Today, residential apartments in Turkey have become one of the most prestigious types of real estate around the world, as

The cheapest and most expensive ...

Date:Friday, April 8, 2022

Today, residential apartments in Turkey have become one of the most prestigious types of real estate around the world, as

The cheapest and most expensive areas of Istanbul

Today, the residential apartments in Turkey has become one of the finest types of real estate around the world, providing you with accommodation or investment by reselling or renting it.

Several factors come together to determine the price of an apartment in Turkey as high or low, but in general we say that the prices of Turkish apartments in the global market are appropriate and not very expensive.

Learn with us in this article the cheapest and most expensive areas of Istanbul

Esenyurt, the first district among the cheapest districts of Istanbul:

With the increase of transportation projects in Istanbul and metro and railway lines coming to almost every district, housing prices are also rising at the same rate. Therefore the demand for this city, which is developing and becoming more and more crowded, is also increasing. Compared to the homes that people who choose education, work and a more comfortable life are looking for, the annual increase in homes for sale in Istanbul is rising by 10% annually.

According to the research conducted on the existing housing prices according to districts, Esenyurt is primarily among the cheapest districts in Istanbul.

Regarding the ranking of the cheapest districts of Istanbul, the top 15 districts and house prices per square meter are as follows:

Esenyurt (2.238) lira
Arnavutkoy (2,263) liras.
Silivri (2,350) liras.
Beylikduzu (2.421) liras.
Sanjaktepe (2,400) liras.
Sultan Ghazi (2.428) liras.
Avcilar (2.577) liras.
Sultan Beyli (2,549) liras.
Catalca (2.635) liras.
Esanler (2.871) liras.
Pendik (2.880) liras.
Çekmeköy (2.884) liras.
qunquran (3.032) liras.
Tuzla (3.009) liras.
Ghazi Osman Pasha (2.977) liras.

The most luxurious and expensive areas in Istanbul:

When we look at the expensive areas of Istanbul, they are usually the areas closest to the city center. Also, the price of the house per square meter is very high in high-potential areas that are characterized by the availability of transportation, workplaces, and commercial complexes.
While the Besiktas region is at the top in terms of its popularity and exorbitant prices, it is followed directly by the Beykoz and Sari Yer regions, which are considered at the forefront of the quiet areas that enjoy natural beauty.

According to the housing prices per square meter of the owners of real estate companies at the end of 2019, the most expensive areas of Istanbul are as follows:

1. (10.522) Turkish liras in Besiktas.

2. (9.296) Turkish Lira in Sariyer.

3. (7.020) Turkish liras in bcuz.

4. (8,460) Turkish Lira in Bakirkoy.

5. (7.156) Turkish Liras in Kadikoy.

6. (6.305) Turkish liras in the islands (Adalar).

7. (5,349) Turkish Liras in Beyoglu.

8. (5.222) Turkish Liras in Sisli.

9. (4.700) Turkish Liras in Uskudar.

10. (4.512) Turkish liras in Ataşehir.

11. (4.176) Turkish Liras in Zeytinburnu.

12. (4.020) Turkish liras in Fatih.

13. (3.845) Turkish liras in Maltepe.

14. (3.724) Turkish liras in Chile.

15. (3.657) Turkish liras in Basaksehir.

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