There are many differences between the types of residency in Turkey and the ways to obtain each of them. Get to know the most important .

Types of residence in Turkey 2022

Date:Tuesday, August 23, 2022

There are many differences between the types of residency in Turkey and the ways to obtain each of them. Get to know the most important .

Many foreigners and those interested in living, residing, and settling in a safe and upscale place are looking for types of residency in Turkey to be the legal means by which they reside without being subjected to any violation or fine.
In this article, the editorial team at FCC Real Estate Company will provide you with a detailed report on this subject, through which we will answer all your inquiries. We wish you an enjoyable reading.


See the types of residence in Turkey:

Through the following paragraphs, you can learn about the different types of residence permits in Turkey, their details, advantages, and the mechanism for obtaining them.

First: Real Estate Iqama:

In a brief definition about this residence permit, it is one of the most important residence permits in Turkey at all, for two main reasons. The first is that it is very easy to obtain and also easy to renew as long as the foreigner owns the property.

Conditions for obtaining real estate residence:

The price of the property must be at least $75,000.
The property must be residential.
The property should not be within security or military areas.
The buyer should not hold one of the nationalities that are prohibited from buying real estate in Turkey .
(Note: If any of the previous conditions are violated, the property will not be suitable for applying for real estate residence, so the procedures must be implemented with caution and with the help of a real estate expert and specialist).
You may wonder about the reasons that drive a foreigner to obtain this residence permit in particular, and not other types of residence permits? There are simply many privileges that will be obtained, the most important of which is: benefiting from many services and rights that the Turkish citizen enjoys, not to mention that it is the first step towards obtaining Turkish citizenship.Also, all family members can obtain it (children under the legal age and one wife in case the property owner is married to more than one woman).
One of the important information that you should know about this residence is that the real estate appraisal document must be extracted for the purchased property, and the reason for that is to set and confirm that the required property price has been adhered to.
As for the period specified for the expiry of this residence, it ranges from one to two years, and therefore it is a short-term residence, but this is not considered a negative matter in light of the ease of renewal.


Second: Tourist residence:

It is one of the most important types of residency in Turkey at all, and many foreigners choose to obtain it, as this is easy, and thus allows the holder to stay and settle in Turkey during the period that it provides, and it can be renewed as well.
Did you know that there is an intersection between tourist and real estate residency, but the latter is considered stronger, especially in terms of the privileges it grants to its holder, and as for those who wish to renew this residency, they must submit an application for that before the lapse of 60 days from the expiry of the first.

Among the advantages of obtaining a tourist residence permit:

Businessmen and investors benefit from completing their work quickly and completing official transactions easily.
It is possible by applying for a work permit.
Whoever holds it can travel outside Turkey and return to it again without having to obtain a transit visa.
There will be a possibility to open an account in a bank in Turkey.
Water, electricity, internet and other meters can be opened.
A driver's license can be obtained.
It is possible to establish a business or open a commercial company or other types of business.


Third: Student Residence:

Due to the high demand of students from different countries of the world for study and education in Turkish public and private universities, the Turkish government provided them with student residence permits that authorize their presence in them in a legal manner and according to the period required by their studies, meaning that the duration of this residence begins with the beginning of their stage of study and ends with its completion.
The Turkish state had many goals in granting this residency to international students in order to attract bright minds that advance the Turkish reality and make it a competitor to the most important Western and Arab societies.
One of the advantages that this residency grants to the student who is pregnant with it is the ability to travel to and from Turkey easily and without the need to obtain a visa, as well as he will be able to open a bank account in a Turkish bank.
There is an important information that must be noted, which is that after the student completes his studies, the student residence permit will be withdrawn from him after 10 days, and at that time, if he wants to stay in Turkey, he must obtain another residence permit suitable for his current situation.
Among the most important papers required to obtain this residency are the student’s acceptance document, a copy of the passport, some four personal photos, health insurance, and a tax number that is extracted from one of the tax departments in Turkey.


Fourth: Work Establishment:

It is one of the most important and best types of residency in Turkey at all, and it is one of the short-term residencies that can be constantly renewed. As for its advantages, after five continuous years of obtaining it, it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship, and you must know that it must be committed during those years not to leave the country for more than 6 months in some cases.
There are specific conditions that must be adhered to in order to obtain work residency in Turkey, namely:
Obtaining tourist residency.
Hiring 5 Turks for every single foreign employee.
The company's capital must be at least one hundred thousand Turkish liras.
The company must pay all taxes and fees incurred.
Commitment to all required papers and documents.


