Real estate investment in Turkey enjoys leadership over other investments, as it varies in scope.

Steps for real estate investment ...

Date:Monday, May 23, 2022

Real estate investment in Turkey enjoys leadership over other investments, as it varies in scope.

Steps for real estate investment in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey enjoys leadership over other investments, as the areas of successful investment and its tools vary, and its elements consist of different components, such as investment in the stock market, investment in the industrial or agricultural field, commercial investment, or real estate. Investments are differentiated according to their locations, and the success factors that support them. Each location has its advantages, and each investment has the ingredients for its success.

The field of real estate investment in Turkey or other countries is a similar type to other investment fields that require deliberate steps and a careful economic feasibility study, through which points are put on letters, knowledge of the roadmap for investors, and moving forward towards a successful investment project.

What are the steps for real estate investment in Turkey?

1. Studying the reality of the Turkish real estate market

This is done through the following:

- Knowing the legal basics for investing, buying and selling real estate in Turkey

- Seeing the performance of the Turkish real estate market during different periods

- Monitoring the factors affecting the Turkish real estate market

- Identifying future infrastructure projects that directly affect the real estate market

2. Defining a real estate investment strategy

After a step in studying the reality of the Turkish real estate market, the investors must begin to develop the investment strategy by defining the allocated budget and the time period in which the investor wants to start making profits.

3.Choose the most suitable real estate advisor

The investor must return to a real estate advisor before buying the property, first because he is a researcher in this field who can provide you with the property that suits your circumstances, secondly, the real estate advisor has extensive knowledge that extends to all areas and has previously studied it on all social, economic and cultural levels, in addition to He will provide you with legal support and will present the defects of the property before its advantages to you and explain things to you well before you choose, as you are his client who will never defraud you, so your interest for him is first.

4. Determine the best city in Turkey for real estate investment

For example, when an investor wants to invest in residential real estate, it is preferable to buy in Istanbul, bearing in mind that real estate in Istanbul is more expensive than other Turkish states, but it is more high in rental returns, and easier to sell with a high profit margin when reselling. .

5. Determine the most appropriate area within the city

For example, after the investor chooses the city of Istanbul, for example, then he can select the area such as Basaksehir

6. Determining the time and stage of buying the property

As the properties in the pre-construction stage are at lower prices than the properties that are in the construction stage, and the prices of properties in the under construction stage are lower than the prices of ready-made properties.

7. Take the final decision and start the implementation phase

By taking the decision to buy the right property and start implementing your investment plan successfully in Turkey.

Reasons for the success of real estate investment in Turkey:

“What are the reasons that make me encourage real estate investment in Turkey” is one of the most frequently asked questions, and we will answer this question in the coming lines and highlight the most important reasons for investing in Turkey, which are:

- The beautiful nature of Turkey, which is represented by the presence of museums, temples, monuments, mountain peaks, commercial markets, the blue waters of the Bosphorus, and the mild climate in summer and winter in Turkey.

- The social and political stability enjoyed by Turkey in the Middle East.

- Turkey's economy has a great and distinguished future. Expectations indicate that the Turkish economy will be the fastest growing economy in the coming period, as it annually attracts more than 15 billion US dollars in foreign investment in Turkey.

- Turkey has an Islamic character that spreads in many of its cities, and Turkish people have high, tolerant morals that make them treat foreigners and Arabs well.

- Laws guaranteeing and facilitating the rights of foreigners, which allow them to own property in Turkey and residency for life, which are renewed annually once they own a property there.


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