When thinking of buying an apartment in Istanbul, whether the goal is investment or housing, you must.

Learn with us about the Basaksehir district in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

When thinking of buying an apartment in Istanbul, whether the goal is investment or housing, you must.

When thinking about buying an apartment in Istanbul , whether the goal is investment or housing, you must look at the areas in the city, so that your choice of apartment is successful and based on knowledge and thorough study of the location of the apartment. There are many options for the Arab investor looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, because the city is very rich in vital sites and major construction projects.

We have noticed, through our work in the Turkish real estate market, the attraction of Arab businessmen towards buying apartments in Istanbul in the Basaksehir area, due to the complete services provided by the Basaksehir municipality, the sophistication of its neighborhoods, the modernity of its residential complexes, and the wide extension of its green spaces. Today, in this article, we highlight the Basaksehir region for you.


Basaksehir is located on the European side in the center of northern Istanbul and is bordered to the north by Arnavutkoy, to the northeast by Eyup region, Sultan Gazi and Esenler to the east, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece, Avcilar to the south, and Esenyurt to the southwest.

Basaksehir is surrounded from the northern region by large areas of green forests, as a river passes through it and there is a dam formed along the river that flows into Kucukcekmece Lake.

Green Basaksehir:

What makes the Basaksehir area more magical is the protected forest that contains a great diversity of wild animals, and includes one of the largest natural valleys with a wide biodiversity, in addition to the wonderful potinik park, which is the largest botanical garden in the world and is spread with rare trees and plants and in the middle of it is a fountain Big and the square is twice as big as the famous Taksim Square. In addition to cafes and restaurants scattered on its outskirts. Basaksehir also has the largest artificial lake in Istanbul, extending over an area of ​​300,000 square meters.

Public facilities in Basaksehir:

 There are many private universities in Basaksehir, such as Ibn Khaldun University, which teaches a number of its courses in the Arabic language, Narad Hudav Bundijar University, and Basaksehir University. There are also many public and private schools, as well as international and Arab schools. The presence of Arab and international schools in the region is one of the reasons that attract Arabs to buy apartments, live and settle in the region.

As for the health sector, hospitals are widely spread in Basaksehir, and the largest health complex for hospitals has been established, known as Basaksehir Medical City, which is the largest medical city in Europe. It covers an area of ​​one million square meters and includes 8 buildings. Each building contains a full specialized hospital, "Children's Hospital, Maternity and Gynecology Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Neurological Hospital, Orthopedics Hospital, Cardiology Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Hospital." These hospitals will provide services with a capacity of 2,682 beds and 89 Operations room.

The main building of the Medical City is planned to be one of the largest earthquake-resistant buildings in the world, as it contains 2068 seismic insulators that support the foundations of all buildings in the Medical City. The amount of iron used in building the facility is 95,000 tons. Basaksehir Medical City is considered one of the most important infrastructure facilities in Istanbul and is achieving qualitative progress and success in the health sector in Turkey.

One of the most prominent features of Basaksehir is the strong transportation network that serves the region, including public transport buses, the metro line, and minibuses. It has a link station that facilitates access to all places in Istanbul.

If you intend to buy an apartment in Istanbul in a strategically vital location, between the picturesque nature and the great urban development, then the Basaksehir area is your perfect choice. The FCC Real Estate Investment Group provides you with the best residential and investment projects in Basaksehir. It is enough to contact our advisory team to achieve your dream and own the best real estate in Istanbul.



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