The Arnavutkoy region, located in the European section of Istanbul, is one of the most important locations

Get to know the Arnavutkoy ...

Date:Friday, December 10, 2021

The Arnavutkoy region, located in the European section of Istanbul, is one of the most important locations

Get to know the Arnavutkoy region with us

Arnavutköy, located in the European section of Istanbul, is one of the most important tourist and investment sites in Turkey, as it has a charming view of the Black Sea, in addition to being the main source of fresh water that feeds the city.
In recent years, Arnavutkoy has embraced the largest housing projects such as the new Istanbul Canal, the new Istanbul Airport, the Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge, and many major future projects, which made it one of the most important areas that attract Turkish and foreign investors, especially in the field of real estate and land.
It is also the favorite destination for thousands of local and foreign visitors who have fallen in love with it, for its simple rustic character, in addition to embracing many ancient civilizations, more than a thousand years ago.


Arnavutkoy is located on the European side of Istanbul, northwest of the city, next to the Black Sea. It is adjacent to the Sultan Eyup district to the east, Basaksehir and Esenyurt to the southeast, Buyukcekmece to the south, and Çatalca to the west. With its beautiful rustic character, simple details, and dense forests, it constitutes a unique painting.

Arnavutkoy extends over an area of ​​160 km, and borders the Black Sea coast at a distance of 22 km.

There are also restaurants and cafes that are famous for serving delicious seafood dishes. It is one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, as it attracts tourists looking for calm and comfort in the lap of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tourist Attractions:

Arnavutkoy still preserves historical monuments dating back to the days of the Ottoman Caliphate, represented by luxurious mosques of a charming Ottoman Islamic style, and some castles dating back to the Roman era, such as the “Tricocenes” castle, in addition to its beautiful coastline of 22 km, and its possession of the most wonderful restaurants and cafes distributed on its picturesque beaches. .

Arnavutköy is considered the lung of Istanbul and the main resource that feeds the city with fresh water. It embraces charming natural features that make it a favorite destination for locals and foreign tourists to spend their holidays there.

One of its most prominent tourist attractions is the natural lake of Duroso, which is characterized by a natural beauty that captures the hearts and gives its visitors an opportunity to relax among the nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are also many historical mosques, palaces and churches in the region. Arnavutkoy witnessed many different civilizations and religions.

Real estate investment in Istanbul Arnavutkoy:

Arnavutkoy is the incubator for mega infrastructure projects (Canal Istanbul project, Istanbul Airport, the largest airport in the world, Istanbul Third Bridge). This made it a new investment destination for local and foreign investors, who are interested in buying apartments in Istanbul, and looking for land for sale in Istanbul.

The Turkish government has recently been focusing its attention on Emaar Arnavutkoy with mega projects, and encouraging an increase in the proportion of real estate investments in it.

It is worth noting that real estate prices in Istanbul in the Arnavutkoy area are considered low compared to the prices of apartments in Istanbul in other areas.

For an investor looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, the choice of Arnavutkoy area will be very suitable.

The completed infrastructure projects (Istanbul Airport - Third Bridge) contributed to raising the value of the region and made it the focus of attention of foreign and local investors. The Istanbul Canal project, after it is completed, will increase the prices of real estate and land significantly. It constitutes a quantum leap for Istanbul real estate in general.

FCC Real Estate Investment and Development advises its valued clients who wish to buy apartments in Turkey with the aim of investing and obtaining Turkish citizenship, and who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul and villas for sale in Istanbul, to put Arnavutkoy area among their list of investment options, as it is a promising area and a successful destination towards a successful investment.


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