • Automotive industry and its spare parts.
  • Building materials industry.
  • Chemical industries and manufacturing materials.
  • Electric tools industry.
  • Detergent industry.


Investing through bank deposit:

What distinguishes this type of investment is one of the opportunities to obtain Turkish citizenship if an amount of not less than 500 thousand US dollars is deposited by a foreigner in a Turkish bank, as well as the presence of several banks in Turkey that offer profitable benefits through bank deposits, so this type of investment was received increasingly popular in recent years.  


Tourism investment in Turkey:

It is known that Turkish cities are among the most attractive cities in the world for tourists from various international nationalities. Turkey has a huge arsenal of tourist areas that attract tourists, as it is rich in sea beaches, mountain heights, natural resorts, water oases, natural parks, ancient castles, and thus the establishment of an investment project for things Tourism is one of the successful projects in Turkey, and this is evident in many forms, including:

  Investing in restaurants and cafes:

Turkish cities receive special attention and a great desire for most international nationalities for the purpose of visiting and tourism, which means that they are among the best tourist countries in the world, and therefore a restaurant investment project in tourist areas is considered one of the successful projects. Tourists want to eat and taste Turkish foods, as well as enjoy cold drinks in the summer and taste Turkish coffee. In winter. 

Tourist hotels:

Your investment in a hotel in the tourist areas in Turkey is a great opportunity to obtain financial profits for several reasons for the active tourist movement in Turkish cities, as well as the continuation of the tourist movement throughout the year. Tourists go to Turkey for summer tourism or winter tourism. 


Real estate investment in Turkey:

This type of investment is one of the most important and best types of investment in Turkey, as it is one of the most important types of investments that has met with increasing demand in recent years, and this was due to the great demand for real estate in Turkey by investors and the successful experiences of most real estate investors in the Turkish markets . Many things make it a leader over other countries, especially in the field of real estate market movements, the most important of which is the real estate market in Istanbul, and also in the field of real estate investment. Among the most important of these advantages that real estate investment enjoys in Turkey:

Real estate prices in Turkey are cheaper compared to other countries:

Turkey is considered one of the cities with medium or cheap prices in real estate, and this is due to several reasons and factors that make Turkey a station to attract investors from all over the world to buy and invest in real estate, and that cheap prices and low cost facilitate the purchase process and guarantee success in investment and guarantee profits and financial returns for the investor.

The real estate market in Turkey is entitled to success:

The real estate market in Turkey has witnessed inflation and an increase in the number of foreign and Turkish investors in recent years, and this inflation continued until this year 2022, but the number of investors increased more and more, and the main reason for this increase was the profits accruing to the investor, as the investor tries to find investment projects to achieve success and profit The investigator of his projects and as a result of this increase in the demand for the real estate market in Turkey, which will result in an increase in demand and thus an increase in prices in the markets, and thus the profitable return on real estate investment will be achieved for the investor.

Tax exemptions for foreign investors:

 Among the facilities provided by the Turkish government in the field of real estate for foreign investors is the exemption from added tax, which provides the investor with a large amount of money, which attracted foreign investors and urged them to buy and invest in real estate in Turkey during these years, which positively affected the Turkish economy and thus Return positive results on the real estate market.

Profits that grow over time:

Real estate investment in Turkey enables  you to profit more than other investments. The investor in Turkey guarantees the stability of capital in the worst case, but if the purchase period is long, it guarantees sure and huge profits, and the monthly or annual benefit from the property is by renting it. It takes place in places of tourists and temporary visitors, and this is in places of tourism and natural areas overlooking lakes, and these places abound in Turkey, especially Istanbul real estate in its Asian and European parts, and the investor must choose the location of the property very carefully because of its importance in attracting tourists and tenants, and a view should be chosen A beautiful property that gives the residents peace and psychological comfort and supports the tourism movement in the country.

Facilities provided by the Turkish government:

 The Turkish government has provided a large number of facilities in the field of real estate investment, from facilitating the procedures for selling and buying real estate to foreigners. In other countries, buying real estate requires great and many conditions, while in Turkey, the conditions for buying and real estate investment are very normal, which contributes to attracting all investors from around the world. The world towards these great facilities in the investment process. 

Obtaining Turkish citizenship:    

This feature is considered the biggest and best advantage for what foreign investors seek, so the investor can obtain Turkish citizenship under specific conditions, the property must be worth at least 400 thousand US dollars, foreign investors who obtained Turkish citizenship can apply for a Turkish passport, what does it mean The Turkish government's facilities in the field of granting nationalities to investors have made Turkey's real estate the focus of attention of the whole world and of various nationalities. 

There are many options available in the real estate market in Turkey:

The real estate markets in Istanbul are characterized by development and richness, and it is one of the richest real estate markets in the world, and there are many options available to meet most desires. Shops, offices, homes.  

Real estate investment methods in Turkey:

Real estate investment in Turkey is a great opportunity to make money and profit by doing several businesses related to the real estate investment process, and these businesses have recently become many options for quick profit, and this has led to attracting investors to buying Turkish real estate. This type of investment takes place in the following forms:
buying and selling real estate This process is witnessing a great turnover in the real estate markets in Turkey, and investors who are looking for a big and quick profit resort to it. This process needs several steps and stages to be carried out by whoever intends to buy a property in Turkey, so that he communicates with an appropriate real estate broker who is known for his honesty and honesty, and even signs the necessary contracts. For the purchase process, and after the ownership is officially completed, the buyer waits for a certain period, then sells the property and takes the same steps that he did when buying the property, but in the capacity of the seller.
Buying and renting real estate: In this process, investors see that it is the best way to profit, because this process keeps the capital, that is, the real estate stable without loss or loss. Therefore, this process begins with buying a real estate with specific steps and stages that were previously mentioned, and then renting this real estate to the tourists who come These areas so that this process guarantees a monthly amount that the lessor considers as his income and through which he can enjoy the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey, and in the end he has not lost anything, but his ownership of the property is still valid, and attention must be paid to renewing and repairing the property from time to time until it witnesses a greater demand than before tenants.

In conclusion, we can say that Turkey is one of the countries most fortunate to obtain financial profits because it has the most important types and areas of investment. The successful experiences of its investors are the greatest proof of the chances of success for its investors. 




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