Investment options vary in the Turkish city of Istanbul, thanks to its strategic location.

Important tips for new investors ...

Date:Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Investment options vary in the Turkish city of Istanbul, thanks to its strategic location.

Important tips for new investors in Turkey

Investment options in the Turkish city of Istanbul vary, and thanks to its strategic geographical location and the importance of the city on the economic level and the tourism sector, it is attracting foreign investors, businessmen and Quoting Anadolu Agency, investment expert and general manager of A1 Capital Selim Tunçbelik indicated that there are important points to know before entering the world of investors, and he made 5 important recommendations for new investors who plan to evaluate their investments in the capital markets.

Tunçbelik explained that 538 companies are traded in 56 different sectors in Turkey's stock market, "With the opening of companies to the capital markets, new opportunities and investment opportunities appear for investors. As a result of inflation protection, interest in the shares of companies with foreign exchange income, and offers The new year, small investors are increasingly interested in the stock market.

It is important to have the basics

Emphasizing the importance of mastering the basics, Tonseplik said: “In every subject we take a step, we first master the basic information and terminology.

We must apply this method, which we apply in many aspects of our lives, before entering the stock market.

How is the company rated, what is VIOP, what are the main indicators, what is a lot? We must get answers to questions like these before we start our investments.


After you master the basic financial information, you will open the doors to safe investing more easily. You can get this information by getting support from investment advisors.”

Emphasizing the importance of audited and reliable sources, Tunçbelik said: “Today, untrusted entities that have not been approved by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) pose a major threat to investors. You should note that the channel through which you manage your investments is a regulated platform. Do not invest in digital channels that are not approved by CMB and do not offer a transparent platform structure.
You should stay away from all organizations that wish to advise you via social media channels, directives of some groups independent of private institutions, and/or copying the names and identities of banks and intermediary institutions,” he added.

Don't step without targeting

On the same front, Tunçbelik said, “You should definitely get support from experts and institutions when setting a goal before setting out,” adding: “The investments you make by focusing on the goal you set in every transaction we make in the stock market will ensure the right results.

He emphasized that having professional support while setting the goal will reduce the risk.

Noting that brokerage houses have gone a long way in helping you define your goals.

These institutions provide you with individual support in setting your goals in the capital markets and taking your position, and give you advice most appropriate to your needs for the investment that best suits your risk preferences.

Follow the agenda and experts often

He explained that the stock market is an investment field that can change according to the agenda, “The global and domestic agenda, political rhetoric, geopolitical developments and many different factors can have a direct, indirect, positive or negative impact on your investments.

He revealed that simply following the agenda will not benefit your investment decisions. You should get advice from experts who perform in-depth analyzes of the sector and companies and closely follow developments related to the companies in your portfolio.

The maturity of your investment is important

“If you are making long-term investments, such as retirement or your child’s education, it is not worthwhile to follow the capital markets on a daily basis,” said Tunçbelik, adding that it requires a certain learning process to keep track of positions and to be able to comment one step further. In the process, it is critical to work with investment advisors who can provide effective guidance, bearing in mind the investor's maturity preference

He concluded by saying that the number of companies in the stock market has increased, the number of products has increased and our capital markets have become more dangerous for new investors. For this reason, we recommend brokerages that can understand the risks and maturity preferences of their investors and write personalized prescriptions in capital market transactions.

Real estate investment in Istanbul:

The interest of foreign investors focused on searching for apartments for sale in European Istanbul and the best hotel apartments in Istanbul, both Asian and European. Businessmen also preferred to search for villas for sale in Istanbul with a view of the Bosphorus. It is known that the prices of villas in Istanbul, those overlooking the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, are high compared to their prices with other regions, but at the same time they are witnessing an increasing increase on an annual basis. Some businessmen consider this This type of investment is the most successful.

If you are planning to enter the real estate market in Istanbul, you should see some real estate tips that FCC Real Estate Investment Group offers you, because the basis for the success of any investment is full knowledge of the sector in which you intend to work, and in this context we put in your hands our long experience in the real estate market We offer you the most important tips that you must follow before starting your investment in Turkey.

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