Have you tried thinking of a long-term real estate investment in Turkey? Lands could very well be.

Your guide to buying land in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Have you tried thinking of a long-term real estate investment in Turkey? Lands could very well be.


Have you tried thinking of a long-term real estate investment in Turkey? It is very possible that lands are the most suitable investment for you if you know the full characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of this type of investment, which Turkey offers wide offers to enter.

What are the advantages of buying land in Turkey?

Turkey nature:

Turkey is one of the countries that is very rich in fertile agricultural land and its vast areas, and it enjoys a moderate climate suitable for agriculture, which makes the opportunity to buy agricultural land in Turkey a profitable investment.

A suitable investment opportunity at the present time:

The relative stagnation that the world is witnessing due to the crisis of the outbreak of the new Corona virus makes buying land in Turkey a very good opportunity before its prices rise in the future when real estate markets return to their vitality. In addition, the purchase and investment of agricultural land is considered one of the safest investments because agricultural products are always required, as they are among the necessities of life, unlike other investment markets that are active and frozen according to circumstances.

Legal facilities for foreigners:

Turkish laws encourage many investors to buy facilities and provide land and real estate in Turkey , canceling the condition of reciprocity and thus allowing most nationalities to own them in Turkey in addition to the advantages of real estate residence and Turkish citizenship for investors in this field.


What are the conditions for land ownership by foreigners in Turkey ?

* Turkish law allows foreign citizens to own lands inside Turkey , and a foreigner can own an area of ​​up to 30 hectares, and the Ministerial Council has the right to double this amount if it deems it appropriate. The percentage of real estate that foreigners are allowed to own should not exceed 10% of the total private real estate in the city.

* Foreign individuals who have a residence on agricultural land to purchase, they must have a real project on it within two years, otherwise the license to own the land will be withdrawn from them (therefore, land investors usually prefer that the agricultural lands be in the name of a company).

* Foreigners in Turkey are prohibited from buying a property located in the closed military areas, or in the security areas, and they must obtain written permission from the military units in that area if they want to own a property close to it.

* If the  lands are suitable for construction and the foreign investor intends to build on them, then they must be within the reconstruction plan in the region, or the housing plan, meaning that the government intends to use those lands originally to carry out their reconstruction (to find out the possibility of building on the lands that you wish to own, the owner of the land must apply With a request to the concerned municipality to find out the plan of dividing the land, which includes information about the conditions for the building that can be built on this land, they are surveyed.


What are the factors affecting land prices in Turkey?


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