Real estate prices in Turkey?? Investors often ask about apartments for sale in Istanbul, Europe.

The cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey 2020

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Real estate prices in Turkey?? Investors often ask about apartments for sale in Istanbul, Europe.

Real estate prices in Turkey ?? Investors often ask about apartments for sale in European Istanbul or Asian Istanbul, and the demand for buying real estate in Turkey has increased in the recent period with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey, especially after the decision of the Turkish president to grant Turkish citizenship to foreign investors.

Recently, there has been a tendency to buy cheap apartments in Turkey at the cheapest prices, and this purchase was aimed at obtaining residency by buying a property in Turkey . This is one of the advantages of buying real estate in Turkey . Turkey The right to obtain permanent residence within the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

The areas where the prices of buying and renting apartments are reasonable and somewhat cheap compared to other areas of Istanbul are located in: Rural Istanbul, Sultanbeyli, Slifri, Esenyurt, Gaziosman Pasha. This is due to the presence of construction and construction works in these areas.

There may be apartments at very reasonable prices, the purchase price of which reaches 70-80 thousand Turkish liras, as the reason for their low prices is that they have joint title deeds, or that their owners want to sell them in a quick time.

The best places for cheap apartments in Turkey:

The prices of apartments in Turkey are renewed according to the city in which the apartments are located, and the following are some of the areas in which the apartments are located within Turkey, and among these areas:

The cheapest apartments in Bodrum

Bodrum is located in western Turkey, where it is considered one of the most important tourist cities. The region is also distinguished by its many popular and developed markets, and it includes many commercial malls and many important facilities. Bodrum is one of the best areas that can buy apartments at affordable prices for everyone, whether for housing or for the purpose of investment.

- The cheapest apartments in Bursa

Bursa is one of the most densely populated areas, distinguished by its distinguished geographical location, as it is a haven for many real estate investment seekers in Turkey , as the prices of apartments in Turkey are very suitable in that city, so real estate within the city is suitable in all aspects for the success of real estate investment in a distinct way.

The cheapest apartments in Asian Istanbul

The Asian city of Istanbul is one of the best areas for those looking to buy the cheapest real estate in Turkey for the purpose of real estate investment because it is modern areas and preferred by foreigners and tourists .. since they are secular areas.

Cheap apartments for sale in Esenyurt

The Esenyurt area in Istanbul is one of the new areas, and because there is no metro in it yet, this area is one of the cheapest areas to get apartments, and real estate experts advise buying apartments in Esenyurt because of the start of establishing metro lines in it.

How to get the cheapest apartment prices in Istanbul - Turkey?

The cheapest apartment prices in Turkey are determined by some important foundations and factors, such as:

The city and its importance:

Where the commercial and tourist advantages and its proximity to the sea, and the city of Istanbul is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, the prices of apartments in it range to suit everyone, as prices increase in the regions of Bursa, Antalya, Yalova, and Trabzon, and decrease in the regions of Konya, Eskisehir and other inland areas.

Turkey apartments details and specifications:

The details and specifications of the apartment are among the most important factors through which the prices of apartments are determined in Turkey , in terms of the number of balconies, balconies, and toilets, as well as the area of ​​the apartment, the number of bedrooms, and other matters related to the apartment’s details, the most important of which is the floor number and the side that the apartment overlooks.

The location of the apartment within the city:

The presence of the apartment in coastal areas overlooking the sea, in the city center, or even in rural areas, affects the price of apartments in Turkey, as the price of the apartment is determined according to its location, whether it is near tourist and archaeological sites, historical places, and others.



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