Turkey is among the most prominent countries that enjoy the ease of granting residency of all kinds on the

Real estate residence in Turkey

Date:Friday, February 4, 2022

Turkey is among the most prominent countries that enjoy the ease of granting residency of all kinds on the

Real estate residence in Turkey

Turkey is among the most prominent countries that enjoys easy granting of residency of all kinds on its lands, without any legal obstacles, unlike many countries that restrict residency conditions on their lands.
Recently, Turkey has worked to expand the government departments concerned with issuing residency permits for foreigners of all kinds, and to provide employees who speak international languages ​​such as Arabic and English, to facilitate communication with foreign applicants.
All residencies are issued by the Security Department (General Directorate of Migration Management) of the Ministry of Interior, after completing the conditions required for each type.

First, what is real estate residence in Turkey?

A residence permit obtained by a foreign citizen in Turkey upon completion of the purchase of a property in Turkey and issued by the Immigration Department in the state in which the property is located.

How to obtain a real estate residence in Turkey

Of course, if you want to benefit from real estate residence in Turkey, you must first buy a property in Turkey, right?

But there are some conditions that pertain to the type of real estate in Turkey, as it is not possible to calculate the commercial or tourist property and not benefit from it to obtain residence in Turkey. Rather, it must be exclusively residential. As for the financial value, it does not constitute an obstacle as it does not require a specific amount or specific price as There is no preference for a city or state over other states. All are equal, and all of them can give you the opportunity to obtain residency.

In addition, we can consider the conditions for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey are the same as the conditions for real estate ownership "purchasing real estate in Turkey", by obtaining a property in Turkey as if you had obtained a real estate residence.

But you should pay attention to the existence of two reasons that prevent you from obtaining a real estate residence permit. The first reason is that you are a national who is prohibited from owning property in Turkey, such as North Korea and Armenia, for example, and the second reason is that the property is not located within a security or military area.

What are the conditions for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey?

- That you obtained the title deed (Tabu) after purchasing the property, and this document must be kept to be presented at each renewal process.

- The price of the property should be proportional to the number of individuals registered in the title deed.

- The purchased property must be intended for housing.

- To obtain your own tax number from the Tax Department in Turkey.

- That the validity period of the passports of the buyer and his family cover the period of real estate residence that is requested.

- To pay the real estate residence fees and taxes.

To obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey, an application must be submitted with the following documents attached:

* Property title deed (Tabu).

* Application form

* DASK . property earthquake insurance policy

* Buyer's passport (at least valid for six months) plus

* 4 personal photos for each family member

* To obtain the real estate residence permit for the family, a family statement for the children must be prepared, translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish Turkish embassy, ​​attested by the Turkish embassy, ​​attested by the Turkish embassy, ​​attested by the Turkish, Turkish, Turkish, Turkish, Turkish embassy.

* Health insurance for each family member.

After submitting the necessary papers, who are the individuals who will benefit from this "real estate residence permit in Turkey"?

It is natural that there are specific people who can obtain this real estate residence permit in Turkey, especially after buying a property in Turkey, namely the person who purchased the property in Turkey or the house and registered it in his name, i.e. the owner, in addition to his wife and children who have not yet reached the age of eighteen years. their age.

What are the advantages of real estate residence in Turkey?

- Allowing property buyers to legally reside on Turkish lands.

- Providing the possibility to enter Turkey without the need to obtain a travel visa (Visa) or a security approval for that.

- It is not required for a specific type of real estate to obtain real estate residency. Owning any property in Turkey, whatever its value, gives the buyer the right to obtain real estate residency, but it is stipulated that the property to be purchased is not within the prohibited areas for security or military reasons.

- The opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship if the purchased property is worth 250 thousand US dollars or more.

- After 8 years of obtaining the continuous real estate residence permit in Turkey, the owner has the right to apply for a long-term residence.

- Facilitating the movement of investors, traders, businessmen and procedures for establishing companies and recruiting workers in Turkey.

- Providing the ability to travel and move between Turkish cities and regions without the need to obtain a travel permit.

- The possibility of obtaining an education opportunity in Turkey's schools and universities.

- The possibility of obtaining medical insurance in Turkish hospitals.

- Providing the possibility to open a bank account in Turkey.

- The possibility of owning a private car in Turkey, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a Turkish driving license.

- The real estate residence permit in Turkey is granted for a period of two years, with the possibility of renewing this residence

- Real estate residency is granted to the spouse of the property owner, in addition to children under the age of 18.

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