Turkish real estate is a destination for all investors because the strong economy throughout the crises and political and economic .

Turkey's most selling real estate ...

Date:Thursday, April 7, 2022

Turkish real estate is a destination for all investors because the strong economy throughout the crises and political and economic .

Turkey's most selling real estate districts

Turkish real estate is a destination for all investors because the strong economy throughout the crises and political and economic changes has been resistant and self-preserving, which raises the rate of investor confidence and purchase in general in Turkish real estate.

Turkey is also a global commercial and maritime node , and from here the importance of Turkish real estate stems .

Not to mention the scenic landscapes in Turkey, which have no equal in any of the countries, where Turkey is famous for its fairy sea view.

Despite the Corona epidemic, and real estate sales are still increasing, real estate activities have not stopped, but rather recorded record numbers and global competition.

In 2021, 1 million, 491 thousand and 856 housing units were sold in Turkey.
In this report, we will get acquainted with the most and least selling areas of residential units, and the most governorate that got the highest trade volume from housing sales in Turkish lands.

According to the figures announced by the real estate information bank Tabosurcom, 1 million 491 thousand 856 homes were sold in Turkey in 2021; The value of the homes sold was set at 786 billion Turkish liras.

“We have completed the research and development studies conducted by Tabosur in the Technopark environment, which were conducted by compiling comprehensive data of the real estate market, and we have done it under the name of Turkish General Residential Trade Volume for Sale in the year (2021),” said Tabosurcom General Manager Şükı Çataldi.

Shawki Chatladi confirmed that they prepared the study by conducting interdisciplinary studies together with real estate developers, engineers, urban planners, architects, design and communication specialists.

Çataldi continued, “When we examined the volume of sales in 81 provinces across Turkey, we found that the highest trade volume was in Istanbul with 229 billion and 30 million Turkish liras, and Ankara came in second place with 63 billion, followed by Izmir with 52 billion, and Antalya with 42 billion Turkish liras. “.

Lowest sales in Ardahan:

As part of the study, the city with the lowest residential commercial volume in 2021 was identified as Ardahan with 80 million TL, followed by Ardahan, Şırnak with 144 million, Bayburt with 294 million, and then Gumushane with commercial volume of 440 million TL, on the straight.

Top sales in Kadikoy:

Also, within the framework of the study, the 10 regions with the highest sales were identified.
6 of these areas belonged to the city of Istanbul. According to the study, the highest sales in Turkey in 2021 were in Istanbul in the Kadikoy region with an amount of 33 billion Turkish liras, followed by Bodrum with 19 billion and 931 billion Turkish liras.

The next region with the largest number of homes sold in the great city of Istanbul, is Esenyurt which ranks third in the list with a sales figure of 19 billion 732 TL. Esenyurt was followed by Çankaya district in the Turkish capital, Ankara, with sales of 18 billion Turkish liras.

Fifth place (Bakrkoy) with sales of 16 billion.
Sixth place (Başakşehir) with sales of 15 billion.
Seventh place (Besiktas) with sales of 14 billion.
Eighth place (Sari yer) with sales of 13.6 billion.
The ninth place is Alanya, with sales of 12.8 billion.
Tenth place (Kusadasi) with sales of 12.7 billion Turkish liras.


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