With the rapid increase in the number of foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey, the need for.

All you need to know about the real estate agent profession in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

With the rapid increase in the number of foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey, the need for.

With the rapid increase in the number of foreign investors to buy  real estate in Turkey , the need for intermediaries to facilitate buying and selling, etc. has increased, and they have become essential elements that save effort and time and pave the way for the successful completion of the process with confidence.

First of all, how can we introduce the real estate agent and his profession?

He is the person who manages all transactions between the seller and the buyer in its various forms, such as the sale, purchase, rental, or investment management of real estate. The real estate agent participates in real estate marketing tasks and prepares all legal documents for these operations.

What skills should a real estate agent in Turkey possess?

Experience in real estate marketing .

- Fluency in the Turkish language

- To have strong relationships and connections with construction and real estate investment companies .

- To have the ability to analyze the real estate market to determine the best time to buy the property and the best time to sell it .

- To have the skill of persuasion .

- Possess negotiation skills.

- Quick response to clients.

He possesses great experience in the legal transactions required to complete the purchase, sale and lease operations.

- To be aware of the latest real estate news, projects, offers, and the latest real estate ownership laws and procedures in Turkey .

- It is better for the person to be granted the power of attorney to be known, and it is more appropriate to grant the power of attorney to a lawyer or real estate consultant who is specialized and well-known in this field.

What are the types of real estate agencies in Turkey ?

 There are two types of real estate agencies in Turkey:

Individual real estate agents.

Real estate companies.

What are the most important functions of the real estate agent during the buying, selling and renting of real estate in Turkey?

- To assist in choosing the appropriate property in the appropriate place according to the goal and the allocated budget, in addition to conducting a real estate tour.

- Obtaining the best prices from construction companies and providing the most appropriate payment methods , as it conducts the negotiation process on behalf of the buyer to obtain the lowest possible price for the property .

- Providing legal and real estate advice to the client.

- Checking the property purchase contract .

- Upon payment, the real estate agent will be the trusted third party that preserves the rights of both parties.

- Meeting with the responsible legal authorities regarding legal amendments and solving all problems related to real estate, if any.

- Translation of the will that was written in the country of the foreign buyer and its attestation by the notary public in Turkey, to ensure that there are no legal problems related to the inheritance and its restriction to the property that was purchased.

In conclusion, how is an official power of attorney obtained with the intention of buying real estate in Turkey?

The power of attorney is a legal document that allows the agent to act on behalf of the power of attorney under the certificate of a notary so that the agent has the legal authority to sign on behalf of the power of attorney in decisions related to the real estate of the power of attorney, and to grant power of attorney to anyone over the age of 18 years in Turkey.

This transaction requires the presence of the original passport with its translation into Turkish, as well as the tax number and the submission of two personal photos.

The notary public prepares the power of attorney and the notary-approved translator translates the information written on the power of attorney.

An official power of attorney can be obtained in Turkey if the power of attorney is abroad and he is one of the countries that signed the ratification agreement with Turkey , according to the following:

First , make an appointment, go to the Turkish consulate, and obtain a power of attorney.

Then send it to the real estate agent in Turkey.

You can go to the notary office in the foreign country to obtain a power of attorney. Then the power of attorney is taken to the competent authority (region governorate, municipality) for approval. After that, send it to Turkey.

The documents are then transferred to the notary office in Turkey for translation and notarization.


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