The tendency of many foreigners to buy apartments in Istanbul is a natural result of their desire to…0

Tips for buying a property in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The tendency of many foreigners to buy apartments in Istanbul is a natural result of their desire to…0

The tendency of many foreigners to buy apartments in Istanbul is a natural result of their desire to settle in this country and focus on investing in it, in addition to searching for job and life opportunities in this country .

The most important tips when buying a property in Turkey :
The procedures for buying and selling a property in Turkey depend on accuracy in implementation, and following a set of tips when buying a property based on real experiences on the ground. Government decisions related to controlling the buying and selling process aim to protect the rights of investors.
The type of property and its location play an important role in the buying and selling procedures, so investors should pay attention to the following:
  *- Consult a real estate expert to get advice when buying a property :  Buying a property
isan important and expensive matter, and involves many risks, so seeking help from experts is the advice. Which we repeat with every step, as every real estate investor must have an expert who consults him, who provides him with investment advice that protects him from fraud and fraud, and helps him in checking all procedures, papers and legal documents in a way that preserves his rights.
And the one who said: “There is no regret in consulting, and the real estate must have a consultant.” The honest real estate expert advises you on the best options, and guides you on the shortest legal ways to complete your legal procedures, so he protects the ownership of your real estate, preserves your money, and guarantees you, after God’s grace, success in your investment .
*- Ensuring the existence of a real estate evaluation report :
The General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Records, affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Cities in the Republic of Turkey, issued a circular stressing the need for a real estate evaluation report to be presented to every foreigner, as of the date of issuance of the decision .
*- Complete the ownership procedures exclusively in the Tabu Department :
The most prominent advice indicates the need for the process of buying and selling a property to proceedIn Turkey, through the Tabu Department, where any unofficial contracts or contracts issued by the notary, the mukhtar, or other parties are considered “insufficient” and do not prove that the ownership of the specified property has been transferred to the buyer .
*- Ask about the real seller of the property :
it must be confirmed that the entity selling the property is the real owner of this property, by securing a copy of the property title deed and reviewing the Real Estate Department (Tabu Department) according to it, and verifying whether the information contained in the aforementioned document matches For the information recorded in the real estate records, and this can only be achieved through the confirmation of the Real Estate Department employees (Tapu) exclusively. This golden advice is one of the most important advice that an investor needs when buying a property .
*- Check the type of property title deed (Tapu):
In Turkey, the types of real estate title deeds used in the real estate buying and selling procedures may be similar. For example, if the real estate deed is a temporary ownership deed, as is the case in real estate under construction or that has not yet begun to be constructed, then in this case it must be ensured that there is no Obstacles that would impede the conversion of the temporary right of ownership of real estate into a permanent right of ownership after the completion of construction, such as the completion of construction and reconstruction permits for the real estate project, and other related licenses and permits .
*- Check the type of property allocation: residential or commercial?
In the introduction you will find advice for real estate investmentIn Turkey, to ascertain the type of property, it is necessary to ascertain the primary purpose of establishing the property in question, by reviewing the municipality or the real estate survey department, for example, if the property in question is a residential unit, it is seen that it falls within the scope of the housing units, and whether the property is intended for the construction of housing units Or is it for other things?
*- Make sure that the property data registered in the bond matches the real property :
recent real estate tips from Turkish real estate sector experts emphasize the need to verify that the sold property is the same property offered to the buyer, so it is necessary to reach the actual address by specifying the exact location of the property Accurately, based on the real estate map approved by the Land Survey Department .
*- Verify that there are no restrictions or reservation signs on the property : 
Ensure that there are no restrictions on the property, which is likely to reflect a negative impact on the property, or directly affect its price, depending on the type of sign or violation .


Thus, we have shown you the most important things that you should pay attention to when you buy any property in Turkey.


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