Great positives were caused by the new Istanbul airport on the real estate market in Turkey, get to know them ?.

The impact of Istanbul Airport on the real estate market in Turkey 2022

Date:Monday, August 29, 2022

Great positives were caused by the new Istanbul airport on the real estate market in Turkey, get to know them ?.

Istanbul Airport is one of the most important developed projects that are taking place in Turkey, which places a great responsibility on the state in the field of developing the infrastructure surrounding this airport, which has a major role in developing the real estate market in Turkey , especially in the cities and areas adjacent to the airport and has had a great impact in attracting large numbers of people. Among the real estate investors who demand the purchase and sale of real estate within the great advantages offered by the real estate market in the region, especially at the end of last year and the beginning of this year 2022.

The relationship between Istanbul Airport and the real estate market in Turkey:

The great importance of Istanbul Airport comes from the specifications and features that it enjoys, which make it the most important facilities and projects that have been carried out in Turkey. Istanbul Airport also has an impact on the real estate market in the region that comes from several aspects and contributes to the development of this market and making it one of the first real estate markets rich in all kinds. Real estate, which has the cheapest and best prices compared to the real estate markets in neighboring countries, so the relationship between Istanbul Airport and the real estate market will be influencing and influencing, so that through Istanbul Airport the real estate investors who come to buy real estate in Turkey in several cities and regions will be affected. We will mention several aspects of real estate in Turkey affected by this huge project, namely:

On the economic side:

With regard to the economic aspect in Turkey, Istanbul Airport has a strong influence on the real estate market in Turkey, so that the presence of a huge and very large airport in Istanbul has made the economic levers in a permanent state of work and also made the country in a state of economic development because this huge airport with great advantages in Istanbul makes it This city is a focus of attention for the owners of establishments, businesses and capital, and even attracts them to Turkey in order to buy real estate in it, and thus the movement in the real estate market in the region becomes very strong and large sums are paid for it because real estate in Turkey is cheaper than other real estate in other countries, so Istanbul Airport It is the economic front of the real estate market, as it supports the economic foundations through several factors affecting it, including:
Providing job opportunities for a large number of Turkish citizens, and this in turn affects the real estate market, as these employees will need to buy real estate in areas adjacent to the airport, which will allow them to do so is the high wages that the airport provides to its employees, so that the employee can simply buy a property with the passage of Time has affected the real estate market positively and made it a point of interest for many real estate investors who are looking for an area where job opportunities and high wages enjoyed by employees are sufficient to live a luxurious life in Turkey.
Istanbul Airport allows capital owners to come to Turkey in order to open industrial facilities in it or to practice real estate investment, which has become one of the best types of investments through huge financial returns and guaranteed results, especially after the great advantages that it enjoyed through Istanbul Airport, and this in turn made the market Real estate in the region is a center of attraction for investors from all over the world, as it has made it rich in all kinds of small and large real estate near and far, and thus the impact of Istanbul Airport on the real estate market is embodied through these economic factors.


On the tourist side:

What is meant by the tourism aspect in Turkey is the most important aspect, which is considered the world’s gateway to Turkey, which has been called God’s paradise on earth, and which receives every year huge numbers of tourists who come to it from all parts of the earth. For all tourists of the world to travel through it to reach the landmarks and cities of Turkey and to practice all activities and events in it, and Istanbul Airport was the best way to reach the best tourist countries in the world, Turkey through it, as it enjoys many facilities in the field of tourism, and travel through it became easier and better because of the presence of many services inside The airport, such as the hotel, trade centers, and a mall within the building of this airport, and the tourist attractions that Istanbul Airport is easily accessible to:

Urban landmarks:

What is meant by urban landmarks in Turkey are the tourist attractions that are represented by the ancient urban construction that took place in the ancient civilizations and times that lived on the land of Turkey. These landmarks are spread in all cities and regions of Turkey. The most famous areas in which these landmarks are located are the Sultan district in Istanbul, which contains palaces and castles It is an ancient city belonging to several civilizations of great importance and has a strong role and influence in the world of tourism in the region, as it is visited by about half of the tourists who come to Turkey.

Geographical features:

The geographical features are the features that are represented by the terrain and the picturesque nature in Turkey, and since Turkey is God’s paradise on earth, we immediately know that it is one of the most important tourist areas in the world, as it contains several rivers and lakes such as the famous Sea of ​​Marmara and contains green forests, public and private gardens and parks, as it contains natural valleys It is visited by thousands of tourists and real estate investors come to it from every side to buy real estate in it and enjoy its important tourist advantages. Therefore, we find that the tourism side has a strong impact on the real estate market in Turkey through their need for real estate to live in until the end of the tourism period in Turkey.

On the business side:

The commercial side is closely related to the economic side, so that Istanbul Airport is an important commercial gateway for Turkey to the world, as it enhances the arrival of merchants and capital owners to Turkey in order to carry out their business and commercial activities, which contribute greatly to supporting the real estate market in the region and also contribute to attracting real estate investors from All over and support them in the field of their work other than the investment business and help them in opening establishments and stores to practice their own business and activities, which in turn made real estate prices in Turkey increasing and increasing and making the number of investors in the region constantly increasing.

On the infrastructure side:

In this aspect, we are witnessing a great awakening by the Turkish government in the process of developing the infrastructure surrounding Istanbul Airport, which made Istanbul one of the most important cities in Turkey, and this affected Turkey in general, and especially on the real estate market in it, so the process of arriving from Istanbul Airport to other cities and its neighboring regions became Even the areas far from it are easy and simple through the frequent paving of roads carried out by the Turkish government periodically and the deployment of public facilities along the public road as well as the deployment of service centers in the Istanbul region and in other regions. Therefore, the real estate market is flourishing due to these special features in Turkey, especially since Real estate investors are always looking for real estate in an area with a strong and constantly developing infrastructure, which in turn has attracted large numbers of real estate investors from all over the world to Turkey and made the process of buying real estateIn this region, the most operations occurred, especially during this past year.



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