In recent years, Turkey has achieved great economic success, and the Turkish government has opened the.

What are the factors that determine real estate prices in Turkey?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

In recent years, Turkey has achieved great economic success, and the Turkish government has opened the.

Turkey has achieved great economic success in recent years, and the Turkish government has opened the country's doors to foreign investors, and Turkey has become a first destination for Arab and foreign investors. And with different investment trends and their multiplicity. Real estate investment had the lion's share of the foreign investment portfolio. Where the majority of Arab businessmen went to the Turkish real estate market and preferred to invest their money by buying real estate in Turkey.

After the issuance of the decision to grant Turkish citizenship to anyone who owns a property worth 250 thousand dollars, Arab investors flocked to buy apartments in Istanbul, and the interest of Gulf citizens was directed towards searching for villas for sale in European Istanbul. Others preferred to search for the best hotel apartments in Istanbul, because they had a guarantee of renting for many years with high profitable returns.

Investing in real estate is always a successful and guaranteed investment, it never bears the loss of capital and provides high profitable returns annually.

What are the factors that determine real estate prices in Turkey?

When you decide to enter the world of real estate investment and intend to buy a property in Turkey, you must select the most suitable city for investment, and the options before you vary, as each city in Turkey has many qualifications, between tourism, trade and industry. The tourist cities in Turkey attract businessmen who want to own a property to spend their holidays and annual vacations, and the commercial and economic cities attract investors to buy real estate in Turkey for the purpose of investment. The city of Istanbul is the ideal destination, as it is the center of trade and economy in the country and the capital of tourism, as it includes the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey.

House prices in Istanbul also vary according to several important key factors that an investor interested in the real estate market in Turkey should focus on extensively before starting his investment.

The difference in real estate prices in Istanbul :

Location : The location of the apartment plays a key role in determining its price. The closer the location is to the city center, the higher the purchasing value of the apartment. For example, the prices of apartments in Sisli and Al-Fateh are higher than other areas such as Beylikduzu and Bahcesehir.

Public services and utilities : The services available in the region include universities, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, parks, government service buildings, and public transportation. The service facilities available in the property area are among the most important factors that contribute to determining the price of the property.

It is worth mentioning that the specifications of the apartment in terms of area, view, the height of the floor on which the apartment is located, the number of rooms, the number of bathrooms, the number of balconies, is it within a separate building or a residential complex, the age of the building “new, old, under construction” and the quality of the cladding Its quality, all of these things contribute to the difference in house prices in Istanbul.




Commercial real estate:

Hotel and office apartments:

Some construction companies have recently adopted the system of building hotel and office apartments, and this system of apartments is a safe investment destination for those who wish to buy apartments in Istanbul for the purpose of investment, as the construction companies provide a rental guarantee for a high profit return and a long-term contract. And if the investor wants to open a new branch of the company in Istanbul, he can take the office apartment as a new headquarters for his business in Turkey.

The newly established office apartments are characterized by their vital locations, as they are often located in commercial and central areas, which contributes to the success of any business project that the investor desires. At the same time, the prices of these apartments are relatively high compared to residential apartments. But it provides very high annual profitability returns.


To find out more about real estate prices in Istanbul , contact the FCC real estate team to get your free consultation by our team of consultants specialized in the Turkish real estate market, and to help you choose the best property in one of our projects that cover all locations in Istanbul.



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