Avcilar is located in the western part of Istanbul and is considered one of the best areas in Istanbul.

Avcilar and its importance in buying real estate in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Avcilar is located in the western part of Istanbul and is considered one of the best areas in Istanbul.

Avcilar is located in the western part of Istanbul and is considered one of the best areas in Istanbul in terms of the classy social environment and in terms of the location, which is central to its neighboring areas, and it directly overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara .

The area is divided into neighborhoods, including the popular and the modern, and each section has its own aesthetic. You may see what you want in the neighborhoods adjacent to the Sea of ​​Marmara, although it is the popular area, but if you want to live in modern residential complexes, this option is available for you in the Spartakole area .

There is also a large commercial market in the Avcilar region consisting of shops that include most international brands under the name of Marmara Market.

Avcilar district in Istanbul, the first family neighborhood:

The idea of ​​foreign families moving to live in Avcilar is not a new idea, but it has increased in the past period with the increasing demand of Arabs, especially Syrians, to Turkey, and for this there are many reasons, the most important of which are :

* Its distinguished geographical location, as the neighborhood overlooks Lake Kucukcekmece and Lake Marmara, which gives it an ideal tourist climate .

* The region is characterized by its large number of vital and recreational facilities, such as sports clubs, gardens, beaches , major shopping malls, and others, which makes the residence of families there a goal due to the availability of all services .

* There are many job opportunities, especially for Arabs, such as companies, restaurants, schools, and so on, as the Arab facades invade many shops in the region .

* Transportation to and from Avcilar is widely available, especially since the Metrobus line serves it to a large extent, as well as highways, buses and regular buses, in addition to easy access to several metro stations near Avcilar.

* The societal composition of Avcilar is diverse, as there is no single community character in it, which facilitates harmony among the residents of the Avcilar district in Istanbul .

* The urban revolution taking place in the region and the distinctive views of the sea, the lake, the metrobus and the green spaces are all considered among the attractions of the real estate in the Avcilar area in Istanbul

Tourist places in Avcilar:

Among the most important tourist places in the Avcilar region:

* Avcilar Beach Istanbul:

Next to Avcilar Istanbul Beach , recreational and service facilities vary, and luxurious restaurants and cafes are crowded .

On the coast of Avcilar there are paths designated for walking and cycling, and with its wonderful views, it creates a beautiful social atmosphere that attracts tourists and residents to it, in addition to the presence of places designated for children to play, including a park and a garden.

* Snow Museum in Istanbul:

The Snow Museum is located in Turim Mall, adjacent to the Avcilar region, on the outskirts of the Esenyurt region .

Tourists and hikers go to the snow land or snow park to enjoy its cool atmosphere in the summer weather, and to play snow and ice games that are suitable for young and old alike, where they can spend fun times without any feeling of boredom .

Advantages of investing in Avcilar Istanbul:

The Avcilar district of Istanbul is mainly characterized by its crowdedness and its close location to vital areas, as well as its moderate real estate prices, due to the nature and privacy of the area .

There is no doubt that the studied investment within the new real estate that meets the construction conditions specified for this area can provide a suitable investment environment .

Where many investors go to invest in Avcilar Istanbul commercial real estate, and another group goes to invest in apartments suitable for student housing, due to the presence of many important universities and educational centers in the region .

Also, investing in the areas supervising the corridor of the new Istanbul Water Canal project will certainly provide a good investment opportunity upon completion of the project .

Student housing is one of the strongest investment opportunities in Avcilar:

The aforementioned reasons are the direct and driving reasons why many children and families of foreigners and even Turks go to the Avcilar area in Istanbul and prefer it over many other neighborhoods.

Also, Avcilar has several public and private universities, as well as it is very close to several universities in Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, Atakoy, and Kucukcekmece. The Metrobus line also serves students to reach a larger number of universities within a short period of time, which makes the Avcilar area in Istanbul the most attractive for Turkish and foreign students. Especially since Istanbul receives thousands of students annually .





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