Real estate investment in Turkey is the best type of investment in this period because of its positive.

Real estate ownership in Turkey has pros and cons, so what are they?

Date:Saturday, September 17, 2022

Real estate investment in Turkey is the best type of investment in this period because of its positive.

Real estate investment in Turkey is the best type of investment in this period because of its advantages that are in the interest of the investor and return to him with material profitability, but for this type of investment there are things that must be taken into account in order for the investment to be successful, and investment in the real estate sector is a diversified investment of risk so that returns increase The greater the risk in it.

So, it must be pointed out to an important point, which is that the percentage of loss may be small compared to other investments, such as investing in financial markets or stocks, in which the investor may lose most of what he owns at one moment, in addition to the fact that real estate is a fixed, tangible asset that can be owned and not a hypothetical thing. This feature makes the risk ratio very small, and no matter how low or low real estate prices in Turkey are at some stage, they will rise again.


What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey?

Every investment has advantages that attract investors towards it and make capital flow into it, and there is no doubt that income-generating properties have always been known for their importance as assets and are characterized by many attractive factors, the most important of which are high returns, and the possibility of obtaining financing, but in exchange for the advantages there are disadvantages that must be taken into account, known and treated As future risks that may occur, we can summarize the advantages of real estate investment with several points, the most important of which are:

Obtaining a fixed, continuous and guaranteed monthly financial return.

Increasing the value of the capital or increasing the value of the property in the long term, meaning that the value of the property after several years will increase and thus your capital will increase.

This type of long-term investment is known as additional savings for the retirement period and a guarantee for the family.

The increasing and continuous demand on the rental market, whether the property is new or old, which guarantees a constant additional income.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property worth $250,000, and perhaps this positivity is the best, especially after the Turkish government allowed every investor to buy a property of the mentioned value and the possibility of applying and obtaining Turkish citizenship with his family, by purchasing any type of real estate. Whether it is an apartment, office, villa or shop.

The Turkish government has shown great seriousness in this matter, especially since a large group of investors obtained  Turkish citizenship within 90 days after completing the purchase. This procedure and other Turkish government facilities have encouraged dozens of Arab investors and neighboring countries to make real estate investments in Turkey with the aim of collecting profits and obtaining citizenship, especially since the fast-growing Turkish economy and the real estate market, which is witnessing a continuous recovery, according to monthly statistics.


The negatives of real estate investment in Turkey are:

The tenant stops paying the monthly rent or procrastination in paying the monthly allowance for the property, as delay and non-payment of rent are among the main risks for the investor, and as dangerous as they are unpredictable, their causes are multiple, such as temporary disability, job loss, or excessive indebtedness of the tenant.

A misunderstanding of market prices or buying a property at a price that contradicts the nature of real estate prices in the same area, and this is most often the result of not studying the market well and not seeking the help of experts in this field or falling victim to the greed of brokers.

Capital gains in this type of investment are usually long-term.


Types of real estate suitable for real estate investment:

The real estate market in Turkey is full of distinct options that are suitable for real estate investment and obtaining an abundant return. Through the following paragraphs, you can view them and the advantages of investing them:

Investing in hotel apartments in Turkey:

Turkey has become one of the most attractive real estate investment markets in recent years, especially for hotel apartments. With a strong tourism sector and a growing economy, Turkey offers many advantages to investors looking to invest in hotel apartments. Here are some of the advantages of investing in this type of apartment: 
 Hotel apartments offer higher returns than traditional buy-to-let investments.
 There is a growing demand for hotel apartments by both domestic and international tourists.
 Turkey has a favorable climate that makes it an attractive destination throughout the year.
 The Turkish government offers incentives to foreign investors, such as
real estate residence permits and  citizenship by investment programs.

Investing in studio apartments in Turkey:

Studio apartments are becoming increasingly popular in Turkey as they offer a number of advantages over traditional apartments. First of all, studio apartments are much cheaper than traditional apartments. This is because you are only buying one room, instead of two or more. Studio apartments also tend to be smaller than traditional apartments, which makes it easier to keep them clean and tidy.
 They are also easier to furnish, as you don't need a lot of furniture. It can be rented very easily. Finally, it is ideal for students or young professionals looking for an affordable place to live.

Investing in commercial real estate in Turkey:

Commercial real estate in Turkey is one of the most interesting and promising investments for foreign investors. This is for a number of reasons, the most important of which are:
A very attractive and constantly growing market.
 Favorable conditions for doing business.
 Well educated workforce.
 Strategic location.
 And last but not least, a very favorable tax system.

Villa investment in Turkey:

Villas in Turkey provide a great opportunity to invest in real estate, with many advantages, including: 
Turkey has become a very popular tourist destination in recent years, especially among Europeans, which means that there is a high demand for vacation rentals. 
 Villas in Turkey are often much cheaper than similar properties in other countries. 
 The Turkish government offers a number of incentives to foreign investors, such as residence permits and citizenship by investment programs. 
 The climate in Turkey is ideal for holiday rental properties, with long summers and mild winters. 
 There are many beautiful locations to choose from when investing in villas in Turkey, whether you want a beachfront property or something inland.


Important tips when investing in real estate in Turkey:

An important piece of advice when investing in real estate in Turkey is to be aware of the risks involved, consult with a reputable lawyer or real estate agent, and have a realistic expectation of return on investment.
 There are many scams associated with real estate investments in Turkey, so you must research well about many details and it is important to consider the location. Is it located in an area prone to earthquakes or other natural disasters? What is the infrastructure like in the area? Is it close to public transportation and other facilities? All of these factors can affect both the value of the property and its rentability.
 Another important tip is to be familiar with the Turkish legal system. It can be very different from what investors are used to in their home countries. A reputable lawyer or real estate agent familiar with Turkish law can help guide you through the process and protect your interests.
 Finally, it is important to have a realistic expectation of return on investment when investing in Turkish real estate. While there are some amazing deals to be had, there are also some properties that will never turn a profit.



Factors affecting real estate value:

* Natural factors where the environment has a direct impact on the value of the property.

* Economic factors where the value of real estate is linked to economic cycles.

* Laws, regulations, and legislations, as the value of real estate is affected by laws, regulations, and legislations related to construction, demolition, rents, licenses, allocation, and other factors.

* Change, as the value of the property changes with the influence of various factors, as the real estate market changes over time and according to future changes.

* Supply, demand and competition, as real estate values ​​are affected by supply and demand in the market.

* Equilibrium, where real estate prices are balanced in different regions according to factors of production.

* The location where real estate values ​​are affected by the location and the total area of ​​the property.

* The return, as the property price is affected by the rental returns.


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