Turkey has become a destination that attracts all people to live and settle in, due to its diverse nature and .


Date:Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Turkey has become a destination that attracts all people to live and settle in, due to its diverse nature and .

Turkey has become a destination that attracts all people to live and settle in, due to its diverse nature and climate, its fruitful economic activity and its distinction in the tourist and archaeological world, so if you are thinking of buying a property in Turkey, here is a set of important instructions:

Search for what you want:

Social networking sites and the browser included for the websites of many real estate companies allow you to easily search and choose the apartment that suits you, in all types (classic or modern apartment design, low-cost apartment or luxury villa, apartments that suit your financial income expectations, apartments with a variety of views).

Searching for the location of the apartment is also important, so you can decide at this stage the location of your apartment if it is far in the countryside with a charming and quiet view, or an apartment close to your work or study place

You must know who you are dealing with:

You need to deal with a reliable real estate company with a good reputation facilitates the process of choosing the right apartment for you ideally, and through your good search on the browser and search engines you find your request, you can enter the company’s website and browse it to find out the extent of reliability and credibility through professional content, number of surfers, quantity Demand for services and comments from visitors… What we provide you with a browsing service, including email and phone numbers, for easy communication.

Contact the real estate company to start your search:

After you have chosen the real estate company that you want to rely on in your search for the right apartment for you, contact this company to tell it all the details related to the apartment you want, so that this company will find your request through the network of information available about real estate in Turkey, and you can also use the companies with agents Real estate agents to be contacted individually and directly.

Hire a lawyer:

To ensure protection and to save time and effort, you can hire a lawyer to follow up all matters related to your apartment that you want with the real estate agent company, and this is what helps you to jump a step forward without a waste of time and effort, especially in the stage of buying a property that includes financial matters, so seek the help of a lawyer with credibility and a good reputation.

Have all the information about the property:

It is better to have in hand a detailed report on the property price and costs in detail, in addition to legal and engineering matters

Confirming prices and their correlation with the actual location of the property:

You can do this by inspecting the property, and through reliable Internet sites that allow you to know the actual price per square meter in the area where the property is located.

Ensure that the property is delivered on time:

To confirm this process, you can guarantee that there are conditions in the contract to protect you and your property from delay in delivery

Verify that the property is fully owned:

That is, the seller owned all his dues, and the property was fully purchased by you, then you must confirm the title deed process as a contract that includes all the details related to the purchase of the property, and then submit the initial payment and make sure that you do not pay more than the required

Check maintenance matters:

After determining the right price for the property you want, it is best to study maintenance issues, such as furniture, cladding, or cleaning and maintenance matters together related to the property if it includes a garden or swimming pool, for example, and this will increase the cost a little, so these matters must be studied to add their costs. Potential on a budget

Obtaining a copy translated according to the mother tongue:

It is better to obtain a translated and legalized copy according to your mother tongue, and with this you have your own protection paper legally signed by a notary, including all the required signatures.



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