During the last decade, the Arabs' interest in investing in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, has increased, and the.

Areas preferred by foreigners to ...

Date:Monday, September 6, 2021

During the last decade, the Arabs' interest in investing in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, has increased, and the.

Areas preferred by foreigners to buy real estate in Istanbul

The interest of Arabs in investing in Turkey, especially Istanbul, has increased during the last decade, and the number of foreign real estate has doubled recently, especially after the economic renaissance that the country witnessed, with its political and regional stability, and rapid development in its infrastructure, with the available environment. Natural and temperate climate.

Istanbul real estate most attractive to foreign buyers:

Although it is not the actual capital of Turkey, but it is the most attractive and vibrant and outperforms all Turkish states in several areas, the most important of which is the real estate sector, and real estate sales to foreigners. Istanbul’s share of real estate sales to foreigners is often about 17% of the total real estate in Turkey sold to foreigners, and this percentage did Previously accessed by any Turkish state.

It has become obvious when we talk about selling Turkish real estate to foreigners to talk about Istanbul at the beginning, for many reasons, including:

• Istanbul's location between Europe and Turkey and its possession of tourist and economic attractions due to the Bosphorus Strait and the surrounding seas, and the international roads passing through it.

• The opportunities for work, study and investment in Istanbul are very large.

• Increasing population migration to Istanbul, not only from foreigners residing outside Turkey, but even from the people of Turkey itself.

• Modernity and development in the infrastructure, service and entertainment institutions in Istanbul, making it at the forefront of other Turkish states and at the forefront.

• The many urban transformation projects in Istanbul and the competition of construction companies in the construction of modern residential complexes with attractive designs, great features and attractive offers, all of which puts Istanbul at the forefront.

The most preferred areas for foreigners to buy real estate in Istanbul:

1- Başakşehir:

The Başakşehir area in Istanbul is the closest area to Istanbul's new airport, and this is a unique investment value for the region, and it is an area that has grown and developed significantly in recent times until it has become today one of the most important areas for real estate ownership in Istanbul. It is characterized by easy access and movement and movement in and to it.

The Turkish government has also been interested in building the main, fast and wide streets as part of their interest in developing the infrastructure of the large Başakşehir area.

The region includes a large number of international hotels, huge residential projects, and large malls, which have a great weight and weight that positively affected investment in and near them.

The Mall of Istanbul is the largest commercial center in Istanbul and is surrounded by a large number of large residential projects, in which investors prefer to own real estate in Turkey.

2- Beylikduzu:

It is the elegant and quiet area in which the Marmara Sea extends along its long coast.
It is considered one of the most important areas in Istanbul for safe family housing, as it includes a large number of recreational centers in which important tourist activities are held, which make the residents need to go outside the boundaries of Beylikdüzü in order to spend a day off.

And if we mention the point of transportation outside the borders of Beylikduzu, we must mention that the Beylikdüzü area in Istanbul includes a huge transportation network, where more than 5 metrobus stations pass through it, and it is the most important means of transportation in Istanbul, which connects the Asian and European sides.

It also includes malls and huge commercial centers such as the large Marmara Park Mall, which includes all international brands, high-end cafes and restaurants.

3- Basin Express:

For all those wishing to invest in Istanbul, we advise you to go to buy apartments in Turkey on Basin Express Street, the first commercial street in Turkey.

This street is characterized by containing the most famous international 5-star hotels, and a large number of commercial malls such as Mall 212, and it also includes the most important residential complexes, which are intended for those wishing to buy apartments in Istanbul for the purpose of investment and profit.

As Al-Basin Express Street includes the most important commercial companies, factories and international stores in various specialties.


It is the most populous region in Turkey. It is considered one of the most important investment areas as it is the most selling real estate area in Turkey.

Esenyurt district in Istanbul brings together investors wishing to live with investors wishing to invest, because the area contains both residential and investment features. The El Jomhoriat/States district is considered the most famous and most prestigious area of ​​Esenyurt, as it is a high value for all of Istanbul and not only for Esenyurt.
The Esenyurt area is also characterized by the fact that it contains the most suitable properties at prices with the ambition of the buyer, as it is not a high value, compared to the rest of the areas.

It includes a large number of huge commercial centers such as the most beautiful Torium Mall in Istanbul. The HARAMIDERE district of Istanbul in Esenyurt is considered the most district with world-class residential complexes.

Foreigners’ criteria and priorities in the process of buying a property:

The Association for Overseas Real Estate Promotion (GİGDER), conducted field work by market research firm AGS Global and conducted with a group of 410 international investors from 48 countries in 12 cities of Turkey, in 8 languages, titled 'Competition and Inspiration: Exporting the Future of Foreign Real Estate Investments in Turkey” The criteria and ratios according to this study were as follows:

Property price:

One of the most important factors affecting the purchase process, as it came at the forefront of the priorities of 63.4% of investors.

Property Location:

The location was ranked second with 58.3% of investors.

The view:

The view came in third place with 36% of investors

Profitable Return:

The return on investment was 28.8% from the investors.

Construction features:

Building features and characteristics came last, with the lowest percentage, according to the study, and the priority of investors when buying, by 21.2%.

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