Turkey has become an important economic center thanks to its strategic geographical location in the middle of the world.

How to get a Turkish ...

Date:Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Turkey has become an important economic center thanks to its strategic geographical location in the middle of the world.

How to get a Turkish passport

Turkey has become an important economic center thanks to its strategic geographical location, which mediates the world and overlooks the most important seas and straits and the diversity of investor orientations, as some preferred to work in trade, import and export, and a team went towards the industrial sector, and foriegn businessmen headed towards the Turkish real estate market, and focused their attention on the search for apartments For sale in Istanbul with the aim of investment.

Conditions required to apply for Turkish citizenship

A - According to the national law of the applicant, to be able to strip his nationality and to be able and aware in the eyes of Turkish laws.

b- Residing in Turkey for five years without interruption (and not being outside Turkey for six months)

C- Confirmation of the desire to actually reside in Turkey

This is done separately as follows:

1- Buying a property in Turkey

The decision to grant Turkish citizenship was amended by purchasing a property and reducing the value from one million dollars to 250 thousand US dollars. This method is preferred by investors and businessmen, as the investor obtains Turkish citizenship and benefits from the high profitable returns provided by real estate.

The real estate market in Turkey witnessed a large turnout from Arabs and the percentage of sales increased, according to data issued by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey. The number of people who obtained Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment reached 17,968 investors, since the beginning of 2017, until the end of June of this year.

2- Create a business in Turkey

A foreign investor can obtain Turkish citizenship by establishing a company, factory or any institution and employing 50 Turkish people, and the required number has been reduced from 100 employees to 50 Turkish people.

3- Investing in Turkey

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through an investment in Turkey with a capital of at least 500 thousand US dollars.

4- Transferring the center of work and trade to Turkey

5- Obtain a work permit in Turkey

6- Marriage to a Turkish citizen

7- Applying for citizenship for the whole family

8- The applicant must have a mother, father, brother or son who has previously obtained Turkish citizenship

9- Completion of school education in Turkey

-10 bank deposit

The bank deposit amount was reduced from 3 million US dollars to 500 thousand dollars, and this came after the amendments made by the Turkish government to the law on granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners. Where you can obtain Turkish citizenship by depositing 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.

d- He should not be afflicted with any kind of disease that may pose a danger

c- To have good morals

H- To have a Turkish language as needed

G- To be a business owner through which he can support himself or his family

d- That he is not in a condition that necessitates endangering public national security

 Note :

An applicant for Turkish citizenship can be asked to renounce his original citizenship, and this decision is taken according to the vision of the Council of Ministers, and this requirement does not usually apply to those married to a Turkish citizen and apply for citizenship accordingly

The cases excluded from the conditions according to the decision of the competent Council of Ministers, and in the event that the applicant for citizenship does not pose a threat to national security or public security, then those with the following specifications are entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship

A- Those who believe that they will render great services to Turkey in the field of industry, science, technology, economic, social, sports, cultural and artistic

B - Who thinks that it is necessary to obtain Turkish citizenship

C - counted as an immigrant

Turkish citizenship by marriage

Marriage to a Turkish citizen does not necessarily give directly the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, but as long as this marriage lasts for at least three years, he is entitled to apply for it

Candidates must have the following:

A- Proof that marriage is based on the formation of a family

b- Not to do any work that proves the contrary

c- That it does not pose a threat to national and public security

Note :

– If the death of the Turkish wife or husband occurs after applying for citizenship, condition (A) is not considered.

If a judgment is issued to nullify the marriage, then the husband’s true intention of that marriage is considered.

Turkish citizenship by adoption

In the event that a Turkish citizen adopts any foreigner who is not an adult, and if it is proven that he does not pose a threat to national and public security, the moment the decision is issued in this regard, he obtains Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship by origins

In short, this must be proven with documents, and then stay in Turkey for two years through any type of residence

Features of the Turkish passport

- Quick purchase: the process of obtaining citizenship takes place within a maximum of 2-3 months.
- Family members: The wife and children under the age of 18 are entitled to a Turkish passport.   
- Express Residence Permit: Residence permit is granted immediately after your investment.
US E2 visa: It provides the opportunity to easily apply for the US E2 visa and live in America.
Possibility to travel to 148 countries without a visa
You do not need to submit a statement of financial wealth.
-There is no interview: You do not need a passport interview and no specific Turkish language level is required.

 -The possibility of requesting Schengen and other countries visas easily.

 -Unlimited Passport: The Turkish passport is valid for life after obtaining it.

 - Dual citizenship: Turkey allows dual citizenship. Applicants can maintain their current citizenship and can also obtain a Turkish passport.

  - Medical Benefits: Free lifetime medical support for the whole family.

  - Free Education: Primary and secondary education is free in public schools under the Turkish constitution.

Why Turkey Naturalizes Foreigners?

Turkish writer and researcher Jahid Tuz spoke about the The Turkish strategy on the issue of naturalization by saying: "The world has recently been exposed to many crises and many developments, especially in the Middle East, which have led to waves of migration and displacement."

He added to Anadolu Agency: "Turkey is one of the countries that hosts the most arrivals from crisis areas, and has worked to integrate them into social and economic life."

Toz denied that this policy is "directed to the people of a particular country, but rather includes all countries, and Turkey seeks to become one of the top 10 economic countries in the world in 2023."

He added that "this requires great economic power, and a large income, from which citizenship can be granted through investment, with the aim of strengthening the economy."

He explained that "the Arabs are the most beneficiaries of naturalization as a result of the lack of stability in their countries, and they need a secure position for their capital, so they can be placed in Turkey."

If you are interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship, we recommend that you at FCC Real Estate Group, go towards real estate investment, as this field provides you with high and guaranteed profit returns, and is a safe investment. On the other hand, you can obtain citizenship within a maximum period of three months, through the previous experiences of our valued customers.


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