Medical tourism has spread widely in Turkey in the recent period, and many countries have become

Medical tourism in Turkey exceeds ...

Date:Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Medical tourism has spread widely in Turkey in the recent period, and many countries have become

Medical tourism in Turkey exceeds one billion dollars

Medical tourism in Turkey has recently spread widely, and many governments, hospitals and companies are interested in this new concept.
Medical tourism in Turkey has reached advanced ranks globally in the health and treatment field, due to the great interest of the Turkish government in this sector, in which about 2 million Turkish employees work, and it has developed to the point of self-sufficiency, with the production of all health supplies, including devices, vaccines, medicines and precise medical supplies, It has emerged in plastic surgery, from hair transplantation to correcting the most complex congenital anomalies.

Medical tourism in Turkey exceeds the billion dollar limit

Medical tourism, which generated more than $1 billion in revenue last year through advanced treatment methods, is reaching $10 billion with the strength it receives from the cosmetic industry.

Locally produced cosmetics, as a result of research, development and innovation, contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to medical tourism each year.

In this context, Turkey is working to increase its share in global medical tourism through advanced treatment methods, medical applications and production strength in cosmetics.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, Turkey achieved revenues of more than one billion dollars through the treatment services it provided to about 650,000 foreign patients last year.

Demands for hair transplantation are increasing in medical tourism, which targets 1.5 million patients and generates $10 billion in income in 2023.

Fatih Bayram Karabulut, founding member and CEO of The Mossi London trading company, pointed out that in addition to advanced treatment applications, dermatological cosmetics of local production, which derive their strength from research, development and innovation, are of great importance in the treatment process after hair transplantation. .

He emphasized accelerating the momentum of its success through increased investments in research and development and facilities as it leads to the growth of medical tourism.

Cosmetic products of domestic production contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to health tourism every year.

He said: "The products have an important role in the success of the procedures, noting that choosing the right product at this stage of treatment is of great importance.

He added, "Products developed using advanced technologies ensure transplanted hair grows at a much higher rate and is healthier, while strengthening weak, untreated hair."

Turkey has become one of the most preferred countries in hair transplantation treatment with its specialized doctors, geographical location and price advantage, as well as locally produced dermatological cosmetic products. While patient satisfaction is increasing thanks to the quality of locally produced dermatological and cosmetic products, the number of referral patients is steadily growing.

Karbulut explained that the use of cosmetics that are necessary after the operation by some health centers is a must to obtain a guaranteed result.

He stated that in the process, it is essential to use products that have been developed using advanced research and development, healthy production and high technologies, do not contain heavy chemicals, are salt free, are paraben free and contain very special ingredients.

He stressed that the use of imitation under the stairs and poor quality products that are not produced under sanitary conditions can cause irreparable harm, especially the brands that produce counterfeit products and under their store pose a serious risk, noting that some centers may prefer these products because they are cheaper.

Increase brand awareness in the world

He pointed out that The Mossi London, is the first brand in the world that develops care and treatment products after transplantation, and said, "Within the scope of our activities for years, we have developed a new generation of dermatological cosmetics against hair loss and various skin problems as well as complementary and therapeutic supportive products after hair transplantation. We have made great strides towards becoming a global brand.Our brand, with its 100% Turkish shareholders, is produced in Turkey, and we have two R&D centers in Turkey, one in England and one in the United States.We have increased our awareness in the world to very good levels. With the high-quality products we have developed as a result of the successful work of these R&D centers.


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