Today, Turkey is considered one of the most developed economies in the world in terms of its distinguished geographical location.

What criteria do foreigners prefer ...

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Today, Turkey is considered one of the most developed economies in the world in terms of its distinguished geographical location.

What criteria do foreigners prefer when investing in a property in Turkey?

Today, Turkey is considered one of the most developed economies in the world in terms of its distinguished geographical location, diversified economy, ease of investment, and huge investment projects compared to many other countries.
Whereas, the GDP in Turkey recorded a significant growth of 21.7% on an annual basis during the second quarter of this year 2021.
This rise would be a positive indication of the recovery of Turkey's economy, one of the G-20 economies, from the negative consequences of the Corona pandemic.

The criteria foreigners prefer when investing in a property in Turkey:

The Association for Overseas Real Estate Promotion (GİGDER), conducted field work by market research firm AGS Global and conducted with a group of 410 international investors from 48 countries in 12 cities of Turkey, in 8 languages, titled 'Competition and Inspiration: Exporting the Future of Foreign Real Estate Investments in Turkey' Turkey.” The criteria and ratios according to this study were as follows:
Property price:
One of the most important factors affecting the purchase process, as it came at the forefront of the priorities of 63.4% of investors.

Property Location:
The site was ranked second with 58.3% of investors.

The View:
The view came in third place with 36% of investors

Profit return:
The return on investment was 28.8% from the investors.

Construction features:
Building features and characteristics came last, with the lowest percentage, according to the study, and the priority of investors when buying, by 21.2%.

In the details of the data related to the nationalities of foreign citizens who obtained Turkish citizenship in return for a real estate investment, Iranians ranked first among the most foreign nationalities to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property.
After the Iranians, Afghans ranked second, Iraqis ranked third, Yemenis ranked fourth, Chinese ranked fifth, Palestinians ranked sixth, Jordanians ranked seventh, Lebanese ranked eighth, Egyptians ranked ninth, and Pakistanis ranked tenth.

What are the reasons why foreign investors prefer real estate in Turkey?
1. According to the data of the aforementioned report, climate ranked first among the reasons for preferring Turkey over others, with 53.2% of the investors surveyed.
2. Then culture and social structure came in second place, according to 48% of investors.
3. Followed by the possibility of safe and stable living in third place, according to 39.8% of them.
4. In fourth place, 34.9% of investors considered Turkey a suitable option for an affordable vacation.
5. While the quality of hospitality ranked fifth, as 30.7% of those surveyed considered it a reason for their preference to buy real estate in Turkey.

Real estate investment options in Turkey

The options and types of real estate investment in Istanbul Turkey are:
• Buying a property in a project under construction in a vital or strategic area and then selling it after the project's completion at a higher price that will witness a great demand.
• The most attractive for investors now is the search for apartments for sale in Istanbul and apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea.
• The investment of lands for sale in Turkey in strategic Turkish locations can be included in city planning plans or the possibility of building housing complexes on them later and then selling them later by multiplier.
• Real estate development ie buying an old property, then renovating and improving it, and then selling it at a higher price.
• Buying a ready-made apartment in a project, then renting it out and ensuring a fixed monthly return.
• Obtaining permanent residence and Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate and buying an apartment and then selling it later.
• After the remarkable renaissance of the real estate market in Turkey in an impressive and distinctive way, the issue of real estate investment in Istanbul is emerging as the largest city, the strongest economy and attractiveness as one of the most important areas of investment in the entire Turkish economy.

Real estate investments according to their location, and the elements of success that support them. Each location has its advantages, and every property in Istanbul for investment has the ingredients for its success.
• In general, real estate investment is considered a pioneer among all other investments, because it is the safest, and because it is linked to the permanent need for life, which is the need for housing, and the value of the property usually increases, which leads to an increase in profits over time, with the possibility of almost zero loss.

Are you looking for apartments to live or invest in Istanbul?

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