Tourists from the USA and Europe, especially the Middle East, show interest.

135 percent increase in the number ...

Date:Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Tourists from the USA and Europe, especially the Middle East, show interest.

135 percent increase in the number of tourists to Istanbul

Tourists from the USA and Europe, especially the Middle East, are showing interest in Istanbul, which hosted about 4 million tourists in the first four months of this year.

Most of the tourists come to the city for shopping and health tourism in the past period.

In this context, the President of the Turkish Hotel Owners Association (TÜROB) Mubra Eresin stated that the epidemic process has now been abandoned and they are working with all their might as an industry.

Noting that 52 million tourists came to Turkey in 2019, and an income of $34.5 billion was obtained, and in 2021, 30 million tourists and $24.5 billion were reached, Eresin said that this year they maintained their target of 42 million tourists. and 35 billion. dollars.

135 percent increase in the number of tourists

He stressed that the number of visitors coming to Turkey from abroad in the first four months of this year witnessed an increase of 172 percent compared to the same period the previous year, reaching 8 million and 885 thousand people, and 7 million and 477 thousand. Among them are foreigners and the rest are Turks living abroad, and the number of tourists coming to Istanbul in 4 months increased by 135% compared to the same period of the previous year and amounted to 3 million and 882 thousand people, and Istanbul began to receive 30-35 percentage of tourists more compared to 2019. "
Noting that although foreigners are increasingly interested in Istanbul, the diversity of the market they desire has not yet been achieved.

And he indicated that tourists from the Middle East and the Gulf currently dominate tourism in Istanbul, saying: "The current vitality in the Middle East market continues. We are receiving positive signals from other markets as well. The movement has begun in the American and European markets. We expect our tourism arrivals from Latin America to increase significantly. As in previous years.He pointed out that the Iranian market is doing very well.In the first four months, there was an increase of 370 percent in the South American markets,382 percent in Europe,236 percent in Japan,224 percent in United States of America.

He added that although we interpret these increases as a primary effect, the rates of increase have reached 3 digits, in fact, reaching 4 digits in the markets of some countries gives great hope for the coming months and years.
Mubra Eresin confirmed that he is having a busy vacation period in Istanbul hotels, and said that the occupancy rate is up to 85-90 percent, especially in the areas of Beyoglu, Besiktas and Fatih, and that the month of May is quieter compared to the holiday period, and that there may be periodic ups and downs.

Mubra Eresin said that during the pandemic period, tourism in Istanbul as well as in the whole world has stopped, and making Istanbul a branded city in tourism again is among the main goals. ".

Noting that Turkey and Istanbul are among the world's leading tourism centers with their facilities and quality of service provided, Eresin said that Turkey's goal is to increase revenue, not the number of tourists, and to speed up the steps taken to ensure the return of the Congress and high-income tourist tourists.
Expressing that in addition to conference and cruise tourism, the increase in cultural activities in Turkey and Istanbul, the spread of religious tourism, the city's recognition of more sports and arts, increased leisure opportunities, and developments in the field of gastronomy. It will attract qualified tourists to the city. We believe that the tourism industry will continue to provide strong support.

2023 will be much better

Mubra Eresin noted that they expect a higher tourist movement in the second half of the year in the city's hotels and that the probability of obtaining 2019 data on a monthly basis from the second half of 2022 is still high, "We see that the demand for Turkey is gradually increasing. So it continues. Our positive expectations. But of course as we always say, we feel compelled to say 'if everything happened as we expect.' These are the predictions that would be correct if current conditions were getting better before they got worse.
Noting that 2022 will be much better than 2021 and that they will begin to heal the wounds of the epidemic, Eresin said, "2023 will be a much better year. In the following years, our tourism income will rise very greatly. Serious points and especially Istanbul will be the first shining star In the world, we hope it will be one of the three destinations."

Eresin also indicated that they supported the studies initiated under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to convert the "Safe Tourism Certificate" into a "Sustainable Tourism Certificate" after the end of the pandemic.


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