Turkey is a center of attraction for Arab and foreign investors, as there are many investment opportunities. .

Important information when buying a ...

Date:Monday, January 3, 2022

Turkey is a center of attraction for Arab and foreign investors, as there are many investment opportunities. .

Important information when buying a property in Turkey

Turkey is a magnet for Arab and foreign investors, where many investment opportunities are available.
There are some investors who are interested in working in the trade sector of all kinds, and others are heading towards the industrial sector, and the majority of investors are attracted to investing in Turkey's real estate, especially the real estate market in Istanbul. And because Istanbul is the capital of tourism and has become a destination for tourists from all over the world, it was able to capture the hearts of tourists and push them to buy apartments in European Istanbul and search for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul, in order to spend their annual vacations and holidays in the arms of the charming city.

The decision to buy a property in Istanbul:

When you make the decision to buy a property in Istanbul, you must take several steps to facilitate the purchase process, and we at FCC Real Estate Investment and Development offer you the most important tips that will make your choice of the desired property successful.

Important Tips:

The successful purchase process starts from the optimal real estate consultation, through which the purchase goal (housing, investment) is determined and the consultant offers you the available options according to your request and the budget that has been monitored for the purchase.

The real estate consultancy provides you with an overview of the vital and strategic locations in the city and the best areas for housing and others suitable for investment. The choice of location is one of the most important reasons for making your choice successful, as its real estate prices are cheap compared to other areas, so you pay less than you would pay in a second area, and provide you with a high profit return after several years when the area has fully qualified.

But if you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, for an investment that will return you a monthly profit through rent, you should focus on the vital areas, which are closest to universities and shopping centers and where rapid means of transportation "metro, metrobus" are available. These factors make apartment rental opportunities faster. It provides a high profit return.

And if you want a guaranteed investment, we advise you to head towards office apartments and shops, as these properties are characterized by their strategic locations in commercial areas, which makes them more in demand than residential apartments, and provide a high profit return on a long-term lease. We also advise you to buy hotel apartments in Istanbul, as the hotel apartments system is quick to rent, and most of the construction companies for complexes give a hotel system, a rental guarantee for several years with an excellent profit return.

If the goal is to buy apartments in Istanbul for housing, we recommend that you choose the area away from congestion and from the central and tourist areas, and we recommend the Basaksehir area, which is characterized by its modern urban style and the vastness of green spaces in it, as the residential complexes in it overlook the green valley of Basaksehir, and the area is one of the most Vital areas of residence, where universities, hospitals, and shopping centers are located, and are served by transportation lines that connect them to all areas of Istanbul.

And if you are a fan of sea views, your destination will be Beylikdüzü, the "Bride of the Sea", which overlooks the Marmara Sea from every direction, and is one of the best residential areas for foreigners and locals in Istanbul.

And if you want to buy to obtain Turkish citizenship, then buying a property under construction in this case is a good option, because one of the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship is that the property is not resold until after three years, and here the investor can take advantage of this condition until the construction work ends, and he re-sells the property. Selling the property and achieving high profits of between 35-45% of the property value.

Other extra tips

- Ensure that a real estate appraisal report is available
- Ask about the real seller of the property
- Check the type of property title deed (Tabu)
- Confirm the type of property allocation: residential or commercial?
- Make sure that the property data registered in the bond matches the real property
- Check that there are no restrictions or reservation signs on the property

FCC for investment and real estate development in Turkey offers you more than 200 projects in Istanbul within important vital areas, suitable for all your choices for housing and investment.

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