The Turkish government grants foreigners, if they come, a tourist residence permit to enable them to move freely

What is the difference between ...

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Turkish government grants foreigners, if they come, a tourist residence permit to enable them to move freely

What is the difference between Residence permit and Kimlik? 

The Turkish government grants foreigners, if they come, a tourist residence to enable them to move freely and legally within the country, and if the period expires, they can renew it, but when the number of Syrians began to increase in Turkey, the Turkish government had to direct them to settle their status to obtain legal residence in Turkey. The one who illegally entered Turkish
territory through the land border, and he had to extract kimlik.

However, the rights and duties differ between the tourist residence permit and the temporary protection card, each of which has its own characteristics and a way to obtain it.

In this article, we will learn about both Residence permit  and Kimlik and the difference between them.

First, Residence permit  in Turkey:

It is a permit document in the form of a pink card granted by the Ministry of the Interior to tourists, allowing its holders to stay in Turkey for the duration of its validity and enter Turkey without papers or other required procedures such as a visa, etc. It is allowed to renew it several times according to the validity of the passport, in order to encourage foreigners to tourism, investment and search for opportunities the job. 


Documents required to obtain a tourist residence permit:

- A copy of the passport, certified by the NÖTER (notary public).

- A copy of the passport for the last entry stamp to Turkey.

- Four biometric photos on a white background.

- Interview appointment form.

- Tenancy contract certified by the Turkish nufus Department or Noter.

- Health insurance for a period of stay ranging from one year to two years.

- The tax number from the Turkish Tax Authority, and to extract it you need:

- Tax number application form

- Passport and photocopy

- Residential address

- Residence card fee.

- A copy of the annual residence fee payment receipt.

Features of Residence permit :

1 - Grants the right to leave and return to Turkey without a travel permit.

2 - It allows its holder to live in any state without regard to the state from which it is issued.

3- Enrollment in Turkish schools.

The application is made through the branches of the Immigration Department for a period of one or two years, but provided that the date of the passport is valid.

But the tourist residence does not entitle its owner to the benefits of free treatment or the assistance of the Red Crescent

Secondly, the Kimlik: It is a yellow card granted by the Turkish authorities for one time to the internal Syrian refugees on its territory as an identification card for them and according to which it grants them some rights, as its holder is considered a person under temporary protection


Documents required to obtain a Kimlik (temporary protection card):

The Turkish government decided to grant temporary protection status to a large number of Syrians fleeing Syria due to the war conditions that have been witnessed since the beginning of 2011, after the date of April 28, 2011.

To obtain the property, a Syrian passport, a Syrian personal identity card or a Syrian family book must be present, in addition to a paper proving the place of residence of the applicant, such as an invoice or rental contract certified by the Noter or a residence document from the Mukhtar.

The temporary protection card is issued without any costs or financial fees to Syrians and in all Turkish states in directorates determined by the Turkish government.

There is no specific period for the expiry of the temporary protection card, but the Turkish government can stop the work of the Kamlik card at any time it wants.

Kimlik Features:

1 - Treatment in state hospitals is free of charge.

2- Obtaining medicines for free according to an official prescription from state hospitals.

3- Enrollment in Turkish schools.

4 - Get it for free without paying any financial fees.

5- There is no need for a valid passport.

6 - Benefit from the monthly financial assistance of the Red Crescent card.

It is obtained from the center of the Foreigners’ Division in every Turkish city, and it is without a validity period, but the holder must update his data.

But the Kimlik does not authorize the holder to leave and return to Turkey, and the holder is obliged to obtain a travel permit when moving between states.

For newborns, the Kimlik card can be obtained for them under the birth document.

From a legal point of view, both cards do not legally entitle the holder to obtain Turkish citizenship on the condition of residency for five years, as it is not considered a real residence.

It is noteworthy that in the event of annulment of the Kimlik or relinquishing it through voluntary return, it is never possible to obtain the Kimlik again, except in cases of mercy only.

As for the tourist residence, if it expires, it can be renewed by applying after the new entry to Turkey, with or without a visa.



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