The Basin Express Highway of Bagcilar district is one of the most vital areas in the city

Reasons to invest in Basin ...

Date:Saturday, November 6, 2021

The Basin Express Highway of Bagcilar district is one of the most vital areas in the city

Reasons to invest in Basin Express

The Basin Express highway of Bagcilar is considered one of the most vital areas on the European side of Istanbul, as it extends along the road the finest residential and investment projects and business centers, and the Istanbul municipality classifies the Basin Express area within the prestigious service area and the central business district in the plan city ​​strategy.
Therefore, the Basin Express road is the area of ​​profitable investments, especially since the development of roads in this area in recent years has increased its strategic importance.
As the strategic location of the Basin Express road, which is a new meeting point in the business world, has led to a high demand for new offices for companies and the ownership of apartments in this area.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul in the Basin Express area:

- Basin Express is one of the most attractive locations for buying a property in Istanbul with the aim of investment.

- The Basin Express area witnessed a huge urban revolution, and great interest from the Turkish government, with a strong demand from foreign and local investors wishing to invest and buy apartments in Istanbul.

- The Basin Express Road is located in the middle of the European side of Istanbul, near Ataturk Airport, and the road connects a group of important areas in the city (Iketeli district in the north, Bahcelievler and Bagcilar, Yenibosna in the south).

- Basin Express has been classified among the most important service areas, and is the second commercial business center in the city and the first investment site in New Istanbul, as it is a meeting point in the world of business and commerce.

- One of the most prominent features of Basin Express is that it is the link between the E5, TEM highway, and the coastal road, as well as the North Marmara highway.

- The Turkish government has directed millions of dollars to rebuild the infrastructure in Basin Express. The area is served by a modern transportation network (metro lines, marine transportation lines). Which in turn makes it one of the easiest areas to reach in Istanbul.

- The Basin Express area has attracted the attention of many large and well-known companies and brands, as these companies have invested in the region, such as: Marriott Hotels Chain, Holiday Hotels Chain, Divan, Sheraton, Rotana.
There are many banks' headquarters and branches (Turkish Bank, Garanti Bank, Halk Bank, Waqf Bank).
Not to mention the major shopping malls that were built in Basin Express (the famous Mall of Istanbul, and the 212 Discount Mall)
We must talk about the universities scattered in the region, as Basin Express has become a center for science and knowledge. And there are the most prestigious universities in Istanbul (Aydın University, Altinbash, Marmara).

What are the reasons that make Basin Express an important location?

- Basin Express is an intersection point between the international road E5 and TEM and the coast road. It is also connected to the North Marmara highway, in addition to containing metro lines, railways and sea transport lines that make it one of the easiest areas to reach in Istanbul.

- Basin Express includes many huge projects, advanced residential complexes, five-star hotels, high-end offices and famous shopping centers such as the Mall of Istanbul, which is visited by tourists from all over the world.

- Basin Express is characterized by its location near the new airport, and it is connected to the road leading to the airport, in addition to containing many large lands that can be invested.

- The residential complexes in the Basin Express area are distinguished by their modern design that allows sunlight to enter the apartment for the longest possible period during the day, as these complexes do not contain apartments facing the north side, in addition to the wide choices of apartment spaces in the Basin Express area, which start from 0 + 1 up to 4+1.

- Basin Express is the new investment destination, and it is the new business center in Istanbul, and it is a promising area with profitable residential projects and commercial centers, as all Basin Express properties are government backed with a guaranteed guarantee of mostly 3 years

The most prominent real estate projects in the Basin Express:

Over the past three years, we have noticed customer interest in the Basin Express area, and we have completed hundreds of sales deals within our projects on the Basin Express Road. One of our most prominent projects there

Project FCC-106

The project is one of the most important and successful investment projects in Istanbul, knowing that it contains a residential block and a 5-star hotel, and for this reason, the opportunity to invest in it has increased

The project is close to an important university, which is Altınbash University and close to the Mall of Istanbul, and the region targets businessmen and traders, so the opportunity to invest in it is higher than others.

Suitable for people who prefer to live in hotel apartments because the internal finishing of the project is a high-quality hotel finish

Project FCC-274

A family project par excellence, with a land area of ​​8600 m2, consisting of 4 residential blocks and a commercial block. The gardens constitute 60% of the total area.

The total number of apartments is 289 apartments and 12 shops

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul for the purpose of investment or housing, start your investment with FCC Group for Investment and Real Estate Development and contact our advisory team to provide you with all information and details about our real estate projects on Basin Express Road, the trade and investment center in Istanbul.

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