Istanbul, the city of the real estate revolution, has what you want from real estate in response to all needs

Istanbul real estate 2020 _ 2021

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Istanbul, the city of the real estate revolution, has what you want from real estate in response to all needs

Have you ever visited Istanbul or heard about it? How not when it is the most famous Turkish capital from Nar Alam?

Istanbul is a very distinguished city with its strategic location and its extension on two continents (Asia and Europe), as it is a transportation and global trade node.

Not to mention the tourism, the beautiful scenery and the sea views, all of the above made Istanbul throughout history a wide global reputation and the focus of attention from all sides.

As with all Turkish real estate, and even more, and due to all the special elements that we have mentioned briefly, Istanbul, the Turkish capital, has a wide range of real estate properties, ranging from apartments, lands, villas, residential buildings, and ....


What are the available properties in Istanbul 2020 _ 2021??

Istanbul, the city of the real estate revolution, has what it wants from real estate in response to all commercial, residential, industrial and tourism activities in the region.

There are huge apartments and residential complexes , designed primarily for housing , as these apartments in the heart of Istanbul enjoy stunning sea views , and are close to transportation .

Also, there are tourist homes, villas, and hotels, and here are the highly rated services.


Istanbul real estate sales 2020 _ 2021

Istanbul real estate is your perfect choice for residence or real estate investment, and Turkish real estate, and Istanbul exclusively, has proven its importance throughout the ages and in the course of various economic fluctuations. The value of Istanbul real estate has never decreased, but real estate sales have maintained a steady upward pace.

And in the year 2020-2021, when the Corona epidemic spread around the world, the real estate movement in Istanbul did not stop, despite the alertness and preoccupation of the entire world to deal with the epidemic, but rather maintained its vitality and activity.


Istanbul real estate prices 2020_2021

Istanbul real estate prices vary from one place to another in the region, and from one region to another, and in general, real estate prices are competitive and acceptable when compared to European  real estate prices .

The price is determined according to several factors, so the subject of the price is an indeterminate subject, and you need to determine it to a reliable real estate expert in the same area.


Why buy a property in Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the Turkish states densely populated with diverse peoples, in which cultures dissolve, the population mixes, and lifestyles and lifestyles diversify, and it is also in itself considered a microcosm of the great real estate diversity, this overcrowding made real estate in this region a necessity and a need.

Thus, this fact guarantees you an excellent and continuous investment movement for your real estate that you will buy in the region.

Istanbul is also a destination for merchants and residents to reside and settle, it is the center of life and activity.

It seems that Istanbul real estate in 2020_2021 continues to spread, as in previous years, despite the spread of the global epidemic, the real estate movement has maintained its increasing activity.

Istanbul today is a destination for the world, and real estate is your good son in Istanbul and in all places.

And you have to crown the year 2020, distinguished by its number, by purchasing a distinguished Istanbul property as well, or perhaps two properties, in the hope that you will achieve double profits of up to twenty times from your real estate investments in the region.



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Istanbul real estate 2020 _ 2021


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