Turkey is one of the countries closely followed by foreign and domestic investors in the.


Date:Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Turkey is one of the countries closely followed by foreign and domestic investors in the.

Turkey is one of the countries that foreign and local investors follow closely in recent years, and the urban transformation processes that began a few years ago, especially in major cities, have contributed to making the real estate sector in Turkey more active.

Urban transformation projects mean reorganizing cities, especially large ones, and within the scope of these studies, cities have acquired a safer and more dynamic architectural image.

Through studies of urban transformation, renewable cities have provided investors with new and profitable investment opportunities through real estate projects, transportation and new shopping centers.

Types of real estate investment:

* Residential real estate investment

* Commercial real estate investment

Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey

There are many advantages to investing in Turkey, and they are:

- The flexibility of the law, as Turkish legislation makes the foreign investor like the Turkish investor. The law granted the right to 183 countries to invest in real estate in Turkey and participate in urban activity, and the investor can obtain Turkish citizenship if he owns a house in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars.

Multiple options, the investment infrastructure, whether real estate or industrial, makes it easy to succeed in any project you undertake.

Population inflation

The religious character of the country encourages investors to come to Turkey and work there.

- The attractive location to connect it between the East and the West, and its popular tourism.

- Political stability encourages investors to work on it.

Best areas to invest in Turkey:

Basin Express:

It is a commercial street that is classified as the most important commercial street in Istanbul, and it is a very long street that connects Istanbul's two most important nerves, the E-5 line and the TEM line.

The Turkish government has taken care to establish its most important projects in the Basin Express area, due to its proximity to the old Ataturk Airport, and also to its access to the street leading to Istanbul's new airport. As it is located in the European center of Istanbul .. And the importance of centralization is always because it is close to all areas surrounding Istanbul as a whole.


Its strategic location made it one of the best real estate investment areas in Turkey, as it is the closest municipality to Istanbul's new airport, and the new Istanbul Canal passes through the municipality of Basaksehir. This municipality maintains a high investment value of not less than 17% before the canal opening and 25% after the canal opening.

Most of the governmental vital projects are directed towards the Basaksehir area, as it is considered one of the safe areas far from the line of earthquakes, and this is evident by the opening of the largest airport in the world adjacent to the north, specifically in the Arnavutkoy region on the Black Sea.


It is an extravagant and beautiful area in the city of Istanbul, punished by history, and bequeathed it from every era of its most beautiful, and clothed by every community in which a suit, from the beautiful distinctive architecture to the luxurious social customs, to the upper social classes and the international brands that chose it as a home and headquarters.


The Eyub region is distinguished as an important tourist area, and this importance is gained from the presence of one of the most important Islamic landmarks in it, which is the Sultan Eyub Mosque, which many Muslim tourists come to visit.

Eyub is famous for its luxurious restaurants, luxurious cafes and picturesque nature, gaining its importance as a distinct investment area from the metrobus line, which makes access to it easy.

Also, real estate prices are affected by the proximity of the property to the Metrobus line or Eyub Mosque.


Kucukcekmece is located at the western edge of European Istanbul and is characterized by its proximity to the Sea of ​​Marmara, which makes it a distinctive tourist area and an opportunity for a very successful real estate investment,

The region contains 4 large shopping centers, many stores and industrial centers.

What added to its importance as a distinct investment area is its proximity to the TEM and E5 highways, which ensures that the area connects with the rest of Istanbul easily and smoothly.

High-end real estate investment in Maslak:

Maslak is located within Sariyer, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul, characterized by the sophistication of its housing and surrounded by charming green spaces, and is considered a destination for wealthy entrepreneurs to live in.

One of the most important components of distinguished real estate investment in Maslak: It is very safe against earthquakes and its proximity to the modern communication network. Also, residential complexes in Maslak are distinguished by their ideal specifications.



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