The Turkish real estate market is teeming with Turkish and foreign investors, and the investment movement.


Date:Friday, October 30, 2020

The Turkish real estate market is teeming with Turkish and foreign investors, and the investment movement.

The Turkish real estate market is filled with Turkish and foreign investors, and the real estate investment movement in it is classified among the most common and most existing activities. This is due to the concertedness of a number of factors and efforts.

Due to the increasing influx of investors from different nationalities to real estate investment in Turkey, the government has worked to provide a lot of facilities and temptations through several attractive decisions and laws, and with this, the real estate companies started to provide a lot of services to customers during the journey to search for and buy the right property. The services do not stop. At this point, it goes beyond buying the property with a lot of after-sales services.

What are these services provided after the sale? What does it include? What are its details?

After-sale services for real estate in Turkey:

The various Turkish real estate companies located in Turkey provide a number of services at the stage after purchasing the property, and these services are in the following:

  • Completion of all documents and data, termination of payment processes and transfer of ownership and all the details that these steps contain, such as translating passports and documents into Turkish, and documenting them.
  • After selling the property, and completing all the documents and supporting documents, the real estate company’s mission begins with marketing the property, and you can make the improvements you want and add your own touch. And the real estate company remains with you until you find the right client for you, whether you want to rent the property or sell it. A new journey begins here, of documents and contracts to be completed.
  •  And there are many services provided by real estate companies according to desire, in terms of supervising the property. Among these services, we mention; payment of various bills (water, electricity, phone, etc...)and service fees.

These (after-sales) services provided by real estate companies are real temptations for foreign investors in Turkey given, that they will face many difficulties and obstacles in carrying out all the tasks involved in the real estate investment process in Turkey. Be sure to choose a reliable real estate company, build strong relationships with the company’s staff, because it will be your transparent gate from which you overlook, and through which you can safely enter the real estate investment market in Turkey.

These services are a natural result of real estate and investment developments in Turkey, where the reality of increasing the influx of investors, the services of different real estate agencies to meet the various needs and advance the investments in Turkey.

The Turkish government, in turn, worked to provide its support and loyalty to the real estate investment sector, due to its awareness of its importance, its direct link with the various sectors of life in Turkey, and the need to promote it.

This support was evident through several decisions and facilities, such as reducing taxes paid by foreign investors, granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors, in return for real estate investment in Turkey.  And the latter was considered one of the laws that had a magnetic effect in attracting investors from all poles of the earth and this is due to the importance of Turkish nationality globally, and locally in Turkey.

The after-sales services provided by real estate companies were also one of the attractions, which contributed to saving effort and time on investors during their investment journey, and these services also worked to make their investments as profitable as possible.




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