The Turkish city of Istanbul sits on the throne of time like a beautiful Ottoman Sultana. Every time you visit.

The most famous old market in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Turkish city of Istanbul sits on the throne of time like a beautiful Ottoman Sultana. Every time you visit.

The most famous old markets in Istanbul:

The Turkish city of Istanbul sits on the throne of time like a beautiful Ottoman Sultana. Every time you visit her, you discover a new secret of her beauty, and your attachment to her increases even more. You adore her with all her details. You write love poems and novels about her. This beautiful city attracts Arabs and foreigners, and they come to it as tourists and investors. Due to the city's historical originality, its great urban development, and its wide economic growth, it is considered the first destination for the investor looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul , and a destination for the tourist who is fond of history.

If you are visiting Istanbul for tourism or investment and want to buy apartments in European Istanbul, or looking for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul, you should get to know and see its most important tourist attractions. In this article, we open a window for you through the virtual world, introducing you to the most famous ancient markets in Istanbul.

Egyptian market:

It is located in the Eminonu region and is considered the second largest market in the Turkish city of Istanbul. It was built during the reign of Sultan Murad III in 1597 AD. It contains many shops that sell various types and varieties of natural spices and herbs, nuts, milk and cheese, famous Turkish sweets such as lokum, Turkish lokum, honey and dried fruits.

Inside the Egyptian market, there are shops that sell authentic Turkish gold and luxury gift shops (fabrics, carpets, glassware decorated with Ottoman drawings), in addition to textile shops and bathrobes.

Grand Bazaar Market:

The Grand Bazaar market, known as the covered market kapalı çarşı, is one of the oldest commercial and historical markets in Turkey, over 560 years old. The market contains 4,500 shops. It was built by Sultan Mehmed I in 1455 and expanded during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

The market is located in the Beyazit area, near the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Mosque, which was officially reopened as a mosque on 8/24/2020. Muslims performed Friday prayers in it for the first time after 86 years.

The area of ​​the market is about 30 hectares, and it is famous for the variety of products offered by the shops. It also includes handicraft shops whose owners are skilled in many crafts. Each section of the market is named according to the crafts spread in the section, such as the gold market, the silver market, the textile market, the spice market, the sweets market, and others.

The market is also surrounded by 18 main gates, the most important of which is the Ottoman Nour Gate, on the facade of which the emblem of the Ottoman Empire was drawn, the Al-Munajdin Gate, the Mahmoud Pasha Gate, and the Bayazid Gate. Inside the market, there are four fountains, two mosques, and many restaurants and cafes that attract tourists to take a break and taste some Turkish food after a long shopping tour. It contains the largest historical safe, which is an old safe that was used to store jewelry and valuables.


Arasta Market:

A market specialized in selling handicrafts, and it is located on the northern side of Torun Street, directly behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. There are more than 70 shops. In the Ottoman era, the supplies of the cavalry soldiers (sepahi) were sold in it, and therefore it is also called the sepahi market. If you are a fan of handicrafts, Arasta Market caters to your taste and caters to your needs.


Suha Flare Market: It is a market for selling books, dating back to Byzantine times, and it is one of the oldest markets that sell books, newspapers, and papers. It is located near the Beyazıt Mosque. It also maintains its old style. The market attracts lovers of old books and historical manuscripts, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist and cultural places in Istanbul that you can visit.


If you are visiting Istanbul for tourism and enjoy discovering its beautiful landmarks, or for the purpose of real estate investment and looking for real estate in European Istanbul , you must visit its historical markets and enjoy a shopping tour in the depth of history.

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