Fifth: Humanitarian Residence:

As for this residency, it is obtained by someone coming from another country that suffers from political problems, wars and security disturbances. Recently, the requests submitted to the concerned authorities have increased in order to obtain it. As for the period during which it is valid, it is like any other year and is subject to renewal.
There are some important details about this residency that must be mentioned and noted, namely: the one who holds it must abide by all the rules and laws stipulated by Turkish law, and he must also not have a judicial record or be involved in a crime, and whoever holds this residency will not be able to return to his country during the period in which it is valid, and he will not be able to extract any other types of residency.


Sixth: Family Residency:

When a foreigner obtains a real estate residence permit or a work permit, his family, i.e. his wife and children, obtain a family residence permit that provides them with many privileges and rights that citizens of the Turkish state usually obtain, such as enrollment in public and private schools without any restrictions and the possibility of receiving treatment within the most important health centers and one of the most important advantages What the family residence holder gets is the ability to travel to and from Turkey without restrictions.
(Note: every person who holds this residency must extract the tax number, which is considered a personal identification).


Seventh: Permanent Residence:

As for this residence, it is long-term, and there is no time period limiting it. Whoever obtains it will be forever, but there are a set of conditions that must be adhered to in order to obtain it, which are as follows:
You must reside in Turkey for at least eight years continuously, during which it will not be completed. Leaving for more than 6 months in certain cases, such as performing military service, receiving treatment, or completing the educational stage.
He must not have received any aid from social organizations in the last three years.
It shall not pose any danger or harm to the public security of the country.
The foreigner must have a stable source of income sufficient for himself and his family.
A valid health insurance is required.


Eighth: Scientific Research Establishment:

It is one of the types of residency in Turkey and is granted to people who came to Turkey in order to conduct scientific research. This type of residency is valid for a year and there is an opportunity to renew it again for a second year. The goal that made Turkey grant this residency is the desire to develop the country with external expertise and efforts. In addition to its advantages, minds and experiences.


Ninth: Establishment of temporary protection:

The holder of this residency will be able to obtain many services provided to the Turkish community, such as the right to health care and other privileges.


Is residency denied after it has been granted?

Residency may be refused or withdrawn after granting it in certain cases:
If it is discovered that there is a lack of required papers.
It was obtained in devious ways and methods.
If it poses any threat to national security.
If you enter Turkey illegally.
In the event that the visa period expires before applying for the residence permit.


What are the reasons that drive foreigners to obtain a residence permit in Turkey?

There are a number of reasons and motives that encourage foreigners to obtain one of the types of residency in Turkey, and through the following points you can view them in full:
1 – Real estate can be purchased within easy procedures, as the Turkish government has not hesitated to provide all services and facilities of interest to the buyer, such as tax cuts and exemptions from some types of taxes.
2- Turkey is considered an ideal place for housing, residence and permanent stability in light of all the difficulties experienced by many Arab countries and surrounding countries.
3 - Turkey is one of the most powerful countries in the world at the economic level and it is expected that by the year 2030 AD it will be ranked fifth in the world, surpassing and ahead of many important and major countries in the world as a result of several things, including the young demographics that the Turkish society enjoys under the pyramid The great suffering of the European community and the result of the strategic plans developed by the Turkish government.
4- Turkey is considered one of the most stable countries on the political level and is distinguished by its good relations with the most important European and Arab countries in the world, as this supports its position globally.
5 - Real estate prices in Turkey are considered low compared to other countries in the world, and this is what made it an important destination for owning real estate, and the cost of living in it is cheap and very suitable.
6- It is possible to enroll in universities, schools, and governmental and private educational institutions for free, and to obtain a sophisticated and advanced education.
7 - It is possible to benefit from high-end and advanced medical services within the most important hospitals and at the hands of the most important doctors and specialists.
8 - Turkey has a sophisticated, modern and advanced infrastructure that competes with the most important countries in the world at all, and this has given it a lot of importance and greatly increased the value of real estate investment in it.
9 - Did you know that Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world in terms of tourism and has many historical, tourist, archaeological and entertainment attractions that are worth visiting.
10 - Ease of integration with Turkish society and learning the Turkish language, especially for Arabs, as there are many common denominators between Arab and Turkish society.

These are the most important details that concern you about the types of residence in Turkey. If you have more inquiries, you can follow our website constantly because we monitor for you through it all the information that interests you and answer your various questions to be your adequate guide in Turkey.



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