Real estate prices in Istanbul vary according to a meeting of several factors., and the question remains about the price.


Date:Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Real estate prices in Istanbul vary according to a meeting of several factors., and the question remains about the price.

Real estate prices in Istanbul vary according to the meeting of several factors ..., and the question about the price remains at the forefront of questions that Turkish and foreign investors and real estate developers inquire about ...

We will be with you in this blog and provide you with a guide to apartment prices in Istanbul

Learn about the elements of Istanbul

As we know Istanbul, the famous Turkish capital, is spread over two continents, which are Asia and Europe, so while locating Istanbul real estate, it can be described as Asian or European real estate.

Istanbul is also a global tourist city par excellence, a destination for tourists in all seasons, and tourism companies from around the world organize multiple trips to Istanbul.

Not to mention that the Bosphorus Strait and the amazing sea view are a very important tourist factor, these landmarks make Istanbul a very important commercial and shipping node.

All these factors imposed on the real estate market in Istanbul the constant movement to cover the requirements of other sectors.

Importance of Istanbul apartments

When you read all that we mentioned earlier about the elements of the city, you can discern the importance of Istanbul real estate and apartments.

It is a haven for tourists, according to its grandeur and appearance, and also apartments in Istanbul are considered an urgent need for the Turkish residents, due to their proximity to the centers of life in Istanbul, where many Turkish residents want a house or apartment in the main capital of their mother country where job opportunities are available and life flourishes from All sides .

And now we see many residential complexes that are full of organized apartments and enjoy a lot of services to meet previous needs.

What is the price guide for an apartment in Istanbul?

Your guide to pricing your apartment in Istanbul includes many concerted principles in determining the price, and you need long studies in each principle.

Where you can go to the real estate companies that carry out these studies through work teams and specialized experts and determine the exact price appropriate for the apartment, thus relieving you of the hassle and effort for several days.

What are the factors that determine the price of an apartment in Istanbul?

We will start with the general factors related to the apartment only, there is the quality of the building and the materials used and their quality, then the exterior and interior cladding of the apartment and its details and degrees.

Then the designs and decorations followed and the degree of craftsmanship in applying these designs.

The furnishings and their quality also play an important role, the apartment may be furnished or unfurnished, and if it is furnished, the quality of the furnishings (first toast, second toast ...) and the period of its warranty, its own price.

As for the external factors ....... we start with the views, the more the apartment has a panoramic view of the sea, or the strait, or the landscape or an archaeological place, the higher its price, also if the apartment is in a residential complex or building or A skyscraper, the height of the apartment increases the view area of ​​the apartment in Istanbul and thus raises its price.

The presence of the apartment in the city center and its proximity to transportation, main roads, and trade and industry centers in Istanbul also greatly raises its price, unlike its presence in a Turkish suburb or countryside, which makes it far from the huge urban and development revolution in the city center, and It is also far from the world-famous Istanbul landmarks, which reduces the price of apartments.

Is there a fixed price for real estate in Istanbul?

All of these factors are evidence in determining the prices of apartments in Istanbul and in determining the price of any property in any Turkish city, and this process requires you to have good experience and knowledge of the real estate market and keep up with it daily.

As there is no specific price for trading in the real estate market, due to the diversity of factors intertwined in determining the price of the property in Istanbul ...

Even in terms of price in particular, there is a permanent fluctuation in the value of the square meter in a specific region, in response to the global economic movement.

The price of the same apartment may change many times and with various values ​​within one week.

Despite all these changes in the apartment price guide in Istanbul, the constant advice remains .. The advice of grandparents says that the property at any time remains real estate and its value never decreases, unlike money and other things.



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