The real estate market in Turkey has gained wide popularity in recent years, and Turkey has become the. destination

The relationship between real estate ...

Date:Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The real estate market in Turkey has gained wide popularity in recent years, and Turkey has become the. destination

The relationship between real estate ownership and tourism in Turkey

The real estate market in Turkey has gained wide popularity in recent years, and Turkey has become the preferred destination for tourists and foreign investors interested in looking for apartments for sale in Turkey and buying apartments in Istanbul.

Turkey is an important tourist destination and a destination for tourists from all over the world to visit its natural, historical and cultural attractions such as seas, beaches, coasts, mountains, hills, plateaus, forests, gardens, mosques, churches, buildings, bridges, castles and historical towers.

But what is the relationship between real estate ownership and tourism in Turkey?

Turkey is a permanent destination for some tourists who go to it annually to spend their annual vacations, especially in the summer, and some are forced every time before heading to Turkey to communicate with tourist agencies and find a tourist apartment or hotel suite for themselves, their families or friends, and often they find it difficult to find An empty apartment for rent or even a hotel room when the tourist season enters.

To the extent that some start contacting these agencies in the fall and winter that precede the tourist season in spring and summer in order to find a reservation, and because of the increase in demand as the tourist season approaches, the rental prices for chalets, villas and tourist apartments rise, and the same is true for hotels of various classifications.

Where not a small percentage of Arab and foreign tourists have seen in recent years that this matter constitutes a large additional financial burden on travel costs and trip expenses, despite the fact that the budget is limited, so that tourists, especially in the last five years, have taken the initiative to buy and live in Turkish real estate every time they visit Turkey, which relieves them of the trouble of searching for a summer residence for them.

Tourists prefer to buy villas, because their goal of living in them is the summer, in addition to buying apartments within modern residential complexes within Istanbul real estate or real estate in Turkey in general.

Tourists usually reside in Turkey between the months of April and October of each year, which is the period of the customary tourist season in Turkey, but in the period between November and March, they spend it working in their country.

In order to benefit from their real estate in Turkey, they tend to contract with real estate companies and obtain a service called (after-sales service), and this service is provided by FCC PROPERTY.

This service is based on leasing the purchased real estate during the period when it is no longer needed and emptying it from the tenant by the tourist season, while preparing it again to receive its owner in terms of cleaning and maintenance required, and it can be rented furnished or without furniture.

This type of rental is called "monthly rental" or "weekly rental" and it can be "daily rental", and thus the property owner achieves rental returns for the duration he spends outside Turkey that provides him with the full costs of his stay in Turkey for the duration of his vacation, or at least achieves a percentage for him big ones.

Tips before buying a property, whether for housing or investment

-Dealing with a trusted real estate advisor.

-Informing the advisor of the purchase objective in order to provide the property that will provide him with a summer vacation and an investment in the winter.

- Inquiries from the real estate consultant about the legal status of the property and the amounts owed on it after purchase, including fees and taxes.

- Concluding a contract to provide after-sales services between him and the real estate company, with reading all the clauses to know his money and his rights and duties.

- Conducting a special agency for the real estate company in order to dispose of the property while the buyer is outside Turkey in terms of service only, such as entering the apartment, opening water, electricity, water and gas meters, renting the apartment and furnishing it without the right to make any change to it, sell it or dispose of it.

-Attesting the agency and the contract with the Turkish Notar and obtaining the copy.

-Require the real estate company to deposit the monthly rent of the property in the buyer's bank account and send a receipt for the transfer.


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