The real estate sector in Turkey is now considered one of the best investment destinations, especially for investors.

Advantages of the Turkish real ...

Date:Friday, October 22, 2021

The real estate sector in Turkey is now considered one of the best investment destinations, especially for investors.

Advantages of the Turkish real estate market

The real estate sector in Turkey is now considered one of the best investment destinations, especially for foreign investors in the recent period, as they always seek to benefit greatly from the advantages of buying a property in Turkey to achieve profits within the Turkish real estate market.
The foreign investor's interest is focused on the search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, due to its important strategic location and being the economic capital of Turkey. In addition to its large population, which provides a wide range of consumers and labor at the same time. Infrastructure projects undertaken by the Turkish government in Istanbul also greatly affect the real estate market, such as Istanbul Airport, the largest airport in the world, and Istanbul Water Canal "New Bosphorus".

The advantages of the Turkish real estate market are as follows

low taxes
The decision to reduce taxes in Turkey is one of a series of decisions related to the real estate sector in Turkey, and it was positively reflected in motivating foreign investors to own real estate in Turkey, which contributed to reviving the real estate market in Turkey in general.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship when buying a property
Where the Turkish government has amended the Turkish Nationality Law, and the decision to grant citizenship to those who buy a property worth 250 thousand dollars, which is an exceptional opportunity that does not hide its importance, and this decision included citizens of most countries of the world, and the decision includes the naturalization of all members of the family of the new owner, including a wife, children without 18 years old

Real estate residence
Where real estate owners of foreign nationalities, whose price is less than 250 thousand dollars, are granted a residence that is renewed annually, and real estate residence in Turkey is granted to the property owner, his wife, and his children who have not reached the age of 18.

Cheapest real estate in Europe
Real estate prices in Turkey are significantly cheaper than those in Europe, with features in infrastructure, similar to the structure of developed European countries. The various attractions that attract attention in Turkey, from a wonderful climate, a promising economy, a huge real estate market, and many tourist and historical attractions that attract tourists from all over the world to it, all this makes investment and residence in Turkey a profitable and ideal option.

Excellent return on investment
Real estate investment in Turkey real estate secures a profitable investment return, based on the attractive force of tourism in Turkey, which is manifested in its best form in the tourist periods and seasons, through the demand for renting homes during those seasons distributed throughout the year. A thoughtful investment in real estate, which is very popular during the tourism seasons in Turkey, can provide high profits and a good return on investment.

conservative social environment
Turkish society is considered one of the closest societies to the conservative Arab environment, and Turkish customs and traditions coincide with some customs in the Arab region, which provides a feeling of reassurance and security when deciding to buy a property in Turkey and reside there.

Low cost of life
The relatively low cost of living in Turkey, compared to the rest of Europe and neighboring countries, with the availability of the necessities of a comfortable life, and advanced living systems, provides a good residence opportunity in Turkey. It is known that medicine in Turkey is cheaper than all European countries, which has given the medical sector in Turkey unparalleled prosperity and popularity in recent years.

Turkey's nature and temperate climate
Turkey has a variety of beauty features, a charming and picturesque nature that is less than its counterpart around the world, and a relatively mild climate, in addition to an ancient civilization and history that adorns the wonderful cities of Turkey, and its monuments bear witness to it until now, which gave this country a distinct tourist privacy, due to its richness with its delightful landmarks.

Is the profitable investment in Turkey limited to real estate investment only:

Of course, successful investments are not confined to one particular field, “what is meant here is real estate investment and buying real estate.” Rather, there are many areas in which you can put an owner and be fruitful and successful. For example, there is investment in the field of import and export to and from Turkey, this project generates huge and infinite money, This investment project is not only successful in Turkey, but throughout the Arab and Western countries.

When you decide to invest your money in a project, it is certain that you will search for what is feasible and beneficial for you and for others, and if you are on the Turkish land, then most likely your choice will fall on real estate investment, both commercial and residential, because it is the leading field currently and competes with its strength in the real estate markets in the world, and with its rapid steps it is almost leading first place .

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