There is a huge number of residential complexes spread in Istanbul, with a modern, advanced structure, comparable to the ?.

Residential complexes in Turkey

Date:Monday, October 25, 2021

 There is a huge number of residential complexes spread in Istanbul, with a modern, advanced structure, comparable to the ?.

Residential complexes in Turkey

There is a huge number of residential complexes in Turkey, with a modern advanced structure, comparable to the most advanced residential complexes, with their modern systems and many facilities, which create a social environment that makes living in it a pleasure in itself.
The residential complexes consist of several buildings (two buildings or more), and a range of service facilities are available, which vary in content from one complex to another, such as gardens, walking paths, football, basketball and tennis courts, safe children's playgrounds, gym, open and closed swimming pools, and rooms Massage and sauna, in addition to the car garage, and security services that include preventing the entry of strangers, surveillance cameras, and other protection measures.

What are the advantages of residing in a residential complex in Turkey?


Residential complexes in Turkey provide the advantage of protection and security, as they are surrounded by walls and are equipped with surveillance cameras and alarms to protect against the risk of theft or fire. In the residential complex, there is a security guard room located at the gate of the complex whose members verify the identity of people who enter the residential complex in order to preserve the integrity of the complex. And the security of all residents of the complex, and there are protection services from the intrusion of animals into the property. All of this makes living in a house in a residential complex safer than the rest of the houses, and gives its residents the opportunity to be reassured while they are at home or when they are out or even traveling for a long time.

Integrated Services:

The residential complexes in Turkey offer many facilities that make the experience of living in the complex enjoyable and comfortable, such as swimming pools, football and basketball courts, playgrounds for children, gardens and green spaces, and there are parking spaces in the complexes, as well as restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, mosques and sometimes schools, In addition to the presence of towers dedicated to offices and business centers in a number of residential complexes, this makes the person who lives in a house in the complex obtain the highest levels of services with ease and with the necessary sufficiency from the services of the complex without having to leave it every time.
These integrated and distinguished services make living in the complexes a real pleasure, which cannot be measured by residing in other real estate and apartments in ordinary buildings.


Residential complexes in Turkey provide a calm atmosphere for their residents, away from overcrowded neighborhoods and streets in crowded cities. especially The population of the number in the residential complex is limited and takes into account the distances between real estate through parks and others.

Beautiful designs:

Real estate construction companies in Turkey are very interested in the designs of apartments and buildings within the residential complex, at the level of the interior designs of the apartments and the designs of the structures of the buildings from the outside as well. Do not forget that all designs take into account giving the most beautiful views from windows, balconies, gardens and terraces on tourist sites or landscapes surrounding the complex, or on the green spaces surrounding the buildings within the residential complex itself.

Additional Services

Residential complexes offer advantages that reduce a lot of burdens on the residents of the property, with the presence of a management supervising the complex and the advantage of taking care of all operations of protection, luxury, repair and maintenance in return for paying returns to the company operating the complex, and this makes those who live in residential complexes in Turkey enjoy the services without distracting their minds Everything related to its maintenance, without making it difficult to act in the event of any problem or emergency with respect to the complex's real estate.

Types of real estate within residential complexes in Istanbul:

The residential complexes in Istanbul contain many different types of real estate. You can first find the apartments, which are much needed by people, and you can also find duplexes consisting of two floors connected to each other, and there are independent and secluded villas from the surroundings with within the residential complex and are It consists of more than one floor, in addition to the presence of penthouse apartments, which are very luxurious and the price is very high compared to other types.

Investing in residential complexes

The construction of residential complexes in Istanbul is accelerating; Due to the increasing demand for real estate acquisition in this sophisticated and distinctive style of these residential complexes, and because of its range of social facilities that make living in them easier and more convenient, especially for families.
Therefore, residential complexes constitute a good investment opportunity for those who want to own a property in Turkey, as the best residential property for investment is the property located within a residential complex in Istanbul, as it is more profitable, and the guarantee of selling it when needed is stronger, due to the increased desire to acquire this type of apartments with the time.
As for those whose goal was to invest in leasing; There is increasing demand for renting this type of apartments by tourists, as well as families from the city's residents, who are looking for a safe and comfortable place to stay, close to the city's tourist center at the same time.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul with the aim of housing or investing, we at FCC Group for Investment and Real Estate Development offer you the best projects in Istanbul and accompany you with all the procedures related to the purchase process, starting from the reception at the airport until you receive the title deed, and we are pleased to provide you with services After the sale, which includes renting the property, following up on financial and legal affairs, in addition to resale services.

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