some of the best places to go skiing in Turkey for winter adventure lovers and suitable for both amateur and .


Date:Monday, January 11, 2021

some of the best places to go skiing in Turkey for winter adventure lovers and suitable for both amateur and .

  • Erciyes, Kayseri province, central Turkey.

The ski center, which sits on a nearly 25-square-kilometer (9.6-square-mile) area, with its modern chairlifts and latest technology cable car system allows tourists to enjoy skiing in different spots with its 18 mechanical facilities that are 21,300 meters (69,880 miles) in length and can carry 25,500 people per hour. As the leader in Turkey with 34 slopes stretching a total of 102 kilometers (63 miles), it provides opportunities for both amateur and professional skiers.

  • Palandöken, Erzurum province, eastern Turkey.

Palandöken Ski Resort is considered one of the best places to go skiing in Turkey. Situated at almost 2,000 meters (6,560 feet) above sea level, the ski center is a place where you can hit the slopes for up to four months a year. With the capacity to accommodate 12,000 skiers at once, the center has 24 trails, which are among the longest and steepest in the world.

  • Uludağ, Bursa province, northwestern Turkey.

Uludağ is 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Bursa's city center by car or 9 kilometers by cable car and has guesthouses that offer a total capacity of 6,500 beds. Holidaymakers can enjoy various activities, including skiing, snowboarding, sliding and snow bikes at the facility, which has 20 ski tracks spread over 300 kilometers (186 miles).

  • Kartepe, Bolu province, northwestern Turkey.

Kartepe Ski Center rests more than 1,650 meters (5,400 feet) high on Mount Kartepe. There are 14 natural tracks in Kartepe.

  • Kartalkaya, Bolu province, northwestern Turkey.

Kartalkaya ski resort, with a total area of 70 kilometers (around 40 miles) and 25 different tracks, lies in the Köroğlu Mountains. This ski resort is home to five fully equipped hotels with a capacity of more than 2,000 beds.

  • Sarıkamış, Kars province, eastern Turkey.

With crystal snow on its tracks, Sarıkamış is an ideal skiing destination surrounded by yellow pine forests that block the wind. The prime time to ski in Sarıkamış starts in December and lasts until April, making it the place with the longest open availability in Turkey. With three chairlifts and ski runs spanning 12 kilometers (7 miles), the Sarıkamış Ski Center is not just for professional skiers, but it is equally enjoyable for those looking for a winter holiday with a historic atmosphere. Sarıkamış is also a perfect spot for skiing lessons for beginners.

  • Ilgaz, Kastamonu province, northern Turkey.

The ski season starts in December and continues until April, offering ski lovers an opportunity to enjoy the Black Sea slopes for a longer period. The ski resort features two tracks with a total length of 2.8 kilometers (1.7 miles). The longest track length is 1.5 kilometers.

  • Davraz, Isparta province, southern Turkey.

Davraz Ski Resort is a hidden ski haven for winter adventure lovers that is suitable for both amateur and professional skiers. Davraz is for those who want to get away from well-known, popular ski resorts while enjoying winter sports.

  • Bozdağ, Denizli province, western Turkey.

The Bozdağ ski center is located 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the city of Denizli and boasts three chairlifts and 11 tracks.

  • Saklıkent, Antalya province, southwestern Turkey.

Around 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the tourist hot spot Antalya, Saklıkent has four ski tracks operating from mid-December to the beginning of April. The resort sits on the peak of the Bey Mountains at an altitude of 2,400 meters (7,875 feet) and has a total of 45 villas with the capacity to host 250 guests.



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