The Maslak area in Istanbul is called

Important information about Maslak

Date:Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Maslak area in Istanbul is called "the city of the wealthy" because of the sophistication of the area and its selection by .

Important information about Maslak

The Maslak area in Istanbul is called the "City of the Rich" because of the region's sophistication and selection by the most prestigious classes of Turkish society, including ministers, merchants, businessmen and artists, to live and settle in it.

In addition to being an ideal area for the residence of ambassadors and foreign businessmen, and what cannot be forgotten is that the Maslak Istanbul area was not new to the choice of the high class. Its museums and historical palaces.

Where is Maslak located in Istanbul?

Maslak is located in the Sariyer district, which is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul overlooking the Sariyer Forest, northeast of European Istanbul, about 5 minutes away from the famous Bosphorus Strait that separates the European and Asian parts of Istanbul. Which made it an excellent geographical location, 10 kilometers from Taksim Square and the famous Istiklal Street, 46 kilometers from Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side, and 35 kilometers from the new Istanbul Airport.

Advantages of living in the Maslak area

There is no doubt that this area is one of the most luxurious and luxurious areas in Istanbul. It is an area that combines civilization and wonderful urban development, from skyscrapers and residential complexes with imaginative and creative specifications to large and giant companies, for housing and stability, by groups looking for beauty, fun and a lively life. At the same time, the region has a long history of recovery and prosperity until it became today The first investment center in Istanbul and the largest real estate development area in the entire city, in addition to the presence of huge shopping centers, markets, transportation networks and hospitals outside schools and universities, making investment and housing opportunities an effective and suitable option for the future.

Advantages of buying an apartment in the Maslak area of ​​Istanbul

* The presence of super-ideal residential complexes in services to ensure the highest level of luxury and comfort for the residents

*Expectations of being the best place to own real estate in Istanbul in the future

* Existence of comprehensive vital facilities from hospitals, universities and markets

*A permanent destination for business and capital investment

* A permanent address for those looking for comfort, luxury and tranquility

* Close to all vital areas of Istanbul

* The availability of all indicators of the high profit earned by those who are thinking of buying real estate with a course

The most important tourist areas in the Maslak area

Maslak Istanbul includes a large list of areas designated for tourism and hiking, with various well-known types of entertainment, including:

- Mehmet El-Fateh Bridge "on the Bosphorus"

It is one of the suspension bridges that connect the European Istanbul with the Asian one.

Belgrade Forest

The Belgrade forests are one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul, and one of the most attractive tourist destinations for locals and tourists from everywhere, with the breathtaking nature they provide for recreation and tranquility through dense vegetation and wildlife that gives visitors a daily full of barbecue parties and entertainment.

Istanbul Valley Mall Shopping Center

It is one of the most important shopping centers and commercial markets in the Maslak district of Istanbul, due to its grandeur, it is crowded with residents and tourists, and it covers an area of ​​103 square meters and includes many international brands and names.

-Al Maslak Palace

It was built during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II and completed during the reign of Sultan Abdul Aziz, to adopt its current form.

Advantages of Maslak Real Estate in Istanbul

Upscale and modern area

Maslak Istanbul is one of the prestigious and respectable areas, and therefore real estate prices in it are among the most expensive real estate prices in Istanbul, and perhaps at the level of Turkey in general, and this means high rents and monthly returns and high prices according to the distinctive location of the area.

Maslak is a safe area against earthquakes

Although the buildings of Istanbul and its modern projects are insured against earthquakes, because building laws in Turkey stipulate mandatory earthquake insurance, but the Sariyer region in general and Maslak in particular remains the safest in terms of the nature of its region, and it was a safe rural shelter for the most luxurious and largest palaces as well as castles Historic.

An area well served by transportation

 Modern transportation plays an important role in the vitality of the Maslak Istanbul area, especially since it is a central area at the level of Sariyer Istanbul, as well as at the level of Istanbul in general. Eyup and Besiktas, making Maslak an ideal incubator for real estate investment.

Maslak Residential Compounds Have Perfect Specifications

The construction companies responsible for the construction of the complexes in the Maslak area in Istanbul take care of the distinguished engineering construction due to the great competition between construction companies within the region to gain buyers’ satisfaction

Since the majority of the residents of the area are businessmen, the residential complexes are always keen to provide superior services to ensure the highest level of luxury and comfort.

As well as the center surrounding the Maslak area, from the forests of Belgrade and the Bosphorus, gives Istanbul complexes very wonderful views of the sea and green areas.

Services and entertainment in Maslak

There is an amusement park in the area, and there are many parks nearby, including Emirgan Park and Belgrade Forest.

Cafes, restaurants and hotels in the Maslak area are among the finest service facilities in Istanbul

The proximity to the Bosphorus gives a special recreational advantage to living in the Maslak area

In addition to the above, we have talked about the region's richness in hospitals, health centers, schools, universities, trade and shopping centers.

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