A foreigner has the right to buy an apartment in Turkey, i.e. (own real estate in Turkey) throughout the country with.

Guide to buying a property ...

Date:Friday, January 21, 2022

A foreigner has the right to buy an apartment in Turkey, i.e. (own real estate in Turkey) throughout the country with.

Guide to buying a property in Turkey

A foreigner has the right to buy an apartment in Turkey (ie, own real estate in Turkey) in all parts of the country, except for areas near military gatherings and strategic locations such as oil and power stations, airports, seaports, and others. He is also entitled to own more than one apartment, house or land with a maximum area of ​​30 hectares.
If you are interested in searching for real estate in Turkey, you will face many options while reviewing the Turkish cities and regions, which differ in terms of real estate prices and specifications.

But everyone who wants to buy real estate in Turkey must choose the real estate area according to his purpose of owning the apartment. It is known that each city in Turkey has its own advantage, so it requires you to be careful in implementation and selection.

Steps to buy a property in Turkey

- Search well

There are a lot of properties for sale in Turkey, but we advise you to do a comprehensive search of your own for the area that meets your desires and needs and according to the budget available with you.

2- Contact a real estate agent

The real estate agent can provide you with free real estate advice and present you with many options to choose what suits you. FCC property Company provides a series of real estate advice constantly, through its website and communication networks, in addition to the ease of communication with us, and seeking advice in all real estate affairs on the land Turkish, through a specialized real estate consultancy team.

3- Make a preview of the place to be purchased with the real estate agent

This step will help you a lot in searching for your property and we can help you choose in terms of clarifying the features of each property for you.

4- Pay attention to the age of the building before buying the property

It is preferable to buy a new property, and if the budget does not allow, it is recommended to buy a property whose construction age does not exceed five years due to the change in the policy of modern earthquake-resistant construction, which was not applied before.


5- Check the location of the property and its proximity to public services

Whether you are thinking of buying a property for housing or investment, you must choose a location close to public services, transportation, schools, and malls, and stay away from industrial facilities due to noise and air pollution.

6- Make sure of the documents required to make the purchase of the property

You must study the papers of the apartment before buying and make sure that there is no real estate loan on the previous owner, and FCC Real Estate Company will assist you through the legal advisor in the company to secure all papers and carry out the real estate detection process and take all necessary procedures.

7- The presence of the property buyer or his representative

After making sure that you have chosen the right property for you, you can come to sign the purchase contract, or someone who represents him can attend an official agency certified by the Notary Public or at one of the Turkish embassies abroad.

8- Verify that all procedures on the property have been completed

After signing the contracts, be sure to carry out all registration procedures, including the bond, municipality, and security approvals to ensure that the property has been registered in your name. It is worth noting that the two parties to the purchase must pay the property ownership tax in Turkey, which amounts to 4% of the price of the registered property, and is paid equally between the seller and the buyer. .

9- Receipt of the title deed TABU

- Attached to the primary contract is the title deed of the property, and it is in the name of the owner of the property in Turkey who signed the contract or his official representative, in addition to a copy of the project building permit, two personal photos of the buyer, a translated and certified copy of the buyer’s Turkish passport and a copy of the identity card of the seller of the property in Turkey Also, a part of the property value is paid as a deposit to reserve the property.


- After that, we carry out the procedures that take an average of 30-60 days to register the apartment, due to sending the documents to the security departments of the Turkish army to obtain the security approval.

- After the security approval is issued, a summons is made to go to the real estate ownership department and complete the property’s registration of assets” by the state employee and in the presence of a sworn translator to explain the terms of the contract.

The title deed and the key are duly delivered in the presence of the real estate consultant, and the rest of the property value has been transferred or delivered in conjunction with the transfer of ownership of the property.

In the event of buying a property in Turkey in installments, the buyer must, according to the initial purchase agreement, after booking the apartment, pay the first payment agreed upon with the construction company at the time specified under the contract, usually within two weeks from the date of signing the contract.

When paying the installments, the buyer must come within a short period to receive the title deed and the apartment key.

In cases where an apartment is purchased in a residential complex or an ordinary building, and the complex or building has obtained military approval in advance, the customer can receive the Tapu directly upon paying the value of the apartment, or when paying the last installment in the event of buying a property in Turkey in installments.

Advantages of owning a property in Turkey

- The real estate allows the person to obtain a renewable real estate residency as long as he does not sell the property.
- In the event of buying real estate worth 250 thousand dollars, the investor can obtain Turkish citizenship.
- Real estate prices in Turkey are relatively cheap compared to the size of the country, its stability, and its long-term residential and tourism advantages.
- Taxes for owning a property in Turkey are symbolic amounts and one of the cheapest countries in the world.

Time frame

When a Turkish person buys real estate in Turkey, it takes two to three days to pay and sign the title deeds. As for foreigners, the process usually takes place within about five days due to the transfer of funds from offshore accounts.

After-sales service for real estate in Turkey

When Turks buy a house, they prefer to complete as much of the process themselves, usually to save money and also to know the system so real estate agencies do not provide any service after handing over the title deed to Turkish citizens. As for foreigners, the situation is different, due to their lack of knowledge of the Turkish language, and their lack of experience or knowledge of how to conduct transactions after receiving the title deed, so their need for support and assistance from the real estate agent is necessary to complete their transactions through after-sales services for real estate in Turkey through their agent.

We at FCC property provide our clients with real estate consultancy and after-sales services that guarantee the customer comfort and safety during his trip to buy the right property, so we accompany him from the airport until after receiving the property!

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