The Turkish real estate market is a market full of vitality and constant movement, despite the.

How do I get the real price of a property in Turkey?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Turkish real estate market is a market full of vitality and constant movement, despite the.

What do you know about the importance of Turkish real estate?

The Turkish real estate market is a market full of vitality and permanent movement, despite the global and local economic crises, the Turkish real estate market continued to compete globally, and today Turkish real estate is comparable to European real estate, as it is unique real estate and has many characteristics that distinguish it from its counterparts in other countries, all of these The factors, and we add to them the Turkish real estate laws and the smoothness in them, made Turkish real estate a must for every Turkish or foreigner for housing and investment.

What do you know about real estate prices in Turkey?

Like all other economic fields, prices vary from day to day, so we cannot set a fixed price per square meter for agricultural or residential housing, or the price per square meter for Turkish apartments , because this price is determined according to many factors and variables related to the global and local economy and specific properties of the property.

Brief description of Turkish real estate prices

In short , if we want to talk about real estate prices in Turkey in general , regardless of factors and particularities , we can say that real estate prices are reasonable , acceptable and competitive , when compared to real estate prices in other countries .

How do you know the real price of a specific Turkish property?

To determine the real price of a house , apartment, or any real estate, you must be aware of several matters, and conduct specialized studies on these matters that will determine the real price of your real estate for you.

Do not listen to the words of the street!

Very important advice, we should note it. If you are going to buy a property in Turkey , and you would like to know the real price of it, then you should go to a real estate expert and specialized and reliable real estate companies to get accurate information and advice. Street talk is never accurate. As the person you ask about the real price of a particular drug will answer you based on his experience, which may be positive or negative, and not based on the existing abstract data.

Now learn about the factors that determine the real price of the property

There are many factors influencing the issue of determining the real price . These factors may be visible, or they may not be.

 We start with the site, the real estate located in the center of Istanbul, for example, its real price is not equal to the real price of a similar real estate with all specifications, but it is located in the suburbs, so the real price of the real estate increases the closer it is to the city centers.

What about the look...?

 Certainly, the apartment that overlooks the Bosphorus, the Sea of ​​Marmara, or Tangier Lake, its real price will be higher compared to the real price of an apartment overlooking a public street or a public park.

Also, the height of the building gives the property a wider view, and thus the price of the property increases with the increase in height and number of floors.

We mention one of the influencing factors related to the location, as the presence of an apartment, for example, in a huge residential complex equipped with the latest equipment and services, its price will definitely differ from that of an apartment located in an ordinary and unequipped building.

Now , without a doubt , the larger the area of ​​the property , the higher the price of the property .

The property may be vacant, that is, just a building, or it may be furnished, and accordingly, the type and quality of the furnishings have a role in raising the real price.

The interior and exterior design of the property, i.e. the decoration, its luxury and class, are all factors that contribute to raising the real price as its quality increases.

We come to explain some relatively invisible factors and their importance in determining the real price of the property ....

The most important of which are construction methods and quality, and the quality of used building materials. Inevitably, all Turkish properties offered in the real estate market are subject to standard and unified specifications, but the differences lie in the quality of building materials, modern methods used, and additions that determine and make differences in the real prices of Turkish real estate.


Thus, we have reviewed the factors that determine the real price of the property in Turkey , which is a somewhat difficult and long process, which requires deep experience in this field, so it is necessary to seek the services and expertise of real estate companies in Turkey that will be able to determine the real price of any property in Turkey due to The breadth of knowledge of its experts, and their multiple and long experiences with trading different real estate.


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