The real estate sector in Turkey achieves huge profits and returns, which encouraged the attention of foreign investors.

What is the role of ...

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The real estate sector in Turkey achieves huge profits and returns, which encouraged the attention of foreign investors.

What is the role of real estate companies?

The real estate sector in Turkey achieves huge profits and returns, which encouraged the attention of foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey because of the facilities and incentives provided by the Turkish government to investors and real estate owners in Turkey.
Turkey is currently embarking on an economic boom that will make the eyes of the whole world turn to it as a result of the comprehensive development plan that the Turkish government has already started working on and implementing some of it, and it is scheduled to be completed by 2023.
And when you enter the Turkish lands with the intention of investing or buying a property, you have to go directly to one of the reliable real estate companies, it is your only place through which you will set out to realize your promising projects on Turkish lands.
But what is the role of the investment soldier who is called (real estate companies)? And did these companies play primary or secondary roles?

Let's find out about these things in the next article.

First, what is the role of real estate companies?!

The role of real estate companies is evident in every step of the real estate investment journey in Turkey, and we mention from the tasks of real estate companies:

- Completing and translating various documents at any stage of investment, sale or purchase of real estate, transfer of ownership, etc...
- Find the right property for you and your budget, according to the data you enter.
- Securing the smooth running of the property purchase process, with all consequential transactions.
- Supervising the various modifications to designs and others, and putting technical touches on the property.
- Marketing the property you want to invest, and finding a number of suitable clients.
- Supervising the investment process, according to the latest management and organization methods used.

Real estate companies have played a prominent role within the scope of the successful and smooth course of real estate investments, away from obstacles, assisted in this by a staff consisting of specialists in the fields of engineering, rights and diverse experiences, in addition to the long-established local and international relations network! .
If you are looking for a comfortable and successful investment, here is the real estate company that will be the best broker, and as a business manager accompanying you on your investment journey! .

Why invest and own in Turkey?

Every investment has advantages that attract investors towards it and make capital flow into it, and there is no doubt that income-generating properties have long been known for their importance as assets that are characterized by many attractive factors, the most important of which are high returns, and the possibility of obtaining financing, but in return for the advantages there are negatives that must be noted, known and treated As future risks that may occur, we can summarize the advantages of real estate investment in several points, the most important of which are:

- Obtaining a fixed, continuous and guaranteed monthly financial return.

- An increase in the value of the capital or an increase in the value of the property in the long term, that is, the value of the property after several years will increase and therefore your capital will increase.

- This type of long-term investment is known as additional savings for retirement and a guarantee for the family.

- The increasing and continuous demand on the rental market, whether the property is new or old, which guarantees a stable additional income.

- Obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property worth 250 thousand US dollars, and perhaps this advantage is the best, especially after the Turkish government allowed each investor to buy a property with the mentioned value and the possibility of applying and obtaining Turkish citizenship with his family, by purchasing any type of real estate Whether it is an apartment, an office, a villa or a shop.

FCC Real Estate Company provides its clients with pre-sales and after-sales services that ensure the customer comfort and safety during his trip to buy the right property, so we accompany him from the airport until after receiving the property!
All you have to do is contact the FCC team to obtain real estate advice, so that you can start your first step towards the world of real estate investment in Turkey.


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