Sisli is one of the wonderful historical areas in Istanbul, located in the European part of it, and.

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Date:Saturday, November 20, 2021

Sisli is one of the wonderful historical areas in Istanbul, located in the European part of it, and.

Get to know with us about the Şişli area

Şişli is one of the wonderful historical areas in Istanbul, located on the European side, and has a famous mosque, Şişli Mosque.
Şişli , Istanbul's vibrant commercial and business center, has many big and famous companies. The area is very rich in terms of social life and is of great historical importance.

Şişli area features

1- Its presence within the center of Istanbul and its proximity to the most important vital and tourist areas
(Taksim - Besiktas - Sariyer - Levent - Ayoub).

2- The presence of a number of universities in the region, the most important of which is Nishan Tishi University.

3- Social, cultural and religious diversity in the region, which includes residents of all nationalities and religions within an atmosphere of intimacy.

4- Ease of transportation available to the area (Metrobus - metro - public transport buses)

5- Its proximity to the sea, as it is 10 minutes away from it within the Besiktas area.

6- It includes many tourist and archaeological places of interest to tourists, such as (Sisli Mosque - Ataturk Museum - Istanbul Military Museum).

7- It includes many open and closed markets and shops within the areas of Osman Bey and Nishan Tishi.

8- Dozens of hotels belonging to international 5-star chains are spread within the neighborhoods of the region.

9- It includes a number of malls and commercial centers that meet all needs, the most important of which are Jawaher Mall and Trump Tower.

Business and shopping in Şişli

Şişli is a center for trade and shopping, as it is a central area that provides public transportation services and modern infrastructure.

The main road in Şişli leads to the skyscrapers lined up in Mecidiyeköy, Gayrettepe, Levent and adjacent neighborhoods in Şişli district, lined up alongside other commercial office blocks and buildings.

Also located here is the famous Cevahir İstanbul Mall, which was until recently the largest shopping mall in Europe, and the second largest urban shopping center in the world!

Transportation in Şişli :

Şişli is located in a vital point within the city of Istanbul, 2 km from Taksim Square.
Its location in the center makes it a vital point and an important transportation node, as many transportation lines branch from it that connect us to all neighborhoods and regions of Istanbul and to its Asian and European parts together.

How far is Şişli from Taksim

The distance between Nisantasi Street in Şişli and Taksim Square is about 2 kilometers, and Taksim to Şişli can be reached by car in 6 minutes, and it can be reached by bus in 12 minutes, including 8 minutes on foot…

How far is Şişli from Sultanahmet

The distance between Nisantasi Street in Şişli and Sultanahmet is about 6.4 km on the shortest road connecting between them, which can be traveled in 20 minutes by car or by bus in 34 minutes.

Investment importance:

Şişli's central location in the heart of the vital areas of Istanbul and its proximity to Taksim Square doubles the desire to invest and live in it.
Where the investment in Şişli apartments is undoubtedly a successful investment, due to the constant movement in terms of money, investment, housing and residence, which made the region a profitable place for every investor who aspires to guaranteed imports.

The area is a commercial center and a central market, in which all public transport and transportation services are available, and it is equipped with a modern infrastructure. It is surrounded by many important and famous areas in Istanbul such as (Besiktas - Kaptaş - Levent - Sariyer - Fatih - Eyup), so it is a key number in the list of attractive areas in Istanbul.

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