Turkey has become an advanced country in the field of real estate, and housing projects and investment are flourishing.

Real estate prices in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey has become an advanced country in the field of real estate, and housing projects and investment are flourishing.

Turkey, with its natural resources and strategic location, is witnessing a real estate and urban renaissance, in addition to the great efforts made by the government in the last decade at the legislative and executive levels, as it has become an advanced country in the field of real estate, and residential and investment projects are flourishing every day more than before. , And this encouraged a large number of foreign and Arab investors of various nationalities to buy real estate in Turkey for various purposes of investment, housing and tourism, or even to obtain residency and then Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property on its territory.

Real estate prices in Turkey vary from one project to another and also vary between ready and under construction, which gives the buyer multiple options that suit all budgets. 

The most important factors affecting real estate prices:

First, the location of the property:

Where the privileged location is considered one of the most important factors that affect the price and value of the property, for example, the proximity of the property to the city center, hospitals, schools, universities, and means of transportation is directly proportional to the high price of the property, and it is obvious that the price per square meter in the city center differs from its price in the outskirts of the city and its limbs.


* The most important thing to consider when choosing a property location:

1/ The property should be close to touristic activities such as well-known shopping centers, parks, public gardens, beaches, old castles, museums, and entertainment venues.


2/ The property must be close to the airport and public transportation, such as the metro, express bus (Metro Bus), or the main streets and highways.

3/ The view of the property, is it overlooking the sea, the Bosphorus, a lake, a forest, or a view of the city.

4 / The property should be close to major development projects in the country, such as Istanbul Airport or the new Istanbul Canal, for example. 

5/ Proximity and distance from the city center or the center of the region, such as the Basaksehir area, the new center of Istanbul, where the prices of apartments are excellent. 

The most important question asked by those who want to buy a property in Turkey is: How far is the property from the main transportation points, the train station or the metro, and the infrastructure and environment of the property available on the site are among the important things that concern everyone when making a decision to buy a property in Turkey, either for the purpose of investment or housing in it or with the aim of renting it and benefiting from its returns.

Second: the type of property:

It is certain that determining the price of the property depends on its type, and since the desires of the buyers are diverse and different, the element of demand for a specific type of real estate plays a fundamental role in the increase or decrease in its value, if the property is a studio or apartment within a building or a separate house or villa, in addition to the number of rooms available In the property itself, and whenever the demand is great for a certain type of real estate, the price of this type rises more than others.

Among the factors that affect the average price of the property: the area of ​​the apartment, the view, the number of rooms, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms and toilets, the floor on which the apartment is located, the number of balconies, is the property ready to live in or under construction, the type and quality of the cladding , Is the property new or re-sold?

Third, the condition of the property:

The fact that the property is new or re-sold is a criterion that affects many positively or negatively on the price of the property, especially if the property needs some renovation and repair procedures, and sometimes many buyers decline to continue the purchase process when the property is heavily consumed and because the renovation process is very expensive, In this case, the value of the property becomes very low compared to its positive points, and this is due to the decrease in the number of buyers wishing to buy a property with such specifications, however, it is sometimes possible to make profitable deals with this type of real estate, because it is possible to raise the price The property again after the restoration and renovation process.


In some cases, the humidity level is high in the property, and this is due to the location of the property in a direction where the sun’s rays do not reach it, or because there is no good ventilation, or because it is located on a ground floor in a location surrounded by tall buildings, and this also affects the price of the property, because these factors are defects that appear Clearly when examining the property, through the stains on the ceiling and walls, the smell of mold, or by seeing peeling wall paint, etc., which indicates that moisture has settled in this property.

In addition, the age of the property or apartment is an important factor in determining the price, and this is especially related to the general structure of the property, its insulation, the condition of the roof, the electrical system, the heating system, and so on.

Fourth_ real estate area:

Some real estate experts promise that the price of a square meter decreases as the area of ​​the property increases. Usually, the price of a square meter in a studio-type property is higher than the price in a property of a four-room apartment type in the same building, which in turn will be higher in price than the price of a square meter. In a five bedroom apartment...

Therefore, it is very important for the investor, when searching for an apartment in Turkey, to know the area of ​​​​the property to be purchased completely and in total, and it is also important to know the highest and lowest price per square meter of the property, and it is important to know which rooms are included in the total area of ​​​​the property, in order to compare with neighboring areas, This is because some of the areas included in the real estate area cannot be lived in, such as corridors, elevators, and balconies, which are included in the calculation of square meters.

The area of ​​each room in the property separately is also an important point that must be taken into consideration.


Fifth, the view of the property:

The price of the property varies according to its view, so its price when it overlooks a beautiful view differs from its price when it overlooks barren land, where the view is considered one of the most important conditions for buying an apartment in Turkey, and the buyer can simply go to the municipality and request to see the urban plan for that area, based on his desire By purchasing a property in that area, they will certainly not hesitate to help him, provide him with real estate advice, and provide him with the necessary information.


Sixth: the quality of finishes and cladding of the property:

Good finishes, high-quality finishes, and luxurious and varied decorations play an important role in raising the price of the property, especially if the building contains luxurious types of building materials, such as ceiling decoration and marble, in addition to other modern fixtures.


In the real estate appraisal process, what are the most important factors affecting the price of the property:

Market movement, demand and supply certainly affect real estate prices, as well as the condition of the real estate, the services included in the project, as well as its defects that sometimes lead to a decrease in its price, and there are other factors that play a major role in influencing the value of the real estate, and its price such as its view of the landscape Attractive and ancient historical monuments.

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