Turkey is one of the world's most famous tourist destinations, as it is one of the favorite places for millions of.

Tourism in Turkey

Date:Friday, November 5, 2021

Turkey is one of the world's most famous tourist destinations, as it is one of the favorite places for millions of.

Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world's most famous tourist destinations. It is one of the favorite places for millions of tourists every year who flock to it throughout the year. Tourism in the European continent may be a little expensive, but tourism in Turkey is the best and most economical tourist destination in the European continent.
Turkey is characterized by its mild, pleasant weather and scenic landscapes, in addition to hotels, monuments, palaces, and museums that combine the art of the East and the West. Arab cuisine, which is a suitable tourist destination for trips of individuals, couples and families, whatever the reasons for the holiday, Turkey remains a right choice always.

But the tourism sector around the world has been affected since last March, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and international measures to prevent the spread of this virus, including closing borders and imposing restrictions on cross-border movement.

However, Turkey was able to succeed in combating the Corona virus on its soil and its spread declined to a very large degree, and during two months of the epidemic, Turkey proved its efficiency in dealing with the outbreak of the virus through figures that show a decrease in the number of new infections and deaths. To pave the way for the opening of the tourist season for this year, Turkey has begun preparations to ensure a charming and safe season at the same time through a large and exceptional package of preventive, security, health and service measures that can reduce the risks of infection with the Corona virus to the lowest possible degree, through the examination system and the application of prevention conditions. And new travel, social distancing rules, and health conditions in planes, hotels, resorts, coasts and parks.

Turkey ranked first among the fastest tourist destinations, which can recover after the end of the epidemic.

One of the most important tourist places in Turkey is


A mountainous city that has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is a favorite destination for those interested in archeology, civilization and history, as it is considered one of the remnants of the Byzantine civilization in the region. Its houses and churches are built and carved inside the mountains. artificial. Cappadocia is also famous for its thermal balloons, which are one of the most important tourist activities in it.

Princes Islands:

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey. It consists of 9 islands located in the Sea of ​​Marmara on the coastline of Istanbul, an hour away by ship. These islands are characterized by charming landscapes, as well as a group of various archaeological and tourist attractions.

Butterfly Valley :

Where the charming nature between the sea, the mountain, waterfalls and flocks of butterflies.. Butterfly Valley is considered one of the most beautiful natural places in Turkey. It is located in the state of Konya in the middle of the Anatolian plateau, overlooking the Aegean Sea near the foothills of the Babadag Mountains that surround the valley, and is characterized by the presence of a very large number of butterflies belonging to into more than 100 species,


It is a city of mountains, the depth of history and the beautiful architecture of the buildings. It is located in the southeast of Turkey. It is characterized by its mountainous nature with a view of the vast limestone hills. It is built on a high rocky hill overlooking the Tigris River. Which was built in 3500 BC, the Ulu Mosque, which was built in the eleventh century AD, and Mardin Castle, which was built in the Roman era, among others.


Bodrum is located in southwestern Turkey on the northern end of Kermi Gulf in the Aegean Sea opposite the Greek island of Kos and is part of the Turkish Riviera, famous for its beautiful whitewashed houses and yachts on its shores. In addition to its beaches and nature, the city of Bodrum is distinguished by the presence of ancient archaeological sites.

Bride's Hill:
An area called Tel Bride, which is the bride of tourism in Turkey, is a lofty mountain, through which you can overlook all the Asian and European regions of Istanbul, and there are many restaurants and cafes with a distinct mountain view in Istanbul.

This area has a stunning view of the shores of the Black Sea, and is a wonderful place for summer and recreation. There are many hotels, restaurants and cafes in this area, and one of its most distinctive features is the presence of the water village (Aqua Marine) at the beginning of this area.

Ortakoy District:
This famous neighborhood is located on the European side of Istanbul on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait. Ortakoy is one of the most famous tourist stations in Istanbul, as it includes many restaurants, resorts and cafes.., and visiting it is one of the main rituals for Istanbul residents, especially shopping. in its popular market.
This area is called the resort of Sultans of Bani Othman, and contains many of their monuments that still exist to this day.

Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and many other Turkish cities are tourist destinations, including diverse and exotic nature and archaeological sites, and thus Turkey was able to put its mark on the world tourism map remarkably, as Turkey ranked sixth in the world in the list of the most important tourist countries.

And there are many other tourist areas in Istanbul that we will not be able to mention in this article, and we can say in general that Istanbul is one of the most beautiful, wonderful and diverse places on earth for everyone who wants a special and beautiful tourist trip.


